How to send message with Celebration effect on iPhone 15, 14 in iOS 17

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Apple software iOS has excellent performance with significant features. For example, very special iMessage has an Integrated App Store, bubble, and full-Screen effects giving an outstanding user experience. In addition, apple added two new screen effects send text iMessage with Love heart screen effect, and the second is Celebration screen effect, especially for the festive season like New Year 2024, Merry Christmas 2023, etc.

Let’s see everything about sending iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect iOS on iPhone with pictures. But first, you must turn on message effects on your iPhone.

What is iMessage Celebration Screen Effects on iPhone?

The Celebration effect is a newly added full-screen effect in the latest iOS. Now you could send a text message with a celebration effect on the entire screen of the iPhone. In addition, you can get celebration screen effects, which you could attach easily with celebration quotes. For example, here we have taken the ‘’Merry Christmas’’ celebration text.

How to Send iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect on iPhone: iOS & MacOS

Let’s see how to Send iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect on iPhone. I hope you would like this new style of new year celebrations with your friends and family members who are living so far away/abroad from you.

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Trigger iMessage Effects with Just a Keyword [Merry Christmas, happy new year, Happy Lunar New Year!]

Note: Apple Message Effect only works with iMessage, So before you get started, please make sure iMessage is on your iPhone. Settings > Messages > Enable iMessage toggle. That’s it.

Step-1. Launch the Message App from your iPhone Home screen.

Step-2. Open a contact or group to send Messages with attached celebration Screen effects.

Step-3. Now type the text message or insert a photo in the iMessage bar, then Touch and hold on the blue arrow/ send button(Use 3D touch on iPhone 6S and later) until the Send with effect screen appears.


Step-4. Tap on the Screen tab.

Step-5. The first screen is Echo, Spotlight, balloons, Confetti, Love, Lasers, Fireworks, and the Celebration effect. (Now swipe left until you appear the Celebration screen effect with an attached text message.)

Step-6. Tap the blue arrow/send button. That’s it!


This new Celebration full-screen effect is the last effect on the iMessage screen effect display. Hence, it would be best if you swiped the left side until the previous impact came.

Please Note: When you’re sending a text message with Celebration screen effects (Celebration screen effects not working). If the recipient has no iOS running iPhone or iPad, it will never get screen effects; it just receives the text message with the effect name.

Hence, it must require iOS on both sides, sender, and receiver. So, first, update your iOS device and enjoy festive celebrations like Christmas 2022New Year 2023, and many more.

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How to Send Screen Effect on Mac, MacBook Message

Start Sending iMessage with screen effect Celebration from your Mac, MacBook Message app, To Use or Send iMessage Message effects on Mac, Your Mac Running on macOS Monterey (latest Update] or later macOS update. Follow the below steps or Checkout the Video tutorial on Send Screen Effect with Messages app on Mac.

Step-1. Open the “message app” on Mac. Go to iMessage Conversation and Start sending iMessage with screen effects. (Open a contact or group to send a message.)

Step-2. Type a Message that you want to wish for special days or a Personal celebration.

Step-3. Now, Click on the App Store icon; next to the Typing box, tap the last option, “Message Effects.”


Step-4. Select your Favorite Screen and Bubble Effect and Send it to The Conversation by clicking on the blue send button icon.


Now, Your Friend receives Festive greetings and wishes with music in the Message app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
That’s it.

I hope you have eight full-screen effects (Echo, Spotlight, balloons, confetti, love, lasers, fireworks, and celebrations) to send text iMessage.

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