Bluetooth Not working with iOS and Apple TV 4th version

After update iOS 15 and tvOS 15 software my iPhone Bluetooth not working with Apple TV 4th version 2021. Get help Here.

The ultimate guide to fix Bluetooth not working on Apple tv 4th generation/ ATV 4K with iPhone, iPad. You have an Apple Tv 4th  or Apple TV 4K (5Th generation) and running iOS 15 or later device or third-party Bluetooth accessory. And you’re trying to connect your Bluetooth accessory with Apple Tv. Even you won’t log into your 4th generation Apple tv or might lose connectivity during use. Since there are alternative troubleshooting ways to fix Bluetooth not working with iOS and Apple TV 4th version.

We’ve several useful workarounds that can be solving your issue. But before that read the below note carefully.

Please note: According to the Apple site- there are many Bluetooth accessories that allow connecting with Apple tv 4th gen/ Apple TV 4K like, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and game controllers. But some devices including Bluetooth keyboards are not compatible.

Instructions to fix Bluetooth not working with iOS and Apple TV 4K/ ATV 4the GenBluetooth not working with iOS 11 and Apple TV

Solution 1. Keep in Mind Bluetooth devices close together

Make sure your Bluetooth Accessory is in range of your Apple tv 4 and without any interference in the area cause of interference has directly affected by the radio frequency of devices.

Solution 2. Bluetooth device charged and Turn ON

Your Bluetooth accessory which you want to connect with Apple tv that should be fully charged and in power ON mode situation. So please check out and try again. If all is right then go with the next clue.

Solution 3. Make sure your Apple tv 4th gen/ ATV 4K and Bluetooth device software is up to date

Steps to check software update on Apple TV 4th generation   

Go to Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software.

If there’s an update, download and install it

On Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)

Go to Settings > General > Update Software.

For Bluetooth Accessory software update- For example, if you have a beats wireless headphone, then check for firmware updates

Solution 4. Move your Apple TV location

You’ve needed to move your Apple TV to a different location near your LED television or any built-in Bluetooth Television. Even now, you see your issue (Bluetooth not working with iOS and Apple TV) again then follow the fifth way.

Solution 5. Look your Bluetooth Accessory is showing in Apple TV

Go to Apple TV SettingsRemote & DevicesBluetooth.

You can see a Bluetooth device but can’t connect to it, then unpair your accessory and try to pair it again.

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After tried above all steps to fix Bluetooth not working with iOS and Apple TV 4, if you have the same issue further, then please contact the manufacturer of the accessory.

Please let me know how to seem this page to get rid of Bluetooth not working Apple TV with iPhone, iPad.

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