Best Time Machine Backup Alternatives in 2023

🗓️ July 5, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelTime Machine App is the default and Apple’s own Backup Tool that comes pre-installed on MacBook, Mac. Undoubtedly, Time Machine is enriched with tones of useful backup tools, and offers a reliable platform to backup and restore data on Mac using External Hard Drive. There is no cost to use Time Machine. Free products will have advanced features, neither the Time Machine. Since you’re here reading the article to find the best solution on Time Machine Stuck on Backup, I believe you’d be specifically looking for a feature that isn’t available in Time Machine.

For normal backups, the Time Machine is an amazing option. However, Drive Cloning, no Scheduling option to back up particular files, and so on, are these programs are still missing in the Time Machine. We’ve rounded up the best Time Machine Alternatives for macOS Big Sur, Catalina, or earlier that could complete all of your demands.

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5 Best Time Machine Alternatives Reviewed by Users

1. Carbon Copy Cloner

CCC or Carbon Copy Cloner’s new CCC 5 Version is now available to download. CCC 4 supports macOS High Sierra, for macOS Mojave or later, you would need CCC 5, the latest build. With CCC you can retrieve the mistakenly deleted files, lost files, or anything right at a time. Create and store backups on any external drive or another Mac in a single click, the same goes for restoring a backup. Plus, once you complete the backup notifications setup, the CCC will send an email to the registered Mail Account alongside showing notification on Control Center.

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Get easy access to Import and Export task filters, a preview of data to be copied, command-line application, and more. It costs around $39.99, moreover, you can try a free trial and then buy.

Download Carbon Copy Cloner

2. SuperDuper

SuperDuper is quite similar to Time Machine, with few significant features that aren’t available in Time Machine App. In SuperDuper, you can create a bootable clone of the Mac Hard Drive, which is not present in Time Machine. Easy to navigate interface makes it easy to backup the Data to any destination, meaning you don’t need to be an expert to operate SuperDuper App. Get a hands-on backup scheduler for automatic backups to avoid any loss of data when you’re out of town.

Though there won’t be as many features offered by Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper is completely Free to use. If you only want the Drive Cloning feature, then no need to buy any paid backup tool, SuperDuper will pretty do the job.

Download SuperDuper

3. Carbonite

Carbonite works differently than CCC and SuperDuper since it can backup your Mac data to the Cloud. If you’re no fan of iCloud and want to try something new, Carbonite is worth spending money and time on. To add one more security layer, the data on the Cloud can be encrypted in the cloud space. Plus it lets you restore the backup within 30 days, in case you’ve mistakenly deleted it.

Again, Carbonite won’t be backing up the Applications, to the cloud storage as there is no meaning to store such data on the cloud storage. Premium subscriptions start from $6/month and can be upgraded anytime as per your need.

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Download Carbonite

4. Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro is half the price of Carbon Copy Cloner, but the best backup tool to try on MacBook, Mac. Likewise, it also has a drive cloning application to back up the entire drive of Mac in a single click. Another worth noticing feature is, when you want to move to a new Mac, and took backup using Get Back Pro, restoring backup won’t need to Get Backup Pro on the new Mac.

Furthermore, this backup alternative allows you to choose the backup path, it can be a local hard drive of Mac, NAS, CD Drive, or anything. Alongside, use the encryption technology to secure the backup right with the help of getting Backup Pro app.

Download Get Backup Pro

5. ChronoSync

ChronoSync provides a full functioning version even on a Free Trial period of 15 days, if you want to continue with ChronoSync, then buy or leave it. Apart from other backup tools, this one is slightly different, here you can upload the backup to Cloud, clone to a bootable external drive, and sync files to another Mac. It smartly tracks the metadata of the files, and if there’s something new, it’ll take action rather than depending on the data and scanning it for a new change.

Keep the older backups in compressed files doing this will save you the most space, and of course, time travel is possible just like Time Machine.

Download ChronoSync

6. Backblaze (Cloud-based Storage)

If you’re looking for a Cloud-based Time Machine alternative, Backblaze is worth trying. The best part is it only costs $6/month, and you can anytime opt to unsubscribe from the premium. Whereas with the other backup software, once the software is purchased, there won’t be any refund or cancellation, unless your issues satisfy the terms and conditions of the seller.

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It’s a on go cloud storage backup that automatically backups the file to the cloud server, however, it won’t back up the applications. First of all, decide what type of storage do you want, how much data do you want to backup, and then decide the tool that meets your requirements.

Download Backblaze

7. IDrive (Cloud-based Storage)

IDrive is another cloud-based backup storage with a lot more flexibility than Backblaze. With IDrive there is no restriction when it comes to a number of devices, you can backup the Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, Android, and even iPad at the same time, it’s not limited to one device. Start with the free plan that offers 5GB of cloud storage and later you can expand anytime.

There are different subscription plans available in the IDrive, which you can buy when needed the most. Though it is not that cheap, advanced tools come at some cost.

Download IDrive

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