8 Fixes iPadOS 17.3 Update Not Showing Up On iPad

Here's complete solutions to why iPadOS 16.3 Update Not Showing Up On your Apple iPad Pro or iPad Mini.

Why is iPad not showing iPadOS 16 Update? It is the most trending issue shouted by many iPad users over the various forums. Usually, when there is an update available, it gets automatically visible on the device settings. But some of them complained there is no iPadOS 16 Update not showing in Settings.

You may wonder why iPadOS 16.3 is Not Showing On my iPad. Well, it can be due to certain reasons. But in the end, you can get rid of the iPad not showing iPadOS 16 update issue by following this complete guide. 

Why is iPadOS 16 not showing up on my iPad?

This type of issue is generally invited due to the breakdown of the Apple Server Status as billions of users download the iOS 16 update or else due to a minor system bug. Regardless, there is still some notable reason to look for iPadOS update not to show up. 

  1. Tweak in the System Settings.
  2. Incompatible iPad.
  3. Unstable internet connection.

iPadOS 16 Release Date?

Apple’s all iPad users are eager to access the major iPadOS 16 features on their tablet. wait, wait! Only iOS 16 (iPadOS and iOS are 2 different things.), watchOS 9, Apple Tv’s tvOS 16, and HomePod 16 are out on the 12th of September 2022. while iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 Ventura for Mac users will be available next month (October 2022.) According to Apple Website. I found it on the iPadOS 16 Preview page. As proof, I put here a screenshot of it.

Note:- Apple’s iPadOS 15.7 is the current version to upgrade your iPads. So please be patience till the next month for version iPadOS 16. till that, You can install iPadOS 16 beta on your device, but we have not recommended that cause of many bugs in beta firmware.

We also found a proof written on the Apple website that says iPadOS 16.1 coming in October. it means Apple plans to skip the iPadOS 16 version and release iPadOS 16.1. That’s why we can say that iPadOS 16.1 will be the initial version. Source- Apple


iPad Not Showing iPadOS 16 Update, Fix!

Being eager to get the latest iPadOS update on your iPad but won’t be able to install it as iPadOS 16 update is not showing the settings! The most annoying situation you have stuck but don’t brood up, as this issue can get fixed by performing the troubleshooting mentioned in the article.

Clue #1. Check the Compatibility of Your Device

Before getting stuck within iPadOS 16 not available issue. Verify that your iPad falls under the compatibility list since the latest update is unavailable for all iPad.

List Of iPad Compatible With iPadOS 16

  1. iPad Pro 12.9″ (5th gen)
  2. iPad Pro 11″ (3rd gen)
  3. iPad Pro 12.9″ (4th gen)
  4. iPad Pro 11″ (2nd gen)
  5. iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd gen)
  6. iPad Pro 11″ (1st gen)
  7. iPad Pro 12.9″ (2nd gen)
  8. iPad Pro 12.9″ (1st gen)
  9. iPad Pro 10.5
  10. iPad Pro 9.7″
  11. iPad (9th gen)
  12. iPad (8th gen)
  13. iPad (7th gen)
  14. iPad (6th gen)
  15. iPad (5th gen)
  16. iPad mini (6th gen)
  17. iPad mini (5th gen)
  18. iPad Air (4th gen)
  19. iPad Air (3rd gen)

If you have 4th gen iPad mini and a 2nd gen iPad Air, it’s bad luck as these two iPad models are dropped from the iPadOS 16 update list.

Clue #2. Check Network Connection

Not to mention, software updates require a stable internet connection. For example, you may encounter iPadOS 16 not showing up due to unstable or buggy internet. So check the internet speed and refresh it by turning ON and Off Airplane mode.

Suppose your iPad is not connecting to a wi-fi network, Or your iPad is connected to Wi-fi but has no internet connection. Don’t worry; try these solutions to fix it.

Clue #3. Check Apple Server Online

As always, Apple offers new iPadOS updates through its server. For this reason, there might be a billion users currently downloading it; as a result, the server might go down. So it’s better to check Apple Server and get the answer: Why is my iPad not showing the latest update?

