[2020] Best NAS Drives for Mac in 2020: Personal Cloud Storage Device for Mac Reviews

Last Updated on Aug 28, 2020

Do you have your own Mac in your home and office? Do you want to build your own NAS server? Let’s a closer look and pick a Network Attached Storage. Here showcased all the best personal cloud storage devices for Mac and Windows that you can buy in 2020. Nowadays, online cloud storage service providers are growing up in the E-commerce market. So some of the customers have a question what is the best out of all? In the case of several are can’t get affordable rent cloud, storage providers. So they choose the NAS drive that is used for home and office too. If you’re looking for, then get here affordable NAS for Mac. Easy to set up with macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Mojave (10.14), EI Capitan, macOS Sierra, and macOS High Sierra.

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All drives have the highest review, most famous, and furnish proper functionality for comfortable use. These NAS for Mac make you can utilize for Personal cloud backup, home cloud storage, and Immeasurable for office cloud storage, and much more.

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Quick Comparison: Best NAS For Mac [Personal Cloud Storage]

Quickly Pick your NAS that's in your Budget, Storage, Reviews.
NAS/Personal StorageQUALITY
1. WD My Cloud EX23.6/5
2. Seagate personal cloud storage device3.5/5
3. DROBO: NAS Storage With Ethernet Ports3.9/5
4. SYNOLOGY: Disk Station for Home could4.3/5
5. Noontec: Best Cloud Server & Storage3.8/5
6. NETGEAR: Diskless Secure Personal Storage4.0/5
7. ioSAFE: Secure Data from Fire & Water, WaterProof4.0/5
8. QNap the Best NAS for Mac 20184.0/5
9. Asustor NAS4.4/5
10. QNAP 6 Bay NAS4.9/5
11. TerraMaster PLEX Server3.8/5

8 Best Personal Cloud Storage NAS Device for Mac: Good reviews NAS for Mac

Best Nas for Mac Users

Best NAS Drive for Apple Mac Users

Below are the Devices that are great options for those who are looking for and interested in build your NAS server at home or office.

Also, see Best NAS Hard Drives gives effortless installation with below NAS and Fast Data Transfer and Storage. And then you have a complete package of business or home NAS solution.

#1. Western Digital Nas for Mac and Windows Under $400

WD has grabbed more attention of people by constantly improving their products. So, as it presents the best network-attached storage options for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users, with this NAS. You can make this NAS as your centralized home storage which can be quickly accessible remotely, like pictures, videos, and more. The NAS will sync all the data across all the Mac’s to keep you up to date, no need to transfer any data from one Mac to another.

  • This NAS creates a centralized Unit for photos and videos that’s why you can access and share them anywhere you are. we can also say Best Nas for Mac Photos and Videos.
  • Alternatively, if you haven’t Apple Mac, then it also supports Windows PC. Nas solution Works great with all the PC Computer and Apple Mac computers in your home.
  • WD Sync software automatically synchronized content across all your PC and you’re My Cloud unit, so your most important files and documents keep up to date and accessible from all your devices.

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#2. BUFFALO NAS Unit for your Apple Mac

BUFFALO provides an extreme solution if you are struggling with storage issues. Once you set up this NAS for your Mac or iPhone, multiple users can access the personal cloud storage from anywhere, all you need is internet connectivity. From small office storage to huge business-level service, this NAS provides economical storage solutions. Storage variants such as 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, and 16TB are available with different drive bays.
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#3. Apple AirPort Time Capsule

Continuing the list of best network-attached storage for your Mac, here comes Apple’s AirPort Time Capsule. AirPort Time Capsule seamlessly works with the Time Machine that will carry all your personal data including photos and videos directly to the NAS. The latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac is used for quick transferring of data and also has dual-band support. You can choose from 3TB and 2TB, storage options.
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#4. WD My Cloud EX2: 8 TB – Best Nas for time Machine 2020Best personal cloud storage device for Mac 2015-2016

This WD My Cloud EX2 with 8 TB storage capacities. It’s also available in right Storage sizes Such as 4 TB, 6 TB, 10 TB, 12 TB and diskless too.

