Reviews & Tips for FLIR ONE PRO 2024: Why You Should Buy!

FLIR means Forward-Looking Infrared. This technology, which is commonly used in thermal imaging cameras, allows users to generate an infrared image of a scene with the use of a moving sensor. Marketed by FLIR Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras. FLIR ONE Pro uses short wavelength infrared lights for imaging as compared to thermal imaging systems that use mid or long wavelengths.

The FLIR One Pro has high-resolution sensors and gives accurate temperature measurements. FLIR One Pro has an 80-by-60 resolution. It includes the camera, a charging cable, and a USB-C port.

The FLIR ONE Pro is equipped with two cameras on the front screen. One is an infrared sensor camera and the other is a visual imaging camera. The thermal resolution camera of the FLIR ONE Pro has a 120X160 resolution which enables high-quality thermal imaging. The hot and cold spots are very vivid and clear. The quality of the image as compared to its predecessor is way more efficient.

The sensors are efficient in picking up the infrared light that reflects from the heat emitting surface and this gives a better image with high resolution and clarity. With decent resolution and temperature sensors, this is one of the best thermal imaging cameras available to the customer. The FLIR ONE PRO has to be changed frequently as the battery drains off quickly. The FLIR ONE Pro facilitates only USB-C or B charging. The power bank cannot be used for FLIR one pro.

FLIR One Pro Review & Buying Guide

FLIR One Pro Pros & Cons:


  • High-resolution                               
  • Improved thermal sensitivity.
  • Video recording facility.
  • Images with temperature recordings
  • spot inspection
  • Multi power adjustments.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • operated with the help of a phone.


  • Short battery life.
  • The thermal imaging distance is very limited.
  • Inaccurate temperature calibration even in a closed environment.

Where to buy FLIR ONE Pro?

The FLIR ONE Pro is available on the leading online platforms like, Tanotis India, RS components India and It is available in the price range of $509.

How compatible is FLIR ONE PRO with iPhone?

The free app for iOS and Android, called the Flir One Pro, requires the device to be turned on and connected to your phone. Once it’s turned on, you can start making readings. The app’s main screen shows a live feed of the cameras in MSX mode. Using the Flir app, you can capture videos,  photos, and time-lapses at resolutions up to 1440 X 1080. Videos are saved as either MP4 or MOV files, depending on your device’s version. The app also keeps all the thermal imaging data. It also adjusts the temperature ranges for each recording.

Is FLIR ONE Pro worth it?

The FLIR ONE Pro is considered to be one of the best thermal cameras for smartphones. It features a high-resolution sensor, a built-in video recording app, and a multi-spot measurement feature. Its ability to capture high-quality images and built-in MSX feature is its stand-out points. The FLIR One Pro is designed to endure temperatures of up to 385 degrees Celsius. It features a thermal sensitivity of 70 milligauss. It also comes with a 1920×1080 resolution and high-quality image processing. The FLIR ONE Pro can capture various types of images, such as videos and time-lapse videos. These can be saved to the app or directly to your camera roll.

Can FLIR ONE Pro see through walls?

Walls are generally insulated and thick enough to block infrared radiation. A thermal camera if you pointed at a wall will detect heat near the surface. However, it can’t see through the surface of the wall. Instead, it can detect the heat coming from the inside. A thermal camera can be used to monitor the heat that’s generated by an object. For instance, it can be able to identify a pipe that causes a temperature difference.

What can you do with a FLIR ONE Pro?

The FLIR One Pro is a powerful tool that can help you find hidden problems in just seconds. It can perform various tasks such as inspecting electrical panels, checking mechanical systems, and finding water damage. It can also be used to check the 3-phase equipment and first responders.

How far can the FLIR ONE Pro see?

A maximum of 3 meters can be covered with FLIR ONE Pro. Temperature ranges from 400 to 800 degrees Celsius. It has up to three temperature meters, you can measure various temperature regions.

Can you see snakes with thermal imaging?

no. you cannot detect snakes on thermal imaging as they are cold-blooded. Their body temperature changes change and adjust as per their surroundings.

Can you use FLIR during the day?

FLIR ONE Pro can be used during the day or night to get unparalleled high-quality images. the special lenses in FLIR ONE PRO help it in sensing radiation from objects during the day. Since it’s not affected by light, it can still function in daylight. Despite being able to see in total darkness, thermal imaging cameras can’t see the distance they’re looking at due to certain atmospheric conditions like fog, rain, and snow.

Which thermal imaging camera is the best?

• FLIR C series is the best thermal imaging camera available. But cannot be connected to the phone.

• FLIR one-gen cameras are the best phone-operated thermal imaging cameras.

• FLIR TG267 for spot measurement of heat radiations.

What does FLIR stand for?

The term FLIR refers to Forward-Looking InfraRed. first used in the late 20th century, the FLIR cameras were used in flights. The cameras were attached to the underside of the aircraft for imaging, then later the camera was upgraded to capture images that are in front.

Does the iPhone support FLIR?

FLIR ONE Pro is compatible with smartphones that work on android and ios. The phone-operated version of FLIR is equipped with a type C or B charger, both the OS has FLIR ONE app that helps in thermal imaging.

Can Infrared camera capture polar bears?

Polar bears are almost invisible in infrared vision. Bear’s fur reflects heat, the polar bear can keep its body warm and retain its heat. This helps keep it warm and helps it maintain its temperature. Scientists can observe the bear by looking for bear-shaped heat signatures using infrared cameras.

Is night vision better than thermal imaging?

Night vision cameras are designed to provide high-resolution images and can be used in the dark. They use ambient light to detect objects in the dark. You can still see the target, neglecting all the moving objects in the field. Night vision amplifies the light around you for a better vision. It then translates this light into green-colored images. While thermal imaging uses heat signatures to detect the temperature difference on objects at their LOS (line of sight).

Can you see alligators with thermal imaging?

It is difficult to detect a cold-blooded animal in thermal images as their body temperature keeps changing as per the surrounding environment. Alligators normally hide in the mud to retain body temperature and hence may show low heat signatures, but in water, they might not show any thermal signatures that can be detected.

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