Fix Bluetooth Call Volume Too low on iPhone X

6 Fixes Bluetooth Call Volume Too low on iPhone and iPad: iOS/iPadOS in 2020 Updated

Receiving or making a call via bluetooth is a better deal when you are driving a car or riding a bike whatever. Hmm, we all know the hands-free calling is safer than taking the risk while on the road/ highway. Good, but the significant problem is to talk with an opponent with a clear voice or listening to music in acceptable sound quality. Even though due to specific difficulties the entire path is broken and so that channel loses its practical way.

So same way, here I’m taking for when the user is calling with other guys then they addressed volume too low issue. If you are having this common problem, then follow my specific workloads to get higher bluetooth call volume on your iPhone.

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This method is useful for all iPhone users, so it doesn’t matter you have iPhone 11, Pro, Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (plus), iPhone 6S (Plus) or any old models. Follow Step by Step.

Repair Bluetooth Call Volume Too low on iPhone & iPad

Fix Bluetooth Call Volume Too low on iPhone X

Solution 1. Use the Side button to make changes

here I remind you that keep your iPhone is connected with a bluetooth accessory and use the volume up button to increase bluetooth volume.
Volume is maximum but the sound is limited, Check you have applied volume limit for iPhone music volume.

  • Check your iPhone is Updated with the lateset iOS version. Connect your iPhone to WiFi and Go to the Settings > General > Software Update > Check For Update

Solution 2. Turn off Volume Limit – Set to maximum

On iOS devices, we have advanced settings that prevent from accidentally increase volume to maximum. Settings > Music > Volume Limit Set to maximum after then using Side Volume up button during play song on Bluetooth or Headphone. That increases to the maximum.

Turn off Volume limit on iPhone music
Turn off Volume Limit on iPhone music

Solution 3. Change High EQ for Music

  • Boost sound quality with specific EQ settings. To change go to the Settings > Music > EQ > Late Night [Music app]. Spotify also supports this EQ setting. But other third-party apps we can use app settings.
  • Turn off Sound Check toggle: Settings > Music > Sound Check > Turn off Toggle. This setting helps to increase volume by up to 20%.
Change EQ for music on iPhone
Change EQ for music on iPhone

Solution 4. Force Close music app

Sometimes your music app is stuck on the screen, that unable to change the volume level. So I recommend force close from the iPhone screen. swipe your finger up from bottom edge bar to center to see all app in the app switcher. Now Force close by swipe up on app preview.

Solution 5. Adjust Volume on Bluetooth Device:

Make sure bluetooth speaker volume is up, use the remote or input button.

Volume is deficient

Follow my detailed hints given below to fix your iPhone bluetooth volume too low compared to before or other devices.

First of all, you should apply to delete bluetooth profile from your iPhone or iPad

How can I remove the bluetooth profile form my iOS device?

  • Go Settings – Tap Bluetooth – Find device tap on (i) next to the BT device to see the detail – Tap on Forget Device.

Then turn off the bluetooth trigger on your iDevice.

  • Now try to pairing again
  • To pair iOS bluetooth to the third-party bluetooth device
  • Lest turn on bluetooth on iPhone and Bluetooth device
  • Wait until your phone finding Bluetooth device and start over.
  • Volume is still incredibly low on your recent software then I think there is the software glitch.
  • Hope your bluetooth speaker does work with the sound great
  • You could set bluetooth Volume under music Settings

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