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You are not alone with This macOS Ventura Upgraded version of MacOS 2022. Here’s the most common macOS Ventura problem that’s easy to fix with these solutions or the alternate options to use the latest macOS On your Mac, MacBook, iMac, and Mac Mini. This article is updated with the latest Problems like apps keep crashing, or Apps won’t open because of incompatibility or Unsupported MacOS.

Also, Get highlighted features that you don’t know or Useless features for you but know how you should use them on your Mac Like Stage manager, Schedule email on Mac, Clock app, FaceTime, Continuity Camera [iPhone as a webcam], and More Accessibility settings.

Also, find out important settings and changes in macOS system settings.

MacOS Ventura Problems and Solutions

macOS 13 Ventura Beta 3 Problems

New issue found to some users macOS 13 Ventura beta 3. Menubar does not show up in the top on the mac Screen.

You can try the below give a fix to get the menu bar back on your screen.

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Step #1. Open the terminal

Step #2. Rename the file:

mv ~/Library/Preferences/

Step #3. Log out and log in again or just reboot your Mac

Xcode Not Working on MacOS Ventura Beta 1 Developer

Public Version for Xcode not working Beta Version of MacOS Ventura. But XCode Beta working after install from here. Otherwise showing the error “The version of Xcode installed on this Mac is not compatible with macOS Ventura. You have “” 13.4.1. Download version 13.4.1 for free from the App Store.”

Go to this link, log in with your Developer Apple ID Download the XCode Lateset Developer version, and start using XCode that’s compatible with MacOS Ventura Beta.

  • Side Bar Might be not appear
  • Battery Drain
  • Multiple app Crashes:- Messenger, OneDrive, AppCleaner, Google Chrome
  • the window automatically moves around while getting notifications.
  • Mac keeps restarting after 5 minutes automatically, with Fan running fast. With Error “Remoted Had an Error”
  • For Students: The highlighting text in word editing is routine in your education, then don’t install macOS 13 venture cause some odd things happening with the academic app. I hope, this saves students who have a midterm season for summer classes. Past year, macOS 12 Monterey beta was stable and awesome. But this year macOS 13 Ventura beta performance is jittery so you should not install it on your daily use machine.
  • Due to the major usage of Vpn on Apple mac computers, Apple’s iCloud private relay is a better alternative for now and future.
  • Paragon NTFS for Mac, Tuxera NTFS:- these all are the main suspect to crash the macOS Ventura system.
  • Another third-party antivirus/firewall that could cause the kernel panic loop
  • is your macOS 13 venture facing problems like macOS Ventura kernel panic loop, macOS 13 Ventura OS Crashing,
  • Magnet app is broken on my 16” M1 Pro MBP. not working on the new OS on macOS
  • SnagIt, Camtasia audio capture, and all software from rogue amoeba not working Need new signed for macOS 13 ACE.driver from Rogue Amoeba.
  • Paragon NTFS for Mac, Tuxera NTFS all are the main suspect to crash the macOS Ventura system. is your macOS 13 venture facing problems like macOS Ventura kernel panic loop, macOS 13 Ventura OS Crashing.
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Apps List that Broken in MacOS 13 Ventura

  • Magnet app broken on my 16” M1 Pro MBP
  • SnagIt, Camtasia audio capture and all software from rogue amoeba not working
  • Stage Manager animations choppy and rather slow
  • external monitor resolution/refresh rate are incorrect

Solutions that Helpful in such problems

1: Safe mode [Recommended]

The safe mode determines and checks the software issue created by the Mac startup program. So Safe mode checks and Fix the issue created by the startup program on Mac. Here are the steps by step guide to putting your Mac in safe mode for Intel or M1 Mac.

2: Delete VPN if installed on your Mac

If you don’t want to install VPN then wait for stable MacOS Beta. or Downgrade your MacOS Version. to get rid of rough macOS Ventura Beta 1.

  1. Downgrade to Earlier MacOS – Final Public MacOS Monterey
  2. Wait for Public macOS Ventura
  • Keep your macOS Beta Updated with the Latest release of MacOS. Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > General > Software Update > Download and install pending macOS.

3: Uninstall Antivirus on Mac

Uninstall Apps like Internet filtering apps Ex: Trip mode, and Windows Defender. Or Try Different From Best Antivirus for Mac

4: Affected Apps or System Extension

Uninstall apps on Mac that are affecting your Mac performance in macOS Ventura. Apps are, Little Snitch, Radio Silence, Cisco Anyconnect Client, Covenant Eyes, windows defender, etc; – this is ideal to trigger conflicting kext. In such a case, you can contact the app developer and Get help from compatible macOS Ventura.

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5: Disable Filter Extension

Filter extension: Please disable the filtering extension in the network settings because it accompanies kernal extension.

4: Remove login items – Delete or Deactivate self-start programs.

Some Login items aren’t compatible with the Latest macOS Beta version so you need to check those apps that launching on startup. Here’s find Login items on mac and Disable Login items on macOS Ventura. Recommended Startup applications are: Messenger, OneDrive, AppCleaner, Google Chrome


Don’t install macOS Ventura on your Daily use System or primary Mac Computer. Above listed problems are ongoing in the macOS Ventura Beta version. So, I don’t recommend using it for work use. But definitely try on a Different Mac or a Different partition.

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