iOS 13: How to Change default DNS Server Settings on iPhone /iPad

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

How to Change Default DNS Server settings on the iPhone ? DNS means Domain Name System it’s a keyword related to the server that translates domains to IP address Such as to IP address. Numerical numbers of sequences that can locate the server on the internet. For, sometimes you’ve to must require change default DNS Settings of iPhone or iPad. Because DNS, ISP’s DNS Servers are not fast data provider and DNS lookups are performed very slow, these all things might make your browser experience slowly, as well some of the sites may not access from the search engine or some site does not open properly on Safari Browser. Follow beneath post Change default DNS server settings on iPhone and get it easily.

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Steps for Change default DNS Server settings on iPhone /iPad

Step 1. Launch Settings app, from your iPhone or iPad home screen

Step 2. Tap on WI-FI menu

Step 3. Find Out your WI-FI networks from the available networks on your iOS devices

Step 4. Now Tap on ‘’ I’’ Button on the right-hand side corner

Step 5. Next scroll down the screen until you don’t see the DNS section screen, now tap on the number at the right side in the DNS Text to change default DNS Server settings on iPhone and iPad

Step 6. You should appear keyboard on the bottom screen so using that keyboard you can easily enter the New DNS server address. In last, Tap on WI-FI to go back on the main screen

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That’s it. If, you follow the above steps in the correct way then ultimately you can easily change DNS Server.

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