Best Prisma App alternatives for iPhone/ iPad: iOS app

Live your life with real art that’s make you most relatively or engaged with your friends on different social media and Profile. Still some apps are live for the people who don’t get Prisma app to use on iOS device due to not compatible iOS version. So here I suggested best Prisma App alternatives for iPhone that’s also available for other Mobile and Web platforms.

Note: Prisma app required iOS 8 or later version, Make sure about your iOS 8 compatible devices and Update it if yes. Install iOS 8 on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch.

Best Prisma App alternatives for iPhone and iPad: iOS

Prisma App alternatives for iPhone, iPad

PicsArt Photo Studio

Photo lab Photo app alternatives

Full Features in Free version, and Pro Version is awesome. PicsArt is #1 Best Photo editing and Art graphics designing tools for iOS users. Millions of users are active on this app before Prisma and Also currently. Picsart has Major improvement and largest community to meet and learn virtual art from world people. Basic stuff and mixture of pattern, Shading, Effects and Filter made your picture really awesome. Easy to tools for make layers, Add shapes, Text, Hands free Drawing/ Painting tools and images.

Thereafter it’s easy to save or share on social media directly from app. Natural public pics that we can use in our original photos.

Download App – Free

Photo Lab: Art Photography app

Dreamscope iOS app for iPhone

Photo Lab allows using app for Real Experience on mixture of different photos or Body organs. Millions of Experienced users really Happy that’s overcome Prisma app features. Notable features are Creative Effects, Sample Frames for test, Blur effect, Picture contrast, Best Filter option. And many other basic cropping, editing, Color management, Touch up tools for Pro users.

Click to get app on Play store – Free


Superphoto iOS app for Replace Prisma

Paint polish your picture just like you created in Prisma iOS app. That’s cover most of the historical painters painting styles and Understating. Easy to show real effect on photos before you save or get it final view.

Download Dreamscope app – Free


Picsart Photo Editing iOS app for Prisma users

Outstanding picture art and Effect available in this iOS app. 208 Unlocked effect for free to use and more 1300+ effect you can ride by purchasing or spent little more. Not to see it’s for try yourself.

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Above all are very precious list that we can add in Prisma App alternatives for iPhone/ iPad device.