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You may have several online accounts for which you need a password to ensure data security. To ensure excellent data security, you must use unique and complex passwords. However, it is difficult to remember such passwords. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue, i.e. you can use a password manager app for iPhone. These apps can store all your passwords and eliminate the need to remember them. They work as digital vaults to store critical information like credit card numbers, logins, PINs, etc. The following article familiarizes you with various password manager apps for iPhone, so you can easily pick up the most suitable one.

1. Bitwarden


Why Should You try Bitwarden?

  • Secure built-in password generator
  • Allows sharing unlimited passwords
  • Supports world-class encryption

Bitwarden app lets you easily manage, save, secure, and also share unlimited passwords across different devices from anywhere. It provides an open-source password management solution for a secure login experience. It helps you generate robust, unique, random passwords for all your websites and accounts.

It rapidly sends encrypted information either in the form of plain text or files. You can access its Teams and Enterprise plans to safely share your passwords with other team members. Furthermore, the built-in password generator quickly and safely creates unique passwords to avoid duplication. The leading encryption features make sure there will be no data leakage.

2. 1Password 7 


Why Should You try 1Password?

  • It supports creating multiple vaults
  • Enables easy search of information
  • Excellent data protection by Master Password

If you want an easy-to-use password manager app for your iPhone, try 1Password7. You must add your passwords and let the app manage the rest. You can easily sign in to apps and websites with a few taps. Moreover, the app is handy for modifying passwords and enhancing their strengths.

It allows you to easily fill passwords, usernames, addresses, and credit card numbers into websites and compatible apps. 

Furthermore, you can store details about your credit cards, logins, notes, addresses, bank accounts, passports, driver’s licenses, and more.

3. LastPass


Why Should You try LastPass?

  • Superior AES 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited device-type access
  • Supports emergency access

LastPass password manager app secures your personal information and passwords in an encrypted vault. LastPass automatically fills in your login details when you visit any website or app. You can save logins and passwords from your LastPass vault, set up online shopping profiles, and create powerful passwords. Besides, you can accurately track personal information in notes. You need to remember the password you’ve set for LastPass, and then this app will autofill app logins and web browsers for you. The app ensures that you will never be locked out of your online account or have trouble with a complex password reset process.

4. Dashlane


Why Should You try Dashlane?

  • Easy and safe password sharing
  • One-click password change
  • Automatically syncs to your devices
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Are you looking for an easy-to-use password manager app for iPhone that is also difficult to hack? If yes then you can use Dashlane. Millions of users worldwide trust Dashlane due to its secure password management solution. It stores many passwords and lets you access them on any device. You can automatically sync data stored in Dashlane from every device, although your computer or phone operates on different systems.

You can log in using a look or tap through Touch ID or Face ID. Moreover, you stay alert about hacks and breaches that affect your data.

5. mSecure Password Manager


Why Should You try mSecure?

  • Excellent stability and performance
  • Improved Apple Watch support
  • Supports appealing customizable templates

mSecure is one of the safest and easiest solutions for handling critical information across different devices. You can easily manage, save and share your sensitive data. It also allows you to prepare passwords and notes and securely back up your data.

It is implemented with multiple advanced features to benefit organizations with data security and flexibility. It will auto-fill from your web browser to save time. Moreover, it allows you to share only the information you want. All your data stays secure with the leading AES encryption.

6. Strongbox


Why Should You try Strongbox?

  • Excellent database security
  • Two Factor Authentication security
  • An instant and safe search of passwords

Strongbox safely stores all your passwords through a master password. It is implemented with the open-source Password Safe and supports KeePass formats. It also supports Apple Watch & Touch ID Unlock for a responsive and secure login experience. YubiKey protection secures your databases via hardware token. The data security is excellent because the app is employed military-grade cryptography.

The deep search allows you to search your whole set of passwords instantly. It autocompletes new records and also automatically generates hard-to-crack passwords. Strongbox is free with a set of fundamental feature set. However, you can go for the Pro version too.

7. Enpass Password Manager 


Why Should You try Enpass?

