Solved Personal Hotspot Not Working on iPhone 15 Pro Max

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“Personal hotspot widely uses to share the internet data on other devices that might be your own Apple or Your Friends and Family device. We can set a password for your personal hotspot to connect your Personal hotspot by the other request. Here in this tutorial, I give the complete guide that helps you use Personal Hotspot on your iPhone running on the latest version of iOS. In the latest iOS update, some cosmetic changes and updates are available under the personal hotspot settings, but the core process to share your data or Join Another device to your personal hotspot is the same all the time.

iPhone’s Personal Hotspot is a tiny but useful tool for sharing the internet using maximum ways like over Wi-Fi, with USB, or turning on Bluetooth. In addition, it’s not free of charge and also required the support of Cellular Plan cause all of the carriers in the world not providing this service. To use a Personal hotspot company will extra charge to share the internet on other devices if your Carrier plan is supporting it. So ever your Personal Hotspot Not Working on iPhone then try the following solutions.

What are the Main Problems Found when We Use Personal Hotspot?

  1. After Change Hotspot password on your iPhone, Another Device is trying to connect your Hotspot with the old saved password. The solution is: Forgot Your iPhone from WiFi or Forgot Saved password.
  2. Your Mobile is Stuck. The solution is: to hard reboot iPhone.
  3. Your Mobile Carrier Plan Doesn’t allow us to use Personal hotspot for Free. The Solution is: Contact Carrier.
  4. Not Enough Data and Slow internet speed is also an issue. The Solution: is check available Data
  5. Network Settings is not updated. The Solution is Reset Network Settings.

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Fix #1. Setup the Personal Hotspot from Beginning

Personal hotspot on iPhone, Generally we are not using continuously. We are using a personal hotspot from iPhone for temporary purposes just like no internet another mobile, Laptop or Mac. So, the wrong configuration on the iPhone and the secondary device creates a problem with personal hotspots. So, let’s follow me to join a personal hotspot just like a fresh connection.

Turn on Personal Hotspot on Primary Device – iPhone

  1. First is Turn off WiFi from iPhone settings. Go to the settings app > WiFi > Turn off WiFi.
Turn off WiFi on iPhone for Personal Hotspot-2
Turn off WiFi on iPhone for Personal Hotspot-2
  • Now, Turn on Mobile Data and Personal hotspot also. Go to the Settings app > Mobile Data > Enable Mobile Data toggle and next to this toggle, Find and Tap on Personal Hotspot Option, Enable Personal hotspot, using the option for Allow Other to join toggle.
  • Turn on Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot on iPhone-2
    Turn on Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot on iPhone-2
    • At the same time, a popup will appear and ask to use a Personal hotspot with WiFi/ Bluetooth and USB Only option. I recommend using WiFi option.
  • Next is the WiFi password, Tap on it and Select an easy password if possible. So we can verify easily on Another device when we pair the Wifi hotspot on that device.
  • Stay on this screen [Personal Hotspot], Don’t move back or Close settings app until you get connected on another device.
  • Join WiFi Personal Hotspot on Secondary Device

    On Secondary device, Turn on WiFi under settings,

    1. Join Personal hotspot on another iPhone: Settings app > General > WiFi > Enable WiFi toggle.
    2. Join Personal hotspot on Mac: Apple Logo on Mac menu > System Preferences > Network > WiFi > Turn on WiFi.
    3. Join Personal hotspot on Android or Windows: Turn on WiFi on Android mobile from settings and On Window turn on using the bottom right status bar menu icon.
    Enable WiFi and connect personal hotspot device-2
    Enable WiFi and connect personal hotspot device-2

    Your secondary device will find the name of the Primary device’s personal hotspot name. Carefully find newly added device names under the nearby WiFi names list and click on it to pair.

    Next, Your secondary device asks to enter a Personal hotspot password,

    Enter personal hotspot password-2
    Enter personal hotspot password-2

    that you have a set in the primary device. Once you enter the password correctly, Your both the device is paired and starts using the internet on the second device.

    Connect Personal hotspot device-2
    Connect Personal hotspot device-2

    Problem! of Blinking the Status bar with a blue stripe. That means Personal hotspot not connecting or failed.

    • Forgot Your primary device from the secondary Device’s WiFi list. and Make a fresh connection again.
    • That’s it.
    Personal hotspot is connected on iPhone-2
    Personal hotspot is connected on iPhone-2

    Fix #2: Hard Reboot Your iPhone

    Something is stuck on your iPhone so we are unable to connect personal hotspot on another device. To hard reboot your iPhone 8 and later follow the below steps,

    1. Quickly Press and Release Volume Up button.
    2. Now, Quickly Press and Release Volume Down button.
    3. Now, Only Press and Hold the Side/Power button of the iPhone until your iPhone see the apple logo on the screen. After a wait for 15 seconds, Turn on back using the Side/Power button. So, Press and Hold on it to turn on back.

    Fix #3. Switch Internet Connection on Mac & Computer

    Problem the related to WiFi on secondary device, so Personal hotspot is not connecting over the WiFi connection. In this case, I am recommending to use another connection type like Bluetooth and USB, Disable WiFi on First Device.

    • Now, Connect your iPhone to another device as a Mac or PC via lightning cable.
    • Turn Off wifi from your iPhone first, Settings > WiFi > Toggle off.
    • Now, Turn on Personal hotspot from settings, Settings > Mobile/Cellular Data > Enable Mobile Date > Personal hotspot > Allow Others to Join toggle and Enable it. Select Bluetooth and USB only option from the popup.

    Fix #4. Make Sure Your iPhone is Updated

    Apple is releasing a monthly or Quarterly software update on each apple device with some important bug fix related to software settings and new features. Why you miss it, First check before you try to fix the solution, Hope it will help. To Check pending update on iPhone,

    Go to the Settings app > General > Software Update > Check Download, and install.

    Fix #5. Reset Network Settings

    Reset Network settings on iPhone if Personal hotspot not working-2
    Reset Network settings on iPhone if Personal hotspot not working-2

    Internal software glitch we can’t fix with the hard reboot and software update. one of the important settings given on iOS and iPadOS is to reset network settings. This option will not erase the data from the device but only repair the problems related to a network connection.

    In iOS 15, Go to the Settings > General > Scroll to “Transfer Or Reset iPhone“, Now, Tap on “Reset” > “Reset Network Settings“. That’s it.

    iOS 14 & Earlier: Go to the Settings – Tap General – Scroll down the screen to Reset – Tap Reset Network Settings and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Fix #6: Update Carrier Settings

    Most of the Time Carrier settings updated on time automatically, But sometimes your device can’t do and wait for your manual action. just do it and get an update on carrier settings.

    Go to the Settings > General > About > Tap on Network field and Ger the popup on update Carrier settings on your iPhone.

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