Best Note Taking Apps for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Its hard to replace the paper notes, but its time to adapt and try out the Note Taking Apps for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, check them out.

Making notes has been an important part of our daily life, whether it’s about studying or remembering something. Thankfully, Apple inventions have made things much easier in this hectic world by offering amazing note-taking apps. Having the right note-taking app at your fingertips is essential to make the most of this powerful tool. Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative individual, there’s a plethora of options available that cater to your specific needs.

In this guide, we have listed the best app for writing on iPad with pencil with their unique features, ensuring you can capture your ideas, sketches, and insights with ease and efficiency.

Let’s before going ahead, we give you an overview of the apps. These Apps have large features, including support for handwriting reorganization, handwritten to text converter, graphs, Add a picture in the note, recording audio the records for meeting, lecture voice, Project management, and much more. So now, you have significant room and pages to explain your thoughts. Let’s go down and quickly install it.

Download Best Note-Taking Apps for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro: Apps of the Year

#1. Notability: #1 Note-Taking Apps for Apple Pencil?

Ginger Labs made handwriting reorganization note taking app for iPad Pro

Ginger Labs made a handy premium productivity app for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil called Notability. So you should start to annotate your homework without paper with your handwriting and sketch beautifully with an Apple pencil. Snap a photo on your worksheet, and add a playback with all content. Also better whether you are learning a new language, so that time, and practice is the key to success. You also give the gift as the best note-taking iOS app.

Golden Features

  • Available for Mac and iOS devices
  • The notability goal is to save a tree so that you make paperless yourself
  • Support Backup in iCloud, Easy To recover After Delete note from local iPad.

#2. Microsoft OneNote iPad Notes: Cross-Platform? and Audio Recording?

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote has unique features and shameless functionality for free. Even this app supports cross-platform, so we can access notes on other devices in real-time. In OneNote, we can record audio in a note while taking notes using an Apple pencil or Hand Drawing. With Microsoft OneNote, Notability is a great combination for most smart people. That feels all the approaches regarding note-taking.

#3. MyScript Nebo: Note Taking Apps for Apple Pencil

Free note-taking app iOS 10 iPhone and Note Taking Apps for iPad pro iPad Air

MyScript Nebo is a fantastic UI and Free note-taking app for iOS and Windows 10. It is an excellent note-taking app for Apple Pencil users. Not only for taking notes, though MyScript App also delivers professional products, including creating interactive Diagrams, math (calculations & equations), Images, and Sketches.

Fortunately, it’s a comprehensive app for all businesspeople, Students (Electrical engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical engineering, and much more), artists, and designers. So download-install and get started to annotate notes and make your content more reachable. Make ready your note an export easily in the form of text, PDF, HTML, or Word. The app’s latest update is supported with iOS 13.

Flagship Features

  • Supports- Handwriting, Drawing, and Editing so useful in a different kind of Seminar
  • Smart layout: you can easily explore and find handwritten ink and text in your entire note
  • Easy to store and organize notes: Pages, folders, and notebooks
  • In an update: New color picker for customizing your pen color
  • It is compatible with iOS 10 and later iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

4. Notes 

Notes Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Notes is a versatile and indispensable app that simplifies your note-taking experience, providing a convenient hub for all your thoughts, ideas, and important information. It allows you to create detailed notes with attachments like PDFs, images, web links, and even scanned documents. You can protect sensitive data with locked notes and organize your content with headings, bulleted lists, and tables. With iCloud, you can effortlessly keep your notes in sync across all your devices. You can also create Smart Folders with custom rules based on filters like date created or attached documents. Moreover, the app allows collaboration by sharing folders or specific notes, mentioning friends for updates, and tracking shared note activity with the Activity view. You can create Quick Notes from any compatible iPad by swiping or using keyboard shortcuts on a keyboard. On the iPhone, you can generate Quick Notes from the share menu in other apps. 

Pros of using the Notes app:

  • It has an in-built doc scanner
  • You can lock and keep documents secure
  • Organise notes in a smart folder using filters

Price =Free

5. Goodnotes 6 

Goodnotes Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

GoodNotes 6 is the ultimate digital notebook app that seamlessly combines the beauty of handwritten notes with the convenience of typed text. It allows you to create digital notebooks using customizable paper templates, from blank pages to planners. You can easily navigate long documents with automatic PDF table of contents import or create your own custom outlines. It also has amazing features like audio note recording, intelligent note search, and innovative Study Sets for flashcard learning. You can personalize paper templates to your liking and adorn your notes with stickers, images, and more for a personalized touch.

