How to Solve Zoom Errors 5000, 5003, and 5004 on a Computer in 2023

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With zoom being the most popular and widely used web portal for conducting meetings and lectures, it is expected that many users might face some issues at some point in time. This article will tackle some of those issues, mainly error codes 5000, 5003, and 5004, that are caused due to connectivity issues with the zoom servers.

These errors can be very annoying and prevent users from connecting to their zoom sessions and meetings. So let’s see how to fix zoom errors 5000, 5003, and 5004 without more ado.

Fixes Zoom Error Codes 5000, 5003, and 5004

1: Disable the Windows Firewall temporarily

The Windows Firewall might be the reason for the errors 5000, 5003, and 5004 as these are network-related issues, and the Firewall often restricts to some apps that it finds unsafe or harmful. The users can contact a network administrator to check their Firewall and Proxy settings. If Windows Firewall is the reason for this issue, try disabling it temporarily on your computer to see if the error still exists. To do this, follow these easy steps.

Step. 1→ Tap on the Windows icon at the bottom left or hit the Windows key on your keyboard.

Step. 2→ Then, search for Windows security in the search bar and hit enter.

Step. 3→ At the left action bar, click on virus and threat protection.

Step. 4→ Scroll down and look for Manage settings and select it.

Step. 5→ Click on the toggle button under the section labeled as real-time protection to turn it off.

2: Disable the Antivirus temporarily & VPN

Antivirus like avast and AVG often block network connections for applications like zoom for security purposes. It is possible that your system’s Antivirus might be the reason for these errors. Therefore, go to the settings of your Antivirus and disable it from your computer for the time being. Once you’ve disabled the Antivirus, try joining the session you had trouble joining earlier to see if the problem persists.

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Also, Disable VPN is installed and Turned on, Launch VPN on your Computer system > See option for Disconnect it.

if you are getting any Connection Error on Mac, then you have to Disable the VPN On Mac, here’s how to Turn off VPN On Mac.

3: Contact your Internet Service Provider

Sometimes the error codes 5000, 5003, and 5004 appear on the screen due to the restrictions enforced by your Internet Service Provider or ISP. Hence, the users must contact their internet service providers to check if they can connect to the zoom servers on their network or not. Once this is done, open zoom and connect to the meeting again to check if the problem is solved.

4: Restart the Zoom app on your computer

The easiest and most reliable solution for solving the error codes 5000, 5003, and 5004 is to restart the zoom app on your device or computer. By restarting the app, all of the app’s resources get refreshed and allow the users to connect easily to any ongoing meeting or session.

5: Check if the zoom servers are active.

There are chances that the problem of error codes 5000, 5003, and 5004 results from the zoom server being offline or inactive. So, visit the “Zoom service status” web portal to check if the zoom servers are up and running. If you see any of the services as inactive, it means that this problem is from the zoom’s side and all you have to do is wait for the zoom servers to be online and connect to the session or meeting you had trouble joining.

6: Check your internet connection.

Since the errors 5000, 5003, and 5004 results from connectivity issues with the zoom servers, it is possible that the issue with your internet might be the sole reason for these errors. Therefore, it is crucial to check the status of your internet connection if you are facing this problem now and then. Anyone can check their internet speed and quality by visiting sites like to get real-time data. If you see a slow internet connection, try switching to a different network and joining the session again to eliminate this issue.

7: Close the apps running in the background

The apps and processes operating in the background may interfere with the connection between your computer and the zoom servers. So it is advisable to shut down the unnecessary background apps and processes from your computer. The users can do this by following the steps mentioned below.

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Step. 1→ First, right-click on the empty space in your taskbar.

Step. 2→ From the list of options available, click on the task manager.

Step. 3→ Then, click on the processes tab at the top.

Step. 4→ Choose the programs you want to close and right-click on them.

Step. 5→ Hit the end task button at the bottom to close the app from the background.

