Fix HomPod Low Volume [2023] AirPlay, Bluetooth Sound via Apple TV

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Homepod is widely used for Setup in Dance Club, Workout areas or Gym, Teaching Classes, and Boost Sound of Different Smart devices (iPhone, Android). Not the issues with Other Device Setup, Sometimes HomePod Volume goes down itself. Use the guide below to fix the volume issues that might be software-related, Hardware, or Wrong setup and Settings.

Present Software version doesn’t support multiple HomePod play parallel or Two & more at once. Wait for the Next Update; this software update is huge because now you can combine multiple HomePod speakers’ sound and boost it amazingly.

Fixes To Consider for HomePod Low Volume, Speaker

Check for New Software Update: Update HomePod Manually

No like the other device, Apple updates your HomePod automatically when available. But might be delaying and want to force the update or Check the installed version/Any Updates are available or not?

Find the steps given below in Home App.

  • Open Home App on iPhone.
  • Find the Arrow icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Find “Home Settings.”
  • Go to My Home or Your Custom Home Name > Scroll Down and See “Software Update.”
1 Softwae Update for HomePod

Refresh the page by pull down your finger on a screen.

Reset HomePod

Reset Homepod will help to fix internal software errors and erase custom settings and more.

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Keep your HomePod like new.

Get the complete guide: Reset Homepod.

Method 1: Find the Homepod on the iPhone Home app under the Room. Tap on HomePod and Scroll down to find or manage Homepod, Tap on Remove Accessory.

Method 2: Unplug Homepod, after 5 seconds plug HomePod into the socket. Then touch on top of the homepod and Hold it. The white swiping light turns in red, Siri will say homepod is resetting. Lift a finger until you listen to three beeps sounds.

Use physical Touch Gesture on Top: There are too many touch gestures to control HomePod. Tap on the Volume up button to increase volume incrementally and Touch and Hold on volume up button to increase HomePod volume serially.

Check Sound on the System

Your HomePod Paired with iPhone/iPad/Apple TV via AirPlay, or Via Bluetooth from Other Bluetooth System.

Check “Sound Check”

Sound Check under the music section on Apple TV settings. If you have made changes in the past that can raise the issues for HomePod low sound with Apple TV.

Wait for the next update or Contact the Apple Support center to book your appointment on live chat or visit the nearest apple store. Share your helpful tips on Homepod low call volume that worked for you.

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