Pros of using the Goodnotes 6 app:

  • It auto-corrects for typo errors
  • You can customize the note size and paper templates
  • It has a personalized folder for easy organization

Price = In-app purchases start from $0.99 to $29.99

6. Notability 

Notability Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Notability is a dynamic note-taking app that offers a comprehensive array of features to enhance your productivity. It provides a versatile platform to write on various paper templates with customizable spacing and backgrounds. You can take notes using plenty of multimedia tools, including a lifelike, vector-based digital pencil that provides an incredibly responsive and precise writing experience, compatible with Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon. Furthermore, Notability empowers you to mark up textbooks, documents, images and even perform mathematical calculations with its Math Conversion technology. It seamlessly syncs audio recordings with your notes and allows easy sharing and publication of your ideas in presentation mode through the Notability Gallery.

Pros of using the Notability app:

  • You can draw, highlight, and sketch
  • It supports audio playback and presentation mode
  • You can work with two notes at the same time

Price = In-App Purchases start from $9.99 – $49.99

7. Microsoft OneNote 

Microsoft OneNote Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro
Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is your versatile note-taking companion that ensures your ideas are always at your fingertips. With seamless synchronization via OneDrive, your notes are accessible from any device, anywhere. This app offers powerful organizational tools, allowing you to quickly locate your most recent notes and pin your frequently used pages for easy access. It provides enhanced security with password protection and Touch ID access. It supports collaboration with shared notepads, making teamwork a breeze. It also has a variety of pen colors and settings for creating beautiful handwritten notes and drawings. Its unique “Convert to Shapes” mode transforms hand-drawn shapes into precise polygons and circles, adding precision to your creativity. 

Pros of using the Microsoft OneNote app:

  • It allows to secure notes using touch ID
  • Access notes from anywhere using the cloud
  • Use convert to shape mode to draw perfect shapes

Price = In-App Purchases start from $6.99 – $11.99

8. Freeform 

Freeform Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

If you are searching for the best free apps for Apple Pencil, then Freeform has got you covered. You can add photos, videos, audio, documents, PDFs, web links, and more anywhere on your Freeform board, making it ideal for school projects or any creative endeavor. You can choose from various brush styles and colors. It supports diagram creation, offering a library of over 700 shapes and alignment guides for precise document layouts. It even features a built-in document scanner, allowing you to archive and annotate paper documents directly on the board. You can invite your team and colleagues to join your board for real-time collaboration, making it a perfect platform for brainstorming and communication with up to 100 collaborators. 

Pros of using the Freeform app:

  • It has a vast library of 700 shapes
  • In-built doc scanner
  • It supports real-time collaboration

Price =free

9. Penbook 

Penbook Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Penbook is a versatile digital note-taking app that caters to a wide range of needs. With an extensive selection of customizable stationery, including dynamic Live Paper, it’s a go-to tool for academic, scientific, and planning tasks. The app offers over 400 stationery options and allows you to import PDFs to use as notebooks, providing unparalleled flexibility. You can write naturally using your Apple Pencil, stylus, or even your finger while enjoying the freedom to create unlimited unique cover combinations for your notes. Penbook’s intelligent features include the ability to search handwritten notes for specific words or phrases and snap your strokes to perfect shapes with shape recognition, ensuring a seamless and efficient note-taking experience.

Pros of using Penbook app:

  • It supports static and dynamic notes
  • You get access to hundreds of paper, colors, layouts, and themes
  • Live paper with updated real-time date and time

Price = In-App Purchases start from $4.99 – $49.99

10. Nebo Note 

Nebo Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro
Nebo Note

Nebo Note-Taking app allows you to take freeform notes, effortlessly blending handwriting, text, drawings, diagrams, and images on an expandable canvas. With intuitive pen gestures, you can erase, edit, and even convert your handwritten notes and shapes into neatly typed text and perfect forms. Nebo supports up to 66 languages and is accessible on all platforms, ensuring your notes are available across all your devices. Its advanced freeform canvas offers responsive Nebo Documents for structured notes, ensuring your handwriting flows seamlessly. You can personalize your content with various pen types, add photos, sketches, math equations, and diagrams, and even copy math as LaTeX or images. With Nebo, you have the power to create, edit, and organize your notes with unparalleled ease and flexibility.

Pros of using the Nebo Note app:

  •  It has an expandable canvas for free-form notes
  • Text and shape conversions
  • It has a dark mode with smart color management

Price = In-App Purchases start from $4.99 – $8.99

11. Concepts 

Concepts Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Concepts is the ultimate vector-based sketchbook that offers infinite canvas and customizable paper types and grids. You can create sketching plans and whiteboard ideas, make notes, doodles, mindmaps, storyboards, and much more. It offers a wide range of realistic pens, pencils, and brushes that respond to pressure, tilt, and velocity. You can even create your own. The tool wheel or bar is fully customizable and includes HSL, RGB, and COPIC color wheels. Editable vector-based sketching allows you to manipulate every aspect of your design. With features like unlimited layers and scale measurement tools, Concepts is a versatile sketching platform that supports image and PDF integration, vector object libraries, and effortlessly exporting to other design apps. It also offers seamless sharing and presenting options, making it a comprehensive tool for creatives.