Once you have closed the app from the background, launch the zoom client and connect to the meeting to check if the issue is resolved.

8: Allow the Zoom app on Windows Defender Firewall and Windows Security.

If temporarily disabling the Windows firewall does not fix the errors 5000, 5003, and 5004, try “safe listing” the zoom app on the Windows security and Windows defender firewall. This process can be initiated by the simple method described below.

  • Allowing zoom on Windows Security

Step. 1→ Open the “settings” tab and head over to Update and Security.

Step. 2→ Look for windows security and select it.

Step. 3→ Then, click on virus and threat protection and select manage settings.

Step. 4→ Hover down to exclusions and choose the option labeled as add or remove exclusions.

Step. 5→ Press the add an exclusion button and select the zoom app from the list of programs.

Step. 6→ At last, click on the apply button to save the settings.

  • Allowing zoom on Windows Defender Firewall

Step. 1→ First, launch the control panel on your computer.

Step. 2→ Search for the windows defender firewall in the search bar and open it.

Step. 3→ Then, on the Settings tab at the left-hand side, click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

Step. 4→ After that, select the option of “change settings.”

Step. 5→ Look for the zoom app by scrolling down and tick mark the check box in front of it.

By completing these steps, the zoom users will be able to bypass the Windows security and Windows Defender Firewall successfully. In addition, this method would eliminate the errors 5000, 5003, and 5004 if your computer’s security system caused them.

9: Mark the zoom website as trusted on your computer

The error codes 5000, 5003, and 5004 can be eliminated by simply marking as a trusted website on your computer. People can mark zoom as trusted on their PCs by going through these steps.

Step. 1→ First, enter “internet options” in the search bar and open it.

Step. 2→ Hit the security button and choose the setting called trusted sites.

Step. 3→ Then, click on sites and head over to the “Add this website to the zone” option.

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Step. 4→ Type in the website and press the add button.

11: Enable Authenticode on your computer

The Authenticode is the code signing technology of Microsoft that verifies the authenticity of the publisher of any web software. Therefore, enabling Authenticode on your device can prevent the errors 5000, 5003, and 5004 on your system. Anyone can allow Authenticode to on their system by taking note of these steps.

Step. 1→ In the search bar at the bottom, type internet options and hit enter.

Step. 2→ Then go to Trusted sites after clicking on security.

Step. 3→ Under the option labeled as security level for this zone, click on the custom level button.

Step. 4→ Finally, scroll down and look for the option “Run components signed with Authenticode” and enable it if it was not already enabled.

Open the zoom app again and try entering the meeting you had problems getting in to see if the errors still occur.

12: Reinstall the Network drivers

The bugs and glitches with the network drivers of your pc might be the reason for the error codes 5000, 5003, and 5004 popping up now and then. So to eliminate this issue, the users can reinstall the network drivers to fix the bugs and glitches. This can be done by going through these simple steps.

Step. 1→ Tap the Windows + X key on your keyboard and click on device manager.

Step. 2→ Expand the setting labeled as network adapter by clicking on it.

Step. 3→ From the list of network adapters, choose your current network adapter and right-click on it.

Step. 4→ Then, click on the uninstall driver button to remove it from your PC.

Step. 5→ Finally, restart your computer to install the best network driver available for your system automatically.

Then click on the zoom link to join the meeting to check if you still see the errors 5000, 5003, and 5004.

13: Update the zoom application

If the zoom is not up to date, the users might face difficulty connecting to a session or meeting resulting in the error codes 5000, 5003, and 5004. So to fix this problem, check for updates of your zoom app and always try to keep the latest version of zoom installed in the device you use to join the meetings to prevent any errors or issues.

  • Open the Zoom app on your Computer > Click on the Profile icon > Check for Updates.

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We hope that with this post, we were able to help you deal with the problems related to the error codes 5000, 5003, and 5004. All of the methods described in this article are well researched and have proven to work for almost all users. So go on and try them out to see which process solves your problem.

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