10 Best Outdoor Smart Plug For iPhone in 2023

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Smart plug for home makes your life incredibly easy. Smart plugs are a great addition if you wish to use your home’s Wi-Fi network to control your electronic devices. You can use a smart plug for TV, air conditioners, and every other appliance to control your electronic devices Through Apps like HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant. These can help you to turn your house into a smart home without spending a lot of money.

To be more specific, a smart plug is a wireless on/off switch that makes controlling gadgets extremely simple. The introduction of smart plugs has added a great deal of convenience to our lives. Smart plugs the most appealing feature of smart plugs is that they allow you to control your home’s gadgets and light from the comfort of your bed or couch, simply by speaking or using your phone.

Let’s look at the Top 10 smart plugs for your home that work perfectly with iPhones and will convert your home into a smart home. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant Via app With Timer control, Remote access and more.

Best Smart Plugs that Work with Apple HomeKit [iPhone & Android]

1. Tessan Smart Plug [WiFi compatible]


Tessa comes with three individual smart outlets that can be used to control multiple devices at once. It supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi only or dual-band (2.4G and 5G) Wi-Fi, with a current rating of 15 amps. In addition, each TESSAN Wi-Fi outlet comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, and each outlet may be individually regulated. So instead of walking out or picking up the phone, you can simply issue a command to your speech device. Consequently, living in your smart home is more convenient and straightforward.

It features built-in waterproof coverings for each outlet, with an IP44 waterproof construction. When not in use, the cover shields the outputs from rain and dust. The smart plug can be used indoors and outside, making it ideal for your patio and garden. You can control it with the “Smart Life” app, which is user-friendly and easy to use.

One of the best features is that it allows you to set an intelligent timer and schedule for specific devices. The smart timer makes it an excellent smart plug for geysers. For the best prices and great discounts on smart plug for home, don’t forget to check Amazon

2. Foxnovo


The Foxnovo outdoor smart plug is available with two or three plugs. To control your device, this innovative outdoor outlet connects to your home Wi-Fi. It is smart plug homekit compatible and works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. You can turn on/off your device with your voice and operate it remotely via the “Smart Life” App on your iPhone from anywhere and at any time, allowing you to live a more intelligent lifestyle.

Like the previous smart plug, it also comes with a feature that allows you to set a timer and schedule it for a specific time. So you’ll never forget to turn off the electric appliance again with a personalized, customized timetable. Using the Wi-Fi outdoor timer will also result in a significant reduction in your electricity bill almost immediately.

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The weather and impact-resistant casing of the smart outdoor plug can withstand damp or wet circumstances, making it safe to use outside. In addition, the Wi-Fi outdoor timer’s built-in sensor and surge protection design prevents possible threats such as power surges and overheating and protects the module from dirt and debris while not in use.

Foxnovo smart plug for home is available on Amazon at a great price.

3. Geeni


You can manage your lighting, pumps, and other equipment with Geeni’s Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug from anywhere, at any time. This smart outdoor plug connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network and does not require a hub. Install the Geeni app, turn on or off your smart plug, and secure. The Geeni app has a user-friendly interface and is incredibly easy to use. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Home for a hands-free experience.

Only 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi networks are compatible with the waterproof Geeni Outdoor Smart Plug. However, the sockets should be covered with the accompanying weather-resistant cover when not in use. The standout feature of the Geeni smart plug is its design. Installation is straightforward because of the small structure. Other design features include a hanging buckle and dust and weather protection covers.

Grab Geeni smart plug for home from  Amazon to make your home a smart home.

4. HBN


HBN outdoor smart plugs feature two separately regulated outlets, saving space for users and allowing them to operate freely. With the HBN Smart App on your smartphone, or by just speaking to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant, you can turn appliances on or off from anywhere. It uses 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and does not require the use of a hub.

You may also configure the Smart Plug to switch on or off electricity for most heavy-duty gadgets based on your needs, such as configuring lights to turn on at twilight and turn off in the morning. It is an excellent smart plug for AC, geysers, television, water pump, refrigerator, and other heavy-duty appliances. In addition, the HBN outdoor plug is waterproof to IP44, making it ideal for landscape lighting, gardens, backyards, porches, balconies, sprinklers, and other outdoor and indoor electric appliances where the home Wi-Fi connection is reliable.

Check out this Amazon for the best price and deal on the smart Outdoor HBN  smart plug for home.

5. Meross WiFi Smart Plugs with Apple HomeKit Compatible


The Meross outdoor smart plug supports two AC outlets on the unit, each of which may be operated individually. In addition, the housing and socket covers are waterproof and dust-resistant and have IP44 certification.

The smart outdoor plug is suitable for gardens, backyards, kitchens, landscape lighting, bathrooms, porches, balconies, garages, basements, patios, electric grills, sprinklers, washing machines, lamps, and other outdoor or indoor-use electric equipment, etc.

