Best Thunderbolt 3 RAID for iMac of 2019: Personal Data Storage for MacOS

4 Promise Personal Cloud Storage for mac compatible

RAID is the data storage which is used to combine multiple disk drives into one or more units for data redundancy. However, if you are running a big enterprise with a lot of necessary files, then you must need this system. If you are dealing with huge files, then RAID Systems will the best data storage for storing data securely.

After installing one of the RAID systems at your home or office, you can work without fear of losing data. Not only it secures data, but also it is helpful to improve the performance of your Mac. The RAID works on the principle of mirror disks, so basically when you store any data on mac, it gets copied and stored in RAID too.

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Best Thunderbolt 3 External hard drive raid iMac in 2018: Heavy External Data Storage

#1. G-RAID Raid systems for Mac

G-Technology is acclaimed for making brilliant hard drives. We can assure that it is capable of giving excellent performance in RAID too. The device supports the latest Thunderbolt3 ports to transfer data with extreme speed.

1 G-Raid Thunderbolt Storage for MacBesides you will get USB-C port to connect USB 3.1 to the iMac Pro. Daisy chain is also possible up to 6 devices, and by default, it is formatted to work on Mac and can be reformatted if you want to use for windows.

Order On Amazon – $599.95

#2. Glyph Raid systems for Mac

The Glyph atom is a RAID made with the most recent technology to support all future devices. The Glyph’s portable solid state drive is of 1TB with a tremendous transfer speed of 770MB/s with its Thunderbolt3 port. Since the storage capacity is 1TB, it is better for small business firms.

2 Glyph USB C Thunderbolt external Storage for iMac

The Mac can access this drive because it is already formatted and for windows, you have to reformat it. This portable device comes in four different elegant colors such as silver, gray, gold, and black.

Glyph Order On Amazon – $429.00

#3. Akitio Raid systems for Mac

Akitio’s enclosure is specially designed for Mac user to store data. The Thunderbolt3 can transfer data with the remarkable speed of 40GB/s. Likewise, the display part of this system can maximize your workspace by adding a monitor.

3 Thunder 3 Personal Storage for MacOS

It can hold four hard drives of size 2.5” or 3.5” in it to manage data. Although, if your laptop is compatible with the box then you can charge it with the output of 27W.

Order on Amazon – $479.00

#4. Promise Technology Raid systems for Mac

If you want rid of the slow transferring speed of Thunderbolt 2, Then Pegasus is an outstanding alternative. With the 6 Bay hardware, it can transfer 40GB/s which are double the Thunderbolt 2. With this Raid System, there is a FREE license of ChronoSync Pegasus Edition backup software for macOS included.

4 Promise Personal Cloud Storage for mac compatible

The storage supports daisy chained up to 6 devices with its unbelievable two Thunderbolt 3. Work and edit 4K videos flawlessly with the advanced RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10. If you buy this deal, then you will get ChronoSync Pegasus Edition Backup Software for free on your Mac.

Order on Amazon – $2602.38

Hope you guys this list helpful to you pick up best Thunderbolt 3 RAIDs for iMac, MacBook, and Other Systems. Use this External Storage for saving GBs of Storage inside it and quickly access whenever you want.

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