How to Send iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect iOS on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X,8 Plus, 7 Plus

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How to Use/ Send iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect iOS 12 on iPhone? Read described full story & get started next festive, b’day celebration effect. Send Happy New Year 2019 with screen effect on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X, iPhone 8 (+), iPhone 7 (+), iPhone 6S(+).

Apple software iOS 11 has excellent performance with significant features. Very special iMessage has a new App store, bubble and full-Screen effects give wonder user experience. Apple added two new screen effects send text iMessage with Love heart screen effect and second is Celebration screen effect, especially for the festive season like New Year 2019, Merry Christmas, etc.

Let’s see here everything about to send iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect iOS 11 on iPhone with pictures example.


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What is iMessage Celebration Screen Effects on iPhone?

The Celebration effect is a newly added full-screen effect in the latest iOS. Now you could send the text message with celebration entire screen effect on iPhone. Celebration screen effects, you could attach easily with celebration quotes. For example, here we have taken ‘’Merry Christmas’’ celebration text.

Let’s see how to Send iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7(+), iPhone 6S(+), iPhone SE. Hope you would like this new style new year celebrations with your friends and family members who are living so far away/ aboard from you.

How to Send iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect on iPhone: iOS

Send iMessage with Celebration Screen Effect iOS 10.2

Step 1. Launch Message App from your iPhone Home screen.

Step 2. Open a contact or group to send Message with attached celebration Screen effects.

Step 3. Now type the text message or insert a photo in the iMessage bar then tap and hold (Use 3D touch on iPhone 6S and later) on the blue arrow/ send button until the Send with effect screen appears.

Use and send text message with Celebration Screen effect on iPhone 7 plus

Step 4. Tap on the Screen tab.

Step 5. The first screen is Echo, Spotlight, balloons effect, now swipe left until you appear Celebration screen effect with an attached text message.

Step 6. Tap the blue arrow/send button.

What is iMessage Celebration screen effects on iPhone?

That’s it!

This new Celebration full-screen effect is the last effect on the iMessage screen effect display. Hence, you will have to swipe left side until the last effect come.

Please Note: you’re sending a text message with Celebration screen effects (Celebration screen effects not working) and if the recipient has not iOS running iPhone, iPad then it won’t get an effect, just received the text message with effect name.

Hence, must require iOS on both side sender and receiver. Though, update your iOS device and get enjoy festive season celebration like Christmas 2018, New Year 2019 and many more.

Hope now you have total seven entire screen effects (balloons, confetti, love, lasers, fireworks, shooting star and celebrations) to send text iMessage.

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