Best money Transfer Apps for iPhone in 2023

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Money transfer apps have made our life easier up to a great extent. Sending money is no more hassle now; just enter the amount, and within a click, money is securely sent to the recipient’s bank accounts. There are so many options available when it comes to searching best money transfer apps for iPhone, especially if it’s sending money from one country to another.

In this post, you will read about the Best money transfer apps for iOS that are worth using. 

1. Venmo


Leave all your payment worries on Venmo; this app is the fastest and most secure way to pay and receive payments while earning interesting cashback. You can easily pay monthly rent and split the bills with your friends without the hassle. You can also earn cashback of up to 3% by shopping in various categories. You can also buy and sell cryptocurrency using the Venmo app. Moreover, it also allows one to create business profiles using Venmo accounts, gigs, and many more things. Receive instant money in your bank account with the Venmo instant transfer feature. You can also use a Venmo QR code to pay at nearby stores.

Pros of using the Venmo app:

  • Split money among friends
  • Instant money transfer
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency

2. Wise (ex TransferWise) 


Wise is the Best international money transfer app for users who moved from the US to the UK. It is successfully running across 170-plus countries worldwide. It has two-factor authentication that enables secure and instant transfer without hassle. It will auto-convert your currency at the lowest price. You can freeze and unfreeze your virtual card, depending on your requirements. If you are in UK or Singapore, you can also put your money into a bank for interest, trading, and various stocks. It can also be connected to popular platforms such as Amazon, stripe, and much more.

Pros of using the Wise app:

  • Reliable exchange rates 
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • Auto-convert currency

3. WorldRemit Money Transfer


WorldRemit is a great choice if you want to send quick money to friends and family who live abroad. It’s available in almost all abroad countries, including the United States and Australia, so you can send your loved ones anywhere they live. The service is easy to use: simply enter their name or email address into the app, choose how much you’d like to send them (up to $500 per transaction), and wait for them to receive their funds within 24 hours. You can basically have two options: Apple Pay or the free option. Both options offer safe ways to send money overseas without worrying about fraudsters stealing sensitive information such as account numbers through phishing scams!

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Pros of using the WorldRemit Money Transfer:

  • Easy to use and decent interface
  • Safe and secure
  • Apple pay option

4. Cash App


Cash App is best for newbies like switched from Android to iOS, as it is easy to download on both iOS and Android. It’s also an excellent way to send cash back home if you’re traveling abroad! There are no hidden fees for tax filing for federal and state returns. Whatever your tax condition, you can file taxes completely free and get a maximum refund. With the cash app Visa debit card, you can make instant purchases with just a virtual card. Moreover, it can also be used as a financial service platform for paychecks deposits, tax returns, and various other payouts. It also allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin seamlessly without any extra fees.

Pros of using Cash App:

  • Free and easy to use 
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Free custom Visa debit card

5. Zelle


Zelle is a leading peer-to-peer payment app that is widely used for direct bank-to-bank transfers. The recipient doesn’t need to have an app of their own, but they do need access to the internet and an email address. The important thing is that the user must have an account in a US bank to use Zelle. If you’re traveling abroad with friends or family members who don’t have access to traditional banking services, then this app could definitely come in handy! It’s also useful when making payments on business expenses like travel reimbursements or food orders.

Pros of using Zelle:

  • Fast and safe
  • Free to use
  • Direct bank-to-bank transfer

6. Western Union Send Money Now


Western Union is a top-notch money transfer service that is easy to use and offers great rates. If you want a quick money transfer to your friends or family in Mexico or another country, this app can be your favorite money transfer app. This app allows users to send money via text, email (or both). Users can also make deposits at stores using their iPhone’s camera feature. Users who don’t have access to traditional ATMs can get cash from other nearby businesses using this app as well! You can also check live exchange rates for US rates and various global currencies.

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Pros of using Western Union Send Money Now:

  • 24*7 quick money transfer
  • Access with safe touch ID login
  • Receive exciting discounts

7. PayPal – Send, Shop, & Manage


PayPal is among the Best Mobile Payment Apps to send money to friends and family. It’s also a great way to shop online, pay bills, and transfer money from one account to another. You can find various deals and receive cashback while your shop using PayPal. It supports various flexible options such as buy now, pay later, wallet, bitcoin, and many more. Paypal is the simplest app for sending a large amount of money that can be used for shopping, buying crypto, managing bills, down payments, and much more, You just need to search for a name, email, or phone number, and PayPal will find the recipient for you for the secure money transfer.

Pros of using PayPal :

  • Amazing deals and cashback
  • Buy and sell crypto
  • Split payments into 4 interest-free payments

8. Apple Cash

Apple Cash is a payment system that works with the Apple Pay app. It can be used to send money to friends, family, and even strangers. Using your iPhone camera as a contactless card reader, you can also use it to pay for goods or services at participating stores in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico. Using Apple card purchases, you can receive daily cash by regular shopping. The app is highly secure, with two-factor authentication for Apple ID. It can also be synced with iCloud to send and receive money.

Pros of using Apple Cash:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Sync with Apple ID
  • Receive daily cash

9. Google Pay: Save and Pay


Google Pay is a widely used payment app from Google that facilitates easy money transfers to friends and family. It’s available on Android, iOS, and the web. Google Pay lets you send money to friends or family by tapping and holding their account in the app (or typing their email). It also enables you to make purchases in stores using just your phone number as identification; tap on an image of what you want to buy and then pay for it using the dedicated Google Pay button inside each store’s app—no need for extra forms or passwords! You can also earn exciting rewards and various scratch cards that can be used for various websites and stores. It has a transaction history to keep track of the expenses. It also allows creating groups to split the money among friends for rent, parties, and much more.

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Pros of using Google Pay:

  • Totally free and secure
  • Rewards and cashback
  • Track expenses and transactions

Final Thoughts,

There are plenty of options out there that are available to transfer money with, but it is worthwhile to learn more about each before choosing one of them. With thorough research, we have made a list of the best money transfer apps for iPhones. Though it’s necessary to understand which money transfer suits your needs perfectly. In the end, it’s up to you which one works best for your needs!

I hope you found the blog informative; if you use money transfer apps on a regular basis, feel free to drop your suggestions and views in the comment box.

FAQ: –

Which is the best cash transfer app?

The best money transfer app should let you send money to different countries, support multiple currencies, and should have less conversion fees. However, using an inbuilt bank app can be a quick and reliable option for paying bills. But in the case of sending and receiving money from countries abroad, Paypal, Venmo, wise, and world remit are best as it works well with managing multiple currencies. Always compare exchange rates, fees, transfer times, and other factors that matter to you before choosing a money transfer app because terms and conditions might vary from country to country.

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