Pros of using the Concepts app:

  • Precision and PDF support
  • You can customize your own brushes as per your choice
  • vector-based sketching 

Price = In-App Purchases starts from $3.99 – $29.99

 12. Notebook

Notebook Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

Notebook is a versatile and all-encompassing note-taking app that simplifies the way you capture information. You can start with text and seamlessly add images, sketches, checklists, audio, and more within the same note. You can include PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and even scanned business cards. You can create and mark checklists, record ideas, meetings, or lectures with the audio note card, or capture moments with the photo note card for enhanced productivity. The Notebook supports handwritten notes using the Apple Pencil and allows you to film thoughts and lectures using the video note card. Additionally, it streamlines your content curation by enabling you to collect and archive news, articles, videos, recipes, and other online materials from various sources. You can read articles offline without ads and organize your bookmarks into Smart Cards.

Pros of using the Notebook app:

  • It allows to add PDF, word, and many other files in the notes
  • It has a video note card feature for extra creativity
  • Sync notes in the cloud and access them anywhere

Price = In-App Purchases start from $2.49 – $24.99

13. CollaNote 

CollaNote Note Taking App for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

CollaNote is a groundbreaking note-taking app that redefines the art of digital note creation. It features an impressive toolset with 25 pens and brushes, offering unparalleled creative freedom. Its cutting-edge ink engine and stabilizer offer superior writing perfection, ensuring precision and stability that surpass traditional pen and paper. This app features audio recording and playback synchronized with handwritten notes, real-time collaboration, password protection, and seamless PDF integration. With an extensive paper selection, media-rich notes, AI shape detection, and a multitude of delightful surprises, CollaNote revolutionizes your note-taking experience.

Pros of using the CollaNote app:

  • It includes over 25 plus brushes and pens to customize your notes
  • Light and dark mode
  • Interactive digital planner and translator tool

Price = In-App Purchases start from $5.95 – $11.90


Hope you found this article interesting and helpful in learning about the best note taking apps for Apple pencil. The evolution of digital note-taking has been greatly enhanced by the Apple Pencil, and the availability of versatile apps tailored for this accessory opens up a world of possibilities. If you love sketching and writing notes on your iPad, you must try the above apps. 

Do you love writing notes? Which app is your personal favorite? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas in the comment section. 

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Noteshelf is also a great productivity note-taking app for school students and class teachers.

Let’s spend a little bit of your time and share with us what app and its features you would like most to use every day in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Can I use my Apple Pencil in the Notes app?

You can use your Apple Pencil in the Notes app. You can use Apple Pencil on the notes app to write, draw, sketch, and make handwritten notes directly on your device. This feature enhances your digital note-taking and creative capabilities for a seamless user experience.

Q2. Is iPad good for note-taking?

Yes, the iPad is excellent for note-taking. With apps like Apple Notes, Notability, and GoodNotes, users can write, type, draw, and organize their notes efficiently. The Apple Pencil gives a natural writing experience, making it popular for students, professionals, and creatives who value digital note-taking versatility.

Q3. Why are Apple pencils so expensive?

Apple Pencils are relatively expensive due to their advanced technology and seamless integration with Apple devices. They feature precise stylus capabilities, low latency, pressure sensitivity, and advanced features like palm rejection. The cost also includes R&D, build quality, and the Apple brand. Third-party alternatives may offer more budget-friendly options.

Q4. What size iPad is best for note-taking?

The best iPad size for note-taking depends on your preferences. The 11-inch iPad Pro offers a good balance of portability and screen real estate, while the 12.9-inch model provides a larger canvas for detailed notes and drawings. The standard iPad (10.2 inches) is also a practical choice for most note-takers on a budget.

Q5. Do Apple pencils break easily?

Apple Pencils are durable, but they can break if mishandled or dropped. The pencil’s design makes it susceptible to damage at its tip and lightning connector. Using a protective case and being careful with it can extend its lifespan. AppleCare+ for the pencil covers accidental damage for added peace of mind.

Q6. Should we buy Apple Pencil separately?

The decision to buy an Apple Pencil separately depends on your needs. If you plan to use it for tasks like note-taking, drawing, or design, it’s a valuable accessory. However, if you don’t foresee using these features, it might not be necessary. Compatibility with specific iPad models should also be considered.

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