  • Very easy to set up and handy to manage
  • Two Bay- NSA for your home or small office
  • It gives ultimate protection for your data
  • It takes auto-backup via WD smart Ware Pro for PC users and Apple Time Machine compatible for Mac users [best NAS for time machine 2020]
  • You can manage your data with RAID 0, 1; JBOD, and spanning drive modes.
  • It comes with LAN/WAN backup options.
  • Good compatible with Mac OS X and Windows OS
  • Best NAS for Media players, for the gaming console
  • Routine uses browsers support (Safari, Google Chrome, IE, Firefox), etc.

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#5. Seagate personal cloud storage device for Mac and WindowsAffordable personal cloud storage device for Mac NAS for Mac

Do you want to create personal storage at your home? Then go with this separate data storage drive Seagate. It’ll keep your all documents, photos, and videos without recurring fees.

  • Secure user account to control
  • Backup multiple Mac and PCs as well as a mobile device with free apps
  • After storage your content in this drive you can enjoy on the big screen with Chrome cast, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and TVs likely Samsung, LG.
  • Remote access from anywhere
  • 1Gbps LAN Port

Seagate Personal Cloud Storage: Price – $155|| For UK customers: Order Now

#6. DROBO: NAS Storage With Ethernet Ports Best NAS for Mac 2020

The DROBO 5N2 is the ultimate way to store and protect data in a single unit in one place. DROBO 5N2 is highly recommended for small businesses and NAS for home use considering it has the best features. 

The NAS storage is build up with the five-bay Array, and it contains two Gigabit Ethernet Ports. This NAS can hold SATA hard disk drive up to 5×3.5, ” and it can be expandable by adding other HDDs as per your requirement with high performance.

1 Drobo Network Attached Storage for Home

The RAID function works incredibly with DROBO 5N2 to give extra data protection and internal backup against any disaster damage which may lose your valuable data. With the support of DROBOApps, it can automatically upload the data such as music, photos, videos, and many other documents from your mobile and you can end to end access data from anywhere.

Order DROBO On Amazon 

#7. SYNOLOGY: Disk Station for Home could storage

When we talk about ease of setup SYNOLOGY DS216+|| is unbeatable. It is featured with the latest dual-core CPU processor with an additional AES-NI hardware engine to maximize transferable data speed safely. This model is facilitating with 1 GB DDR3 and 2 Bay to maximize the storage securely.

Synology NAS developed with the Btrfs file system, and it performs the operations like reading at 113.01MB/s and writing at 111.66MB/s. The NAS can operate from anywhere with any device through which it is linked, and you can access all data within seconds.

2 Synology disk station for Mac

This type of gadget is most likely to be used for home purposes as well as for small businesses. Synology NAS is available with different bays and DDR3 sizes so one can quickly select a model as per requirement and enjoy great storage with high transfer speed on Operating System like Mac. And use the best NAS for mac home network.

Disk Station Order on Amazon – $299.00

#8. Noontec: Best Cloud Server and Personal Storage

The Noontec TerraMaster NAS for Mac is created using durable aluminum alloy material with low noise fans for heat dissipation. The NAS is featured with Intel 2.41 GHz dual-core Celeron processor with 2GB RAM to give sufficient transfer speed of 100MB/s, but the PCs and router require 1000MB/s of Ethernet ports. 

The NAS supports a broad range of applications like a file server, an FTP server, an email server, etc. to get better results using this NAS you must prefer WD or SEAGATE HDDs with this you can get storage up to 20 TB with SATA drives using two bays.

3 Noontec-TerraMaster Personal Storage for Mac

Various RAID configurations like RAID0, SINGLE, RAID1, JBOD can be utilized with this NAS system to protect data from any breakage. After installing NAS, you can stream videos, music, or any other media directly to TVs or Macs from anyplace easily. 

The disks are easy to operate and reliable to protect HDDs inside.

See Noontec on Amazon – $189.95 – alternative – get 

#9. NETGEAR: Diskless Secure Personal Storage

The NETGEAR NAS for Mac Home USE is a perfect solution for storing data from anywhere under your surveillance. NAS is a handy device that is used to backup data like music, movies, videos, photos and another document with fantastic 200MB/s read and 160MB/s write speed.

The NAS is crafted with useful functions and storage capacities so that you can conveniently buy for small business or home purposes. It is a massive storage junction from where you can collect and store data via the internet or Apps from anywhere although USB can also be used to transfer data.