  • Efficient breach monitoring
  • Smooth data synchronization
  • Strong and unique passwords
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Enpass password manager supports “Offline” mode. It implies that the app doesn’t store your credentials, passwords, or files on our servers. You can control your most critical information locally on your devices. Moreover, you can synchronize it across your different devices using your cloud accounts; no need to send it to the app’s servers.

It stores details about your credit cards, logins, bank accounts, driving licenses, etc. The data encryption is excellent with AES-256-bit encryption. Furthermore, the app syncs data via Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, WebDAV, Box, OneDrive, Wi-Fi, Nextcloud, or a local WLAN network. Through breach monitoring, you will receive alerts to modify passwords when your site is breached

8. Keeper Password Manager


Why Should You try Keeper?

  • Securely share vault records
  • Secure and instant access to accounts
  • Powerful data encryption

The app automatically creates robust passwords and saves them in a safe digital vault accessible from whatever device you like. Subsequently, it will autofill them across all your apps and sites. The app’s efficient encryption defends your passwords and critical data against cyberattacks, ransomware, and data breaches.

One of the decent aspects of Keeper Password Manager is it can save an infinite number of passwords in your encrypted digital vault. Not just mobile devices, but you can access the digital vault on computers and tablets. Moreover, you can activate Face ID or Touch ID for secure and immediate access.

9. NordPass


Why Should You try NordPass?

  • Can check for leaked data
  • Generate complex and safe passwords
  • Access passwords on multiple devices

The NordPass password manager is the innovation behind the digital security professionals working on the industry-standard VPN service. It is created for a secure and smooth online experience. It blends practical features and cutting-edge encryption algorithms to simplify password management. The complex passwords make sure hackers can’t crack them.

Certainly, you will no longer need to keep up with plenty of passwords; all you can do is, save them in the NordPass vault. The vault saves your credit card information and automatically fills in at online checkouts. Furthermore, the vault automatically synchronizes across multiple devices. Hence, you benefit from immediate access on your tablets, laptops, or mobile devices.

10. RoboForm 


Why Should You try RoboForm?

  • Can find weak and duplicate passwords
  • Saves all passwords in one secure location
  • Allows multi-step logins

RoboForm is renowned for being an award-winning form filler and password manager. It provides access to your passwords on all devices you use. You benefit from safe one-tap logins for apps and websites. You can simplify your passwords to a Master Password that you can easily remember. All passwords stay in one location. One of the best aspects is that it will autofill in websites and apps through Safari or other browsers.

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It lets you organize your go-to passwords in any sequence through the Pinned view. Moreover, you can organize your folders. The multi-step logins enhance data security.

11. RememBear


Why Should You try RememBear?

  • Stores sensitive notes
  • Allows access on all devices
  • Strong passwords avoid identity theft

RememBear app presents the simplest way to generate, save, and use robust passwords across your devices. You can now safely access the web without worrying about the breach of your critical data. Besides, it stores details of credit cards for fast online shopping. The extra layer of security defends your sensitive notes.

It auto-fills your login credentials over your preferred websites and apps. Thus, it saves you time and effort. You will get rid of forgetting a password. This is because RememBear saves your passwords in one place and discards hassles related to unbearable password resets.

12. Sticky Password


Why Should You try Sticky Password?

  • Improved two-factor authentication
  • Identifies weak, old, reused passwords
  • Easy and secure access to memos

Sticky Password app relieves you from unsafe, reused, or forgotten passwords. It securely stores your passwords, logins, and other crucial data in your iPad/iPhone. It encrypts data in the world’s leading encryption standard, i.e. AES-256. No worries about typos and recording your data on all websites you visit. The app streamlines your online experience by automatically typing data on login pages.

You must remember one password, i.e. Master password, to open this app. Instead, open the app using your FaceID, TouchID, or PIN code. Furthermore, it stores your credit card numbers in the super-secure vault, which only you can access.

It is worth considering a password manager app for those spending most of their time on iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices. Although most password software is compatible with multiple platforms and devices, we usually use our tablets or phones during login. Hence, using one of these apps is beneficial to ensure data security. Moreover, you eliminate remembering complex passwords for multiple accounts and benefit from a seamless login experience. The good news is that many apps need little investment, and some are offered in a free version. The present article assists you in picking the most suitable password manager app for your iPhone for secure login.

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