Sometimes Software update associated services server down may cause the new firmware update not showing on iPad’s Software update settings screen—for Example, Apple Account, Apple ID, etc.

The green sign means the Apple Server is active for a particular service, and the Red color denotes the brand Server is under maintenance. If Apple ID or Apple account shows a red color sign, wait until the service becomes active.


Clue #4. Check for Update Manually

In case the Apple server is stable, it’s better to check for the update manually. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Now tap General.
  3. Select Software Update.
Open settings app tap General choose software update for iPadOS

On the next screen, it will begin a search for the update. For example, if iPadOS 16 is available, tap on Download And Install. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your iPad’s Operating system successfully.

Clue #5. Force Restart iPad

You might have tried because the iPadOS 16 update is unavailable on the iPad, but don’t lose hope! Let’s test your luck by force restarting the iPad. As it can help to fix the minor bugs causing issues.

Force Restart iPad Without Home Button

Step 1 → Press and instantly let out Volume Key nearest to the Top Key.

Step 2 → Press and instantly let out the Volume Key farthest to the Top Key.

Keep pressing the Power Button until the Apple Logo appears on the screen.

Force Restart iPad With Home Button

Simultaneously, press the Top and Home Buttons until the Apple Logo appears on the screen.

Clue #6. Reset Network Settings

Not usual, but sometimes the wrong network configuration could limit the performance of the device and causes iPadOS 16 not showing on iPad. In this scenario, try resetting networking settings of your iPad.

Note: Performing Reset Network Settings will bring back the device to default network settings; however, there would be no data loss. But all Wifi and Bluetooth devices will be forgotten.

Step 1 → Go to Settings App on your iPad

Step 2 – Navigate General.

Step 3 → Now scroll the right side pane screen to the end, Choose Transfer or Reset iPad.


Step 4- Click on Reset


Step 5 → Tap on Reset Network Settings. Now, Enter Your Passcode to move to the next screen.


Step 6 → A -pop-up asks you to Reset Network Settings – This will delete all network settings, returning them to factory defaults. Choose Reset.

Here’s- What Happens When you Reset Network Settings


So your iPad screen will boot with the Apple logo and loading bar screen. Wait for a while till your iPad start again.

Now, you will have to enter your passcode Touch ID or Face ID required your Passcode when the iPad restarts. Please enter your numeric and alphabetic passcode to access your iPad home screen.

After the completion of the workaround, check if the iPadOS 16 update is available. If not, move to the next troubleshooting trick.

Clue #7. Remove The iPadOS Beta Profile from Your Device

Have you installed the beta version? If yes, then remove it! As there is a new update available on your iPad device. 

Step 1 → Go to Settings App.

Step 2 → Choose General and Swipe down to and select VPN & Device Management.


Step 3 → Now click on iOS 16 & iPadOS 16 Beta Software Profile.


Step 4 → On the next screen, choose Remove Profile.


Step 5 – A Pop-up will ask you Enter a Passcode to delete the beta profile. in the end, confirm Remove Profile – Removing this profile will change settings on your iPad. Choose Remove. So next, your iPad will auto-restart.


After removing the iPadOS beta, go back to the General, next Software Update, and see if iPadOS 16 is available on your device.

Clue #8. Update iPad Using iTunes

Why is my iPad not showing latest update? Is yet a mystery because even after performing the possible tricks, you cannot update iPad Wireless. No need to worry! You are still having the last piece of cake; update the iPad using iTunes with the trustable device.

Note: Before you update; back up all the essential data stored in the device as a preventive. here’s a method to update your iPad using Mac Finder.

Step 1 → Navigate to iTunes on Windows or Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier versions.

Step 2 → Connect your iPad with your computer.

Step 3 → Select the Device Option present toolbar of iTunes.

Step 4 → Right in the Summary Menu, choose Check For Update.

Select Download And Install and follow the on-screen instruction. If prompted, write down Password.


That’s all you can do when the iPadOS 16 is not showing up on iPad. But, if the issue persists, hold for a few days to receive a smooth update.


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