Best Thunderbolt RAIDs for Mac in 2023 (iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini)

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If you frequently deal with large files or simply want to know how your data is being copied and saved locally, a RAID array could be a perfect storage solution. A RAID array is a collection of two or more independent hard drives that work together to form a single super hard drive. Thunderbolt 3 RAID solutions are the go-to choice for optimizing storage and data throughput on your Mac. These high-performance, dependable, and versatile storage arrays are designed to fulfill the demanding needs of creative professionals, enterprises, and Mac fans.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top Thunderbolt 3 RAID for Mac alternatives for Mac users and assist you in finding the ideal fit to improve your storage and workflow efficiency.

1. SanDisk Professional

SanDisk Professional Thunderbolt 3 RAID for Mac
SanDisk Professional


Height3.58 inches
Capacity40 TB
Connector(supports USB 3.1 Gen 2) and HDMI connectivity 
CompatibilityLaptop, Desktop
Power Source20 Gb/s Thunderbolt 3 cable, power cable, and an AC power adapter
Storage Temperature41 to 95°F / 5 to 35°C
MaterialMade from 7200RPM Ultrastar hard drives , Aluminum
PriceStarts from $579.99  to $1399.95

Pros of using SanDisk Professional:

  • It is portable and offers huge storage capacity
  • It works fine with laptops and desktops both
  • 5 years warranty to fix issues

SanDisk Professional presents a cutting-edge storage solution designed for professionals seeking lightning-fast performance and ultimate data security. It is equipped with Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and a USB-C port to ensure lightning-fast data transfers and connectivity. It features dual 7200RPM Ultrastar hard drives, guaranteeing blazing speeds and reliability. The device supports daisy chaining for up to 5 additional devices for seamless scalability, streamlining your workflow. It arrives ready to go in RAID 0 for maximum performance but is configurable to RAID 1 (mirroring) for data redundancy and flexibility. Plus, with a generous 5-year limited warranty, you can trust for durability and reliability for upcoming years.

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2. G-Technology

G Technology Thunderbolt 3 RAID for Mac


Height3.58 inches
Capacity8.00 TB
ConnectorUSB 3.0, USB, Thunderbolt
Power SourceUSB–C, 100-240V VAC
Storage Temperaturewithin a range of -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F). 
MaterialSolid aluminum enclosure
PriceStarts from $649.95 to $1,999.99

Pros of using G-Technology:

  • Highly flexible and offers dual-drive storage
  • It delivers high-speed data transfer to handle heavy workloads
  • Sleek and stylish aluminum body

The G-RAID Thunderbolt 3 is a storage powerhouse that has dual 7200RPM Enterprise-class hard drives, ensuring the utmost performance for your heavy workloads and mission-critical data. It supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 and HDMI connectivity, offering unmatched flexibility for all your creative endeavors. You can transfer your HD photos and 4K footage at lightning speed, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. It is made from a sleek aluminum enclosure, which performs with precision and adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace. 


TERRAMASTER Thunderbolt 3 RAID for Mac


Height19.7 inches
Capacity320TB storage capacity 
ConnectorSATA 6.0 Gb/s, Thunderbolt 3
CompatibilityMac, PC
Power SourceAC IN 220V
Storage Temperature40°F ~ 104°F
PriceStarts from $259.99 to $3599.99 

Pros of using TERRAMASTER:

  • High-speed cache memory
  • It has an amazing storage capacity of up to 1 PB with SATA disks and SSDs
  • Quiet, compact, and high-performing

The TERRAMASTER D16 Thunderbolt 3 redefines storage solutions for video editors and creative professionals. It includes a dedicated hardware RAID controller and high-speed cache memory to deliver true high-performance RAID protection for stable and speedy data transmission. It supports real-time multi-channel HD and 8K video editing, fully compatible with Macs featuring the M1 security chip. With dual Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, it performs lightning-fast transfer speeds up to 2100 MB/s in RAID 0 and 1800 MB/s in RAID 5, making it perfect for data-intensive tasks. It is compact and quiet, which seamlessly fits on your desktop. Moreover, it supports multi-screen displays and daisy-chaining for up to 6 devices, optimizing your workspace for maximum efficiency. 


QNAP Thunderbolt 3 RAID for Mac


Height11.77 inches
Width15.63 inches
CapacityUpto 40TB
ConnectorThunderbolt 3, and M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD slots
CompatibilityMac, desktop
Power Source15W under load.
Storage Temperature-4°F – 158°F
PriceUpto $2199.00

Pros of using QNAP:

  • High-quality hardware and multimedia features
  • It supports NAS functionality for stunning creativity
  • Scalable and high-speed file-sharing

Experience effortless storage with the QNAP 6 Bay Thunderbolt NAS. It is equipped with six pre-installed and pre-configured 8TB Seagate IronWolf drives in RAID 5. You can easily set it up by plug and play, saving you time and worry. The IronWolf drives come with a three-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan for added peace of mind. It is powered by an Intel Core i3-8100t 4-Core 3.1 GHz Processor with 64-bit architecture and Intel UHD Graphics 630 to deliver high performance and faster workflow. Connectivity options include 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports and 1 10GBase-T RJ45, supporting various speeds. With QNAP’s trusted performance and reliability, this NAS is ideal for professionals seeking efficient and secure storage.

