What is the difference Between MacBook Air and Pro?

Last Updated on Sep 14, 2023

MacBook Air vs. Pro – These are Apple laptops with built-in macOS operating systems. In addition, both MacBooks are made with an Apple M2 chip. It features an 8-core CPU10-core GPU, up to 24 GB unified memory2TB StorageTwo Thunderbolt/ USB 4 portsFacetime video/audioSiri support, etc. So then, we might have a question if everything is the same, then what is the Difference between MacBook Air and Pro; to answer this query read the full article.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro might look the same, but there are some minor differences that you must pay attention to when choosing the better laptop for use. So, if you’re looking a laptop for For writing, online homework, and research work, the MacBook Air will fit those needs. And if you belong to do work in film editing, Photoshop, or designing, then the MacBook Pro is a good choice.

Which is better MacBook Pro or Air?

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Let’s have a look at the Differences between MacBook Air and Pro listed below:

MacBook AirMacBook Pro
– MacBook Air is an excellent laptop for studying, playing, or writing.
– Air won’t get Overheated.
– Touch ID.
MagSafe Charging Compatible.
– Up to 18 hours of battery life.
– Perfect to purchase at an acceptable price.
– Best for those who rely on their computer for work.
– Active cooling fans.
Touch Bar & Touch ID.
– USB Charging Compatible.
– Up to 20 hours of battery life.
– Pro is a more powerful machine, So it’s expensive.  
Difference between features

MacBook Air vs. Pro Color Finish:

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro look like super cool laptops with different finishing colors. Air comes in four unique colors, while Pro comes in two colors. So you can select and purchase your favorite color MacBook.

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MacBook Air: MacBook Pro:
– Silver
– Starlight
– Space Gray
– Midnight
– Silver
– Space Gray
Color Finish difference

MacBook Air vs. Pro Display (Diagonal):

Talking about the diagonal display, MacBook Air’s diagonal display is slightly larger than MacBook Pro. MacBook Air has a larger screen with slimmer bezels, while the MacBook Pro display is the same as the M1 MacBook Air.

MacBook Air: MacBook Pro:
13.6 Inches13 Inches
Display size

MacBook Air vs. Pro Battery life:

MacBook Air Provides 18 Hours of video playback on a single charge, while MacBook Pro offers 20 hours of video playback.

MacBook Air: MacBook Pro:
Up to 20 Hours of Battery lifeUp to 20 Hours Battery life
Battery life

MacBook Air vs. Pro Magic Keyboard:

All MacBooks have the magic keyboard with scissor-switch keys. And the magic keyboards have a Touch ID and Force Touch Trackpad. Compared to MacBook Air, MacBook Pro comes with a Touch ID and Touch Bar. So you can prefer MacBook Pro if you need to do intensive work. Otherwise, both are good.

MacBook AirMacBook Pro
– Touch ID– Touch ID
– Touch Bar
Magic Keyboard

MacBook Air vs. Pro Camera:

MacBook Air has a 1080p FaceTime HD Camera with an advanced image signal processor, while MacBook Pro has a 720p FaceTime HD Camera. Both have the same processor and computational video.

MacBook AirMacBook Pro
1080p FaceTime HD camera
– Look your best with a camera that doubles the resolution and low-light performance of the previous generation.
720p FaceTime HD camera
– Advanced image signal processor with computational video.

MacBook Air vs. Pro Speaker:

MacBook Air has a four-speaker sound system with wide stereo sound; on the other hand, MacBook Pro has stereo speakers with high dynamic range and wide stereo sound. Both supports playing spatial audio when playing music and video with Dolby Atoms on Built-in speakers.

MacBook AirMacBook Pro
Better Speakers & High-end Display.Stereo speakers with high performance and Dynamic Range.

The MacBook Air might be a perfect choice if you’re looking for your next campus laptop for study and play. The Air doesn’t have a fan; it still lasts longer since it doesn’t have moving parts, and you don’t have to clean the insides of the Air. So you will never have to face any noise or disturbance during your writing.

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Since the Pro is a powerful machine, it will cost more than a MacBook Air because more aluminum is used in the construction for a better display and an active cooling solution. Also, the Pro has a touch bar on the magic keyboard to apply shortcuts with simple gestures for the tasks to do most.

In conclusion, both laptops are excellent. You can select any of them per your daily work and feature needs. I hope now you can customize which model suits your profession and work.

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