Resolve Siri Remote not working Apple TV 4k or Apple TV 4th Gen: How to

Siri remote home, volume, menu button not working/unresponsive

The best solution to fix Siri remote not working Apple TV 4. When you’re trying to change program on your TV, or while you give a command to Siri to launch something on screen but doesn’t reply. Perhaps your Siri remote not working Apple TV or Siri not working on Apple TV. To resolve Siri Remote problem, we have some potential workarounds that you will get here guide stepwise to get Siri remote working back in a minute.

According to our cognition, The Apple TV 4 Siri remote is not working with Apple TV 3rd and 2nd generation. Hope you are trying to use Siri remote with brand new Apple TV 4/ 4K.

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Now new iOS 11 or later version has a Virtual Apple TV remote that use on Apple TV 4th Generation or Apple TV 4K. Setup with apple TV and Use Playback, Push, Stop, Volume control and more.

Clues to fix Siri Remote not working Apple TV 4K/ Apple TV 4th Gen

Verify your Apple TV 4 Siri remote is charged (Siri Remote Battery level) and connected properly. You’re expert that good. Even though, if you have no idea to do that, follow listed steps.

Siri Remote not working Apple TV 4 home, volume, menu button not working/unresponsive

Step 1. Go to Settings

Step 2. Tap on Remote and Devices

Step 3. In Bluetooth

Step 4. Now select your remote.

Now, here check out Siri Remote is completely connected and charged and if even not working with ATV 4. Keep continuing next clues.

Fix #2. Restart your Apple TV

To restart Apple TV (4th generation),

Go to Settings app > select System > click on Restart.restart your Apple TV 4

There are many folks said that after restarting Apple TV Siri remote working back. So what about you; you got fixed.

Fix #3. Is your Siri remote home, a menu button or trackpad not working?

I have experienced after update tvOS, the Siri remote’s home button and menu button both not responding. After that, I did Power off my Apple TV couple of minutes then re-start again. I got a positive result and Siri remote control working and its touch surface trackpad also work well like brand new. If you are facing particular Siri remote buttons issue, then try this my given tactic. Then check out.

Fix #4. Unpair and re-pair Siri remote 

Make Pair your Siri remote again, please put your Siri remote at least within three inches of your Apple TV and point it at in front of your Apple TV.

Now press and hold the menu and volume buttons for five seconds.

Please Note: Still, Siri supports below-given languages and countries:

  • Australia (English),
  • Canada (English, French),
  • Germany (German),
  • France (French),
  • Mexico (Spanish),
  • Netherlands (Dutch),
  • Norway (Norwegian Bokmål),
  • Japan (Japanese),
  • Spain (Spanish),
  • Sweden (Swedish),
  • UK (English),
  • US (English, Spanish)

Fix 5: You Can use your Apple Device Remote app on iDevice

On your iPhone running on iOS 11 or later and Apple TV 4 Th Generation or Apple TV 4K or later, You can access your Device without Physical Siri remote.

Apple TV remote app shortcut is now in the iOS control center. that we can access directly on lock screen just like a physical remote.

Apple TV remote app on iOS device - Setup and Enable Guide
Apple TV remote app on iOS device – Setup and Enable Guide

Steps are Very Easy on iOS device

  1. Keep your iOS device and Apple TV updated with the latest version.
  2. Download Apple TV remote app from the app store if it is not on your iOS device.
  3. Use Same Wi-Fi network on both the device.
  4. Open Apple TV app on your iPhone, Scan Apple TV that you won’t connect with iPhone.
  5. Select your Apple TV and You TV will show four digit number. That you must verify to connect both the devices.

If Apple TV icon is not showing in the control center then add new icon use this customize control center on iPhone.

Siri Remote not working Apple TV 4K/ Apple TV 4th Gen but above mentioned which way through you got success. Please share in the comment box.

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