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5. LaCie 

LaCie Thunderbolt 3 RAID for Mac


Height3.67 inches
Width4.65 inches
Capacity12 TB
ConnectorUSB, Thunderbolt
Power Source100-240VAC; 50/60Hz; 60W
Storage Temperature+5ºC to +40ºC
MaterialHigh-quality metal

Pros of using LaCie:

  • Reliable and offers high-performance
  • It offers a 5-year protection warranty
  • High-speed backup and file ingestion

If you are the one who often deals with laptop work and needs faster transmission, then LaCie is a great option. It has a massive 12TB capacity and speeds of up to 440MB/s to ensure data storage needs. It features convenient SD and CF card slots for direct file ingestion, a USB 3.0 hub for charging devices and quick footage transfer, dual Thunderbolt 3 ports for daisy-chaining, a USB 3.1 port, and a display port for high-res monitors. You can effortlessly configure RAID 0/1 using the step-by-step wizard for performance or redundancy optimization. With hot-swappable IronWolf Pro enterprise-class drives, this drive ensures ultimate reliability and performance. Plus, the included five-year limited warranty, along with Rescue Data Recovery Services, provides long-term peace of mind and support service in case of future issues. 

6. Glyph Production Technologies

Glyph Thunderbolt 3 RAID for Mac


Height5 inches
Width10.5 inches
CapacityUp to 40TB
ConnectorUSB, Thunderbolt
Power SourceExternal Power Supply
Storage Temperature(-4°F to 149°F)
PriceStarts from $649.95 to $1599.65

Pros of using Glyph Production Technologies:

  • It comes with a Cooling Fan and external power adapter
  • It offers high-speed transfer
  • Perfect for handling heavy workflows

The Glyph Blackbox PRO RAID Thunderbolt 3 is the pinnacle of high-performance, ultra-reliable hardware RAID. It offers optional card reader/hub combos for efficient media ingest or peripheral connectivity. With dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, you can daisy-chain up to 5 additional devices, simplifying your workspace. Featuring up to 40TB of fast 7,200 RPM Enterprise-class hard drives, it offers speeds of up to 550 MB/s for important workflows and mission-critical projects. It provides flexibility for speed or redundancy without the hassle of slow software-based RAID setups. The best thing is it is designed for both Mac and Windows users to offer the ultimate storage solution and exceptional performance. 

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7. OWC

OWC Thunderbolt 3 RAID for Mac


Height7.87 inches
Width12.2 inches
Capacity8 TB
ConnectorThunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter
Power SourceUSB
Storage Temperature24 to 284°F / -4 to 140°C
PriceStarts from $249.00 to $349.00

Pros of using OWC:

  • Reliable and highly configurable
  • It allows vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Compact in size but offers faster output

The OWC Express 4M2 redefines high-performance storage with its compact design and remarkable versatility. Featuring four easily accessible M.2 NVMe SSD slots, this powerhouse is customizable to fit any workflow, whether vertically or horizontally positioned, thanks to its vibration-damping feet. It has the capacity to install up to 8TB and deliver mind-bending speeds of up to 2800MB/s via Thunderbolt 3. You can configure and expand your storage pool effortlessly. If you need speed, flexibility, and world-renowned OWC quality to complete your project with ease and productivity, then OWC is a versatile solution for both Mac and Windows users. 


The world of Thunderbolt RAID systems for iMac offers a diverse range of options, each catering to specific storage and performance needs. Whether you prioritize speed, data redundancy, or a combination of both, a RAID solution can transform your Mac into a storage powerhouse. With these devices, users can effortlessly handle large multimedia projects, safeguard critical data, and streamline their workflow. 

As technology continues to evolve, these Thunderbolt 3 RAID systems remain essential tools for creative professionals and businesses seeking seamless, high-performance storage solutions on their Macs. Keep the above things in mind, make your choice wisely, and elevate your Mac’s storage game.

Which one do you find interesting from the above Raid system for Mac? Do comment your ideas and suggestions in the comment box; we would love to consider your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What is G RAID with Thunderbolt 3 Mac?

G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 is an external storage solution designed for Mac users. It features high-speed Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, allowing for rapid data transfer and editing of large media files. This RAID system offers data redundancy and performance, making it ideal for creative professionals working with large multimedia projects.

Q2. Is Thunderbolt 3 the same as USB-C?

Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C are not the same but share a physical connector. Thunderbolt 3 is a faster and more versatile interface, with a data transfer speed of up to 40 Gbps and various functionalities like video output and daisy-chaining. On the other hand, USB-C is a standard connector that supports various data transfer speeds and protocols, including USB 3.1 and DisplayPort but doesn’t inherently include Thunderbolt’s high-speed capabilities.

Q3. What is the benefit of Thunderbolt 3?

The primary benefit of Thunderbolt 3 is its high-speed data transfer capabilities, offering speeds of up to 40 Gbps. This makes it ideal for tasks like rapid file transfer, 4K video editing, and connecting multiple peripherals. It also supports power delivery, daisy-chaining, and compatibility with various protocols, enhancing its versatility for both consumers and professionals.

Q4. Is Thunderbolt 3 faster than Lightning?

Yes, Thunderbolt 3 is significantly faster than Lightning. Thunderbolt 3 has data transfer speeds of 40 Gbps, while Lightning, used in Apple mobile devices, provides a maximum data transfer speed of 10 Gbps. Thunderbolt 3 is designed for high-performance computing tasks, while Lightning is primarily for mobile device connectivity and charging.

Q5. What is the Data Transfer speed of Thunderbolt 3?

Thunderbolt 3 supports a remarkable data transfer speed of 40 gigabits per second (Gbps). This rapid speed makes it ideal for high-bandwidth tasks like 4K video editing, large file transfers, and connecting external devices that require high-performance data throughput. It’s one of the fastest data transfer interfaces available for computers and peripherals.

Q6. Why is Thunderbolt expensive?

Thunderbolt technology is relatively expensive due to its advanced capabilities. It combines high-speed data transfer, video output, and power delivery in a single interface requiring complex hardware components. Costs for licensing are also included. However, its performance and adaptability make it a good option for experts and power users.

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