Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Family in 2023

Last Updated on Sep 14, 2023

Thanksgiving is a day when you come together with your friends and family and have a good time with all of them. You express gratitude towards each other and thank the almighty for all that you have. Food and drinks are added benefits in the celebration too. This day is now celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November every year. Going back to the history of this day, it was earlier celebrated by farmers to mark the reaping of their harvest. All the farmers would gather around and celebrate the entire night after a year of hard work is done by the reaping of their harvest. Similar to the current celebration, the farmers would also share food and drinks in their celebrations. 

The celebrations might have changed as time went on but the main feelings attached to the day remain the same. People still get together with their close ones and enjoy a good time. It is a normal tradition for almost everyone to present gifts to their friends, family, associates, etc. on the eve of thanksgiving. 

This day presents a great opportunity for you to show your love & affection as well as express gratitude towards your family members. But you might have some trouble deciding what kind of gift to give to your family members. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best gifts that you can give to your family member on thanksgiving.

A Beautiful Photo Frame having both of your Photos together– One of the best gifts to express your love and affection towards a family member is a photo frame with some pictures of both of you. This will act as a beautiful gesture from your side towards your family member cherishing both of your relationships with each other. The photo frame will always be a reminder for your family member of the beautiful relation between the both of you every time he/she looks at it. Try and add old photos to further improve this gift as this will also add a bit of reminiscence to your gift. 

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Homemade Pie– Thanksgiving is very much about sharing food and having a good time with one another. On this day, you can bake a delicious pie by yourself and gift it to your family member/members. A homemade pie is everyone’s favorite on the day of thanksgiving. It will mark your effort towards expressing your gratitude and love for your family. Bake a delicious pie for your family based on what they like and see the happiness on their faces when you take it out on thanksgiving. Everybody loves to have some delicious pie on this happy day. This thanksgiving bake a pie and make your family happy with your own efforts.

A Good Bottle of Wine or Bottle Bag– As I already mentioned earlier, Thanksgiving is a day when everyone likes to have a good time and share good food along with a few drinks. You can make the day for your family members even better by gifting a good old bottle of wine on this happy day. Wine is a classic gift for thanksgiving and your family will absolutely love this gift from you. Celebrating Thanksgiving with a few drinks is what most people expect, and when the drinks mean glasses of good old wine, they become even more happier. A good old bottle of wine will surely work wonders as a gift for your family on thanksgiving.

Box of Chocolates & Dry Fruits– Chocolates are one of the most common gifts that you can give to your family on thanksgiving. Add in some dry fruits and the gift will be even better for this day. Chocolates give people happiness and therefore are a perfect match for this happy and cheerful day. A box of chocolates will be a good addition to the celebration on thanksgiving. You can even include a note along with the box to express your feelings in a better way.

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Scented Candles– This is one of the simplest gifts that you can give to your family on thanksgiving. Scented candles give out a beautiful aroma when they are burnt, making them a good choice for gifting on a happy day. There are many types of scented candles available in the market which will give you a wide range of options to choose from. These candles fill the room with a beautiful aroma giving a sense of refreshment to the person in it. Moreover, scented candles are regarded as a good omen in many cultures as well. This thanksgiving, gift a box of scented candles to your family and make their day even better.

I hope that this list has helped you in selecting a good gift for your family on thanksgiving. Wishing you a happy thanksgiving to you and your family. Have a good time!


1. What should I gift my family on thanksgiving?

A: There are a lot of gift options to choose from to give your family on thanksgiving. Scented candles, chocolates, homemade pie, etc are some of the ideas that you can go for.

2. Is it important to give gifts to family on thanksgiving?

A: It all depends on you. It is not necessary to give a gift on thanksgiving but doing so can show your love and affection towards your family. It is completely okay if you don’t want to give any gifts.

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