Enable/ Disable Rest to Finger Unlock iOS 10, 11 on iPhone/ iPad

Disable Rest to finger unlock iOS 10 iPhone, iPad

The pretty awesome option now this time for iOS 10, iOS 11. This is the new way to unlock iPhone/ iPad without Slide to screen or Hard press home button that used on prior to iOS 9 and Before. Just rest to finger on home button to unlock screen, that’s feel like touch ID unlock but actually isn’t it. Also you can manage (Enable/ Disable Rest to finger unlock iOS 10, iOS 11 iDevice) it from your device settings apps, just rest your finger and done your job. if Touch ID doesn’t respond or won’t unlock Screen using Touch ID, Check below settings.

Apple is highlighting this update more beautifully because, Slide or swipe to screen on left or right you can access other lock screens (By swipe to right side, View Today’s view and Swipe to left side, Turn on camera).

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To use this feature, You must add Touch ID fingerprints & Enable for Lock Screen. Check it in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > iPhone Unlock [Enabled].

Steps for Turn on/ Disable Rest to finger unlock iOS 10, iOS 11: iPhone/ iPad

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad.

Step 2: Next, Tap on General.

Step 3: Then Go for the Accessibility, Scroll down screen.

Home Button Settings for iPhone

Step 4: Next, Click on Home Button. Then Enable toggle for Rest finger to unlock.

Disable Rest to finger unlock iOS 10 iPhone, iPad

Once you enable this option you can unlock locked screen iPhone/ iPad by simply keep touch your finger on the home button (Not to hard press or lift down).

Else, if you want to go for unlocking home screen only by press hard on home button. Then keep it disable so repeat the same above steps.

Note: For Touch ID enabled iOS 10 device, unlock screen is the same as of iOS 9. Same like This other new tricks and features are below,

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