Best Payment Base Station for iPad in Business: Swipe Card

Payment Base station for iPad, iPhone iOS 9

Do the smart job and set up the whole payment system’s own self without any technical knowledge. Here we have ready-made payment systems with a dedicated iOS app compatible with iPhone/ iPad. Portable payment Base station for iPad is easy to move or set up anywhere on the receptionist table or Cashier table. The user-friendly Docking station is also perfect to view your iPad screen from a sitting or standing position.

Small or Larger business owners are always trying to find a way to collect cash with today’s latest payment system.

Top Best Alternate Payment Base Station for iPad, iPhone: Built-in Card Scanner

#1. Square Stand for Contactless and ChipSquare Stand for Contactless and Chip

Square POS (Point of Sale) is a Business card processing and Business payment solution. Free account signs up under the pro-security then access on every device. Free Pro featured app available for iPad/ iPad. Square payment service not limited to selected countries, But available worldwide.

Square App see live data and sales report, Customer Analytics. Also free lifetime upgrade and update. Own dedicated Hardware and Software support did the best job in your business.

Swipeable Card types are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX. Also, share or send Receipts via mail or message.

Easy to set up with Cash drawer, Printer and Barcode Scanners using USB

Buy Now ($97.99) / Free App

#2. Kensington iPad Payment Enclosure stand for iPad Air, Air 2

Payment Base station for iPad, iPhone iOS 9Payment Enclosure stands compatible with iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Heavy base station perfect for setup at the public rush. Also integrated card swipe holder from Square, UniMag, dynamo. The sturdy tablet stands rotatable in a 360-degree direction. Anti-theft secure protection, the Cover plate keeps safe all input button control from tampering.

#3. Datio Point Sale Base Station iPad compatible

iPad base stationPortable Card scanner Sale base station is compatible with iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro. Free easy setup, but you want more premium support then the option is ready for you. Per year subscription base you can enjoy trouble-free card payment stations at your business.

USA: Order Now ($499)

Above are the precious, time saving smart payment services and devices that are enormous work as Payment Base station for iPad. Really great work at all types of business.

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