The Meross app allows you to control the two plugs separately from anywhere at any time. It is smart plug home kit compatible and works well with Apple Apple Home Kit (iOS 13 or above), Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings are all supported. You don’t need to worry about privacy with Meross. It stores all the data securely on Amazon Web Services servers in the United States.

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You can also set each socket to turn on and off automatically. It provides the additional benefit of conserving energy when plugged-in appliances are not in use or are accidentally left on. It also allows you to set the dawn and sunset times.

The Meross outdoor smart plug for home is available on Amazon at an attractive price.

6. Power Strip with 4-Outlet Extender


Each POWRUI smart power outdoor extension cable has four AC outlets, each with a maximum of 15A/1875W. You may operate four appliances independently using the smart app or voice activation. It also has surge protection rated at 1080 J. It is an excellent smart plug for refrigerators, TV, microwaves, and other plugged appliances.

For voice control and hands-free experience, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo Dot/Tap/Show, and Google Assistant. You may set a timer or a countdown on your phone at any time and from anywhere.

The POWRUI App is easy to set up, features a user-friendly interface, and is easy to use. It is weatherproof to IP44 standards. Not only that but it’s made of fire-resistant material and has a splash-proof construction. In addition, its design elements are weather and impact-resistant, allowing it to tolerate damp or wet circumstances.

Don’t forget to check this Amazon for the most incredible deals and discounts.

7. SwitchBot


Let’s start with the best feature. It works with just about any appliance with a rocker switch and a button. It is a specially designed clever button pusher for your bright house and features both press and switch modes. It is the best smart plug for fan, light, TV and other everyday appliances. An exciting feature is the one bot that helps you turn your lights on and off with the supplied add-on sticker. It only takes 5 seconds to apply a 3M sticker next to a rocker switch or button, and then you are good to go. There is no need for exchange or tools.

The smart app is user-friendly and is simple to use. The device comes with an excellent battery life of 600 days. You can operate your SwitchBot remotely from anywhere and enable voice control with the SwitchBot Hub Plus or Mini.

It is compatible with a wide & popular range of voice-activated devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT. In addition, it lets you schedule using built-in timers with the SwitchBot App, which can be used without a phone or a Hub. Even while you’re not at home, you can turn lights or appliances on and off automatically using the smart app.

SwitchBot is available on Amazon at a great price.

8. BN-LINK Wi-Fi Single Outlet – Plug


With the BN-LINK app on your smartphone, you can turn equipment on or off from anywhere in the world, or you can simply give voice instructions to Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant. There is no need for a hub as it works on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Using this smart plug for Google Home or Alexa, you can control various home devices with a single voice command. It allows you to enjoy the ease of operating any household electronic equipment without using your hands. It is simple to use and is made for everyone, including the elderly, handicapped, and those with difficult-to-reach plugs.

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Set the Wi-Fi smart plug to turn on and off most electronics as needed automatically. With the timer feature, you may program lamps, fans, humidifiers, and other lights to turn on at dark and go off at any time. The standout feature is the group & share control. The simple and effective group control function allows you to quickly distribute these Wi-Fi smart plugs to all members of your household.

For the best prices and great discounts, don’t forget to check Amazon

9. BN-LINK Heavy Duty Outdoor Outlet


BN-LINK features three smart outlets which can be switched on and off simultaneously and independently from each other. It also features voice control for a hands-free experience. In addition, it is compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

With the app on your smartphone, you can turn equipment on or off from anywhere or just ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to do it. There is no need for a hub.

You can set the Smart Plug to turn on and off most heavy-duty gadgets as per requirements, for instance, you can use this smart plug for a washing machine to control it remotely. In addition, you can simply set a timer for the Smart Plug to switch off its appliance automatically using the countdown timer function. The app is easy to use and features a user-friendly interface.

The BN-LINK Heavy Duty Outdoor Outlet is available at an attractive price on Amazon.

10. Govee


Access the Govee Smart Plug through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the Govee Home App to experience strong control and easy features no matter where you are. It provides hands-free management of your plugged-in devices and appliances with seamless Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

One of the best features is the compact two-in-one design. The dual smart plug only covers a single outlet in a vertical outlet fixture since it has two horizontally positioned plugs. As a result, your two-socket fittings may be upgraded to four smart outlets without compromising on space. Its compact design makes it an amazing smart plug for a refrigerator and TV.

Saving you money on energy and monthly bills, the Smart Plug allows you to create unique timers and on/off schedules for all of your gadgets and electrical appliances. It is also straightforward to set up. Simply plug in the Smart Plug, download the free Govee Home App to your phone, and add the specific smart plug by following the easy steps. Wireless control requires no extra physical hub and takes about a minute to set up.

Check out this Amazon for the best price and deal on the Govee smart plug for home.

Final Thoughts

Smart plugs are an easy solution to automate your home’s wired equipment. Smart plugs are a terrific addition to your house if you want to save money on your energy bill. Aside from that, all of the smart plugs on our list help keep your home safe from fire. Using a smart plug is always a good idea if you use heat-powered appliances regularly, such as a curling iron or a clothes iron, using a smart plug for home is always a good idea.

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