Best Alternate Ways To Take Backup Mac: All MacOS

Mac OS X Up date on Mac - Alternate Mac OS X back up ways

In the case, you are not convenient for your Mac OS X backup, then these all the alternate Mac OS X back up ways are more useful explained in this tutorial: Alternate Mac OS X back up ways in Mac machine. You can choose any of, it’s hence that if you have no internet connection then you can use one of three offline ways to take old OS X backup. Otherwise, you can use iCloud service to take back up online. All the Alternate Mac OS X back up ways take your Photos, Documents, Files, Settings, and Music.

Note: before upgrading your old OS X with new released Mac OS X, you must have to take back up before lost data from your Mac machine.

Mac OS X Up date on Mac - Alternate Mac OS X back up ways
Update Mac OS X Update

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Here are The Best Alternate back up My Mac OS X  ways

1. Time machine (Offline)

Are you offline, Time machine is the best option for all Alternate Mac OS X back up ways.

Go to the (Watch icon in your Mac menu bar) Time machine > Back up Now.

A process will take time depends on your files sizes.

2. Time Capsule (Offline)

Tap on Apple Menu > System preference

Inside the system preference tap on View > Time machine

Turn on Time machine if it is off.

Then select Airport Time capsule for the backup path where you want to save.

A new popup will appear on your desktop, Enter correct password of your Time capsule.

3. iCloud (Online)

iCloud is a very lengthy process in Alternate Mac OS X back up ways, But it’s very secure. You can store your backup file directly in your iCloud account.  For all the Mac apps like Colander, Contacts, Document, iTunes apps, Photos, Mail, and Reminders go with particular apps in your Mac export your backup with iCloud.

Here are the official ways of apple giving the option to take back up from all the apps in your iCloud account

Click here to proceed with this option.

4. CDs and DVDs

This option helps to make your data directly in your CD and DVD, without any third party burn software. Collect your backup file into one folder.


Tap on your desktop or inside drive, where you want to make this burn folder.

Choose file > New Burn Folder (Give meaning full name)

Drag your backup data folder in newly created burn folder.

Now you have to transfer all the data in blank CDs or DVDs directly. Using below steps


Open Burn folder, then tap on Burn option.

Insert blank disk and proceed with guide coming on your Mac screen.

Via apple

5. Disk – External hard disk

In this option you have collect all the files in to one folder and copy that to external hard drive.

Note: before transfer data in to external hard drive make sure folder is compressed or not. For that choose file > Compress

Mac shortcut: Useful shortcuts for Mac.

All the Alternate Mac OS X back up ways are very useful, don’t miss to share which is best in your case from the below comment box. For more update on Max tips and how to guide connect with us!!

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