How to Check Which Version of macOS You’re Using on Mac

Last Updated on Jul 20, 2023

Here you can Find out which macOS your Mac is using & system configuration in Mac, either if you want to purchase New Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, or iMac or you have already it, and then ensure that the first configuration of the system in Mac, it must be required for your knowledge. Configuration means to the information on inbuilt hardware and software like RAM, Hard Disk Memory, processors like Apple Silicon T2, M1 or M2,  Intel core i3, core i5, etc. and Mac OS version.

Even sometimes you would like to install high configuration software and Games etc., some software required a minimum 2 GB RAM while some OS required more Hard disk space and RAM like; Monterey or Ventura macOS System requirement is more rather than Big Sur or older. At that time you have to need information about your Mac. So let’s see below you can find the way for check system configuration in Mac.

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Steps for Check System Configuration on Mac

As per your installed macOS Version on your Mac, follow the steps and settings to know all about your Mac or Unknown mac in just a few minutes. That’s easy to fix any diagnostic issue, Compatible Accessories, Hardware Upgradation or Install free or Purchased Software.

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On MacOS Ventura & Earlier: See System Information

Step #1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > About This Mac.


Step #2. Next, See your Machintosh computer name, and Other Hardware Details like,

  • Chip
  • Memory
  • Serial Number
  • macos Version.

When you click on More Info, See the full details like Mac with Screen size, Released Year, Chip, Memory, Serial Number, and Limited Warranty details. and MacOS Version Number and Version Name.


Additionally, to Get the Other details like UDID Number, Activation Lock Status, and all other Hardware and Software details at once.


To Manage System Storage, [on MacOS Ventura]

  • Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings > General > Storage. See the Free space and Storage used By the app. Manage storage, by Delete app, Turn on Empty Bin Automatically.


We are pleased, by sharing this guide about checking system configuration in Mac, really these tips become additional useful for you,

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier: See System Information

  • Step 1: – Go to the ‘’Apple Logo [_] ‘’ from Top of the Mac.
  • Step 2:- Tap on ‘’About this Mac ‘’
About This Mac option on Mac
About This Mac option on Mac
  • Step3:- After that, you can look at a new window it should be like below.
know the System Detail on Mac
know the System Detail on Mac

In this window you can check the system configuration of Mac; you can read your Mac configuration like Mac OS version, Processor and Memory (RAM type) as well as if you want to get more information about your Mac then tap on more info.

  • System Profiler: click on more info for know that who is this Mac System Profiler.     
  • Version:    version indicate the exact version of the Mac OS
  • Processor: Speed and type of processer
  • Memory:   How much RAM is installed in your Mac everything you can see in this window.
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For Macintosh Hard disk information: to get information about your system Hard disk, then tap on the Hard disk icon to select it.

Enable or Show Macintosh HD Drive on Desktop. Open Finder on Mac, From top Mac menu > Preferences > Keep Selected Hard Disk. after that, you will be able to access Macintosh HD Drive from Mac Desktop.

  • Step 4:- Tape on the file menu and click on Get info tab
Get Info of Macintosh HD
Get Info of Macintosh HD

File menu >> Get info

  • Step 5:- The Macintosh HD info, open once it and it can be like below Mac window. Also, you need to click on the triangle next to the General to open the below section.
know the Volume Details for Mac Drive
know the Volume Details for Mac Drive

You can here check system configuration on Mac: Hard disk information

  • Capacity: total capacity of your Mac System
  • Available: Available indicates free space on the Hard disk drive
  • Used: it indicates how much space is currently used on the Hard disk

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