How to Delete iMessages on iPhone and iPad: iOS 10

Delete iMessages from iPhone, iPad make extra space and Optimize iDevice performance over time. iOS users always searching how to manage message app on iPhone and iPad. Here’s the latest guide and overall story of manage different types (Simple Text, Images, Audio, Video) of messages in latest iOS update, iOS 10.

So, we can delete old iMessage messages automatically or manually any time easily. After iMessage support App, text use in iMessage is 500% increased compare to before.

Note: Take backup before delete iMessage, Bulk delete operation may be you lost important messages.

7 Delete iMessages on iPhone and iPad

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Explained: Delete iMessages on iPhone and iPad in Alternate Ways

Delete all messages on iPhone and iPad: Clear History

Clear All Message history in single Message conversation

1: Go to the Message app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Tap and Hold any of message in conversation.

1 Delete iMessages on iPhone and iPad

3: Next, Tap on More.. In Popup menu

4: At Top Left corner, Delete all and “Delete Conversation”.

2 Delete Multiple iMessage messages on iPhone and iPad

For Delete Images & Attachment: Go the Message Conversation Screen > (i) from top right corner > Tap on Hold any images > Tap on “More..” > Select Multiple Images > Delete from bottom Right.

4 Delete Saved Images in iMessage

Delete Recipient name in Message List: This way delete all messages saved in whole conversation and your recipients name as well. When you send or receive first message, Fresh Conversation will start as Earlier. Slide Left on Recipient name > Delete

3 Delete iMessage Recipent from list

Delete Older text message automatically on iPhone and iPad

1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone/ iPad.

2: Under the Message History.

5 Auto Delete old message in iMessage iPhone and iPad

3: Keep Messages > 30 Days (Option is Perfect). Older then 30 days messages will be deleted automatically from in iMessage conversations.

Auto Delete Video and Audio message in iMessage

Above steps work for all types of message, But Audio and Video message take more space, So we can keep short time for auto delete from iPhone or iPad

1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone, iPad.

2: Under Audio Messages > Expire.

3: Set after 2 Minutes, Other wise “never” option keeps 30 days maximum.

6 Auto Delete Audio or Video after seen in iMessage iPhone and iPad

Also Like: Disable Send Read Recipient in message app.

Above all techniques works fine for all iOS users, Manage message app on iPhone with manually or auto Delete iMessages text, Audio or Video. Give rate us on comment box, how useful to you.


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