4 NETGEAR Personal Cloud

NETGEAR is compatible to operate on Macs, PCs, tablets, and mobiles. The system consisting of the Btrfs system which enables complete data protection with built-in anti-virus to ensure zero loss of data. 

This NAS is available in 4 bay also, and it is diskless so that you can insert HDDs according to your needs.

NAS For Mac and PC or Other Smart Mobile phone that works with the dedicated app.

NETGEAR on Amazon – $229.00

#10. ioSAFE: Secure Data from Fire and Water – Best NAS for Mac 2020

Looking for ioSafe NAS for Mac is a unique product which gives additional protection from fire and water. Fireproof and Waterproof design and technology can resist fire up to 1550 F for half an hour, and in water, it is capable of staying 72 hours when submerged up to 10 feet. 

It comes with stunning black color, and it ideally works with PCs and Mac. When you need some high cloud storage to save and protect data for small businesses or for home use it is the best buy for you. It has two bays in which you can add HDDs of 8TB with RAID protection.

5 ioSafe Home Cloud storage

The advanced dual-core processor enhances your experience by increasing the speed of data transfer. The indicators indicate the HDDs that they are working or not. 

The USB port is also given so that you can add data using pen drive and mobiles or else you can transfer using the internet.

ioSAFEThis is a complete Home NAS 2020 solution. Get installation help on purchase with it.

ioSafe on Amazon – $626.99

#11. QNap the Best NAS for Mac 2020: With Quick Access Port, USB C

The QNap NAS for Apple Mac is designed with the high-tech features like it has 4GB DDR3 RAM with Intel quad-core Celeron processor to amplify the best conclusion. It has six bays in which you can add 6 HDDs for massive storage. 

It is most probably used in small business centers to store and share a bunch of data anytime from anywhere. This NAS contains indicators that indicate different functions, and it also includes USB Type-C for quick transfer. Now Apple iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with USB-C port that’s why easily to connect USB-C devices.

6 Qnap Business and Home Cloud storage

Too many hardware configurations options case on RAM (2GB, 4GB, and 8GB) capacity.

QNAP Buy Now

#12. Asustor NASAsustor NAS

So far, you’ve seen so many NAS, Asustor is one more on the list. The Asustor AS6208T is packed with the fastest Intel Celeron Quad-Core, for faster and safer operations between the devices. It is equipped with the 4GB Memory that you can later expand up to 8GB, as per the need. Comes with all the common I/O Interface including 4GB Ethernet Port, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and eSATA, to enable the easy connection between external devices, and hard drives. Explore the detailed specifications from the Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Easy three-step installation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Smooth connection to NAS
  • Suitable for Home and Business Purpose

Check Asustor Price on Amazon

#13. QNAP 6 Bay NASQNAP 6 Bay NAS

Positively rated by the customers, QNAP’s this 6 Bay NAS comforts your work and makes easy transfer among devices. Featuring the Quad-Core Intel Core i3 Processor with 4GB DDR4 memory, plus to boost up the speed, they have added the Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 for uninterrupted processes. For small business usage, the QNAP brings a powerful backup solution to store files and folders at ease. Not only the files and folder but also, you can store 4K Movies and Shows and use the PLEX Integration to access them for seamless playback.

Key Features:

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  • USB Type C Support
  • Compatible with SSD Cache
  • USB Type-A Ports
  • 4K Media Playback

Check QNAP Price on Amazon

#14. TerraMaster Plex ServerTerraMaster Plex Server

TerraMaster F5-221 has successor and predecessors too, but F5-221 perfectly fits in your budget and somehow requirements. The super fast 200MB/s reading and 190MB/s writing speed, with 2GB RAM, which you can expandable up to 4GB at your convenience. You can fit the HDD of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch, for faster performance, when it comes to hardware, they have constructed the exterior with tough material to fight against scratches and dust. It uses AES Encryption for secure transmission between the devices.

Key Features:

  • 4K Ultra HD Video Transcoding
  • Btrfs file system and snapshots
  • Multiple Backup methods
  • 6-layer security protection

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Use this device as an all-time useful best Network-attached storage (NAS) at home or office.

Do you have NAS for Mac Office or NAS Home solution? Please share it in the comments.
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