How to Backup iPhone to iCloud (2023)

Get an idea on how to backup iPhone to iCloud in iOS 16 and down version? You may good familiar with iCloud backup mean Apple gives 5 GB free of cost Online storage. In them, you can take backup data such as your iCloud account (Photos, Mail, Contact, Calendars, Reminders), docs, health app data, Homekit & settings when your iOS devices are turned on, locked, and connected to Wi-Fi.

It’s a cute feature of iOS because that allows you to auto backup daily over the air. And you haven’t needed a lighting cable or special connector. But backup iPhone to iCloud, you must have enabled iCloud backup toggle green on your Apple device (iPhone, iPad). Even if you’re unknown to do that, then don’t worry. Here I’ll teach you a complete guide to backup iPhone with iCloud running on the newest iOS operating system.

Backup iPhone with iCloud – Quick Easy Method

Step 1. Go to the Settings App on your iPhone/iPad home screen. Tap on Your Name.

Profile name on iPhone settings
Profile name on iPhone settings

Alternatively, you can also reach the iCloud Backup option: Just text Backup in the settings search bar.

Launch the Settings App. Now tap on your profile [Apple ID] appears above Airplane Mode. Next, scroll down the Screen and tap on iCloud, then scroll screen and tap on iCloud backup, then turn iCloud Backup ON/Green.

Enable icloud backup on iPhone before update iOS
Enable iCloud backup on iPhone before update iOS

Now ever you want to take backup of your iOS device on iCloud, next tap on Back UP Now.

Enable iCloud backup on iPhone
Enable iCloud backup on iPhone

You’ll get the option Back UP Now on the bottom of the backup screen. It’s a button to start back up manually. So this is the end of the procedure of Backup iPhone to iCloud.

Sometimes users face issues with iCloud backup failed, even if they have enough space. To get rid of such problems. Please follow my get more workaround. Read MoreFix iCloud backup failed.

Now you’re eligible to save your data on iCloud Storage. You can store 5GB of data; after that, you’ll get the message, not enough Storage. You need to upgrade your iCloud storage plan or delete unnecessary data from the backup.

Your stored iCloud data allows you convenient access anywhere on Mac/PC. Albeit, there is a condition you require the same Apple ID to log in online (

Photos and videos consumed more space in iCloud than any other apps. So you should use alternative photos cloud storage for iPhone and iPad.

Backup iPhone to iCloud Errors & Solutions

  1. Fix iCloud Backup Stuck on Estimating Time Remaining
  2. Solved iCloud backup failed

In case of backup iPhone to iCloud not working with the latest iOS? Please write down a comment below.

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