40+ Fun Things to do on Zoom with your coworkers in 2023

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Sometimes in life, it is very important to create a work-life balance. The recent years, the shift to digital, interactive platforms like Zoom due to Covid19 have transformed our ideas of fun. Be it at work or home, or both since work-from-home reality have taken the front seat now, the need to relieve ourselves from stress has been of paramount importance. 

So, what are some creative ways for employees to make work interesting with their colleagues? Well, there are many ways to go forward with this. You can easily log in to Zoom, invite your coworkers or even best if you are in a work setting that emphasizes employee wellness programs; you can suggest the following. It could be your chance to make interactions lively and engaging. It will not only enrich your virtual team-building experience, but the exchange of ideas and laughs will ease your mind. 

Play Bingo on Conference Call

On Zoom, bingo has a lot of benefits for team development, besides a familiar structure, enjoyable game elements, and the possibility of winning rewards. It will be a hit with your squad. Share the game board and urge your teammates to keep track of their progress throughout the virtual conference call through Zoom. A prize is awarded to the first player to finish a row.

Trivia with Zoom

Zoom Trivia puts your group’s skills to the test on a wide range of topics. First, make a list of trivia questions for the game. After that, divide the entire team into equal member groups and assign a Zoom meeting area to each. Finally, assign the relevant escape rooms to each group whenever you ask questions. Every team gets the point to give the appropriate answer.

20 Questions

Over the next few months, play 20 Questions on your Zoom calls to better familiarise your coworkers. This traditional game is as easy as people think: ask each group member 20 thoughtful questions. However, there are certain to be a few unexpected twists no matter how well you think you know each other.

Card Against Humanity

Try a game like Cards Against Humanity if your Zoom call is solely for adults. Remote Insensitivity, a free version from PlayingCards.io, permits you to participate on your smartphone while video chatting on the internet. You’re set to go once you’ve provided everyone with the link to your exclusive game room.

Five Points to Consider

Five Things is a team-building improvisational game that you can play via Zoom. Here’s how you can play: Choose a topic and a person to discuss. Then, within 15 seconds, that participant must mention five particular items related to the issue. After that, that player selects a new topic and player to continue with. You could, for example, pick a topic like “cats” and ask your coworker, Alissa, to respond. Alissa would have 15 seconds to name five cats: Garfield, Puss in Boots, Tom from Tom and Jerry, The Lion King (this will work), and Marie from the Aristocrats.

Truth or Dare with a Blackout

A fun Zoom game that will help your party get to know each other is blackout truth or dare. The rules are straightforward:

  • The dare-master is one of the players.
  • The daremaster calls outdares or truths.
  • Players who do not want to share their webcam streams must turn them off.
  • The dare-master will choose one bold player to answer.
  • For your prompts, use this Truth or Dare generator:

The game will continue until only one player survives or a specific number of matches have passed. Prompts might be heartfelt or humorous, but they must be appropriate for the workplace. “Change your display name to a funny meme,” for example, or “do the Gangnam Style dance.”

The Wizards’ War (New)

War of the Wizards is a co-op storytelling game featuring roleplaying and breakout room features. In essence, a gang of magicians has been at odds for centuries; you and your coworkers become the magicians’ henchmen, accumulating resources and magical items to bring the fight to a joyful conclusion. The game continues for 90 minutes and engages coworkers on Zoom. You and your teammates will create tales, take actions, spin the “Chaos Wheel,” and analyze the effects throughout the game. War of the Wizards is a fun Zoom game that encourages interaction, imagination, and decision making.

Identify the Film

Guess That Movie is one of the greatest Zoom games for film buffs at your office:

  • Create a YouTube library with film clips before the game begins.
  • When playing Guess That Movie, silence all players and play the movie scene without revealing which film it originates from.
  • In Zoom’s chat window, ask the participants to join by guessing the film’s title.
  • The round is won by the first participant who correctly picks the film. To make your list, go to YouTube and type in “greatest movie sequences of all time” or “top movie clips.”

Virtual Crime Scene Investigation

The majority of adults enjoy a good murder mystery, and your coworkers can unravel one right on Zoom. Participants can interact in groups and use breakout rooms to exchange information and close the mystery. While carrying the plot along, a moderator can lead the game and entertain the audience.

Trolley’s Trial

To enjoy Trial by Trolley, divide your team into two categories, each having one side of the tracks given to them. Following the drawing of cards, each group sets character cards into the track. After all, players placed their cards on the table, each group disputes with the conductor whose side of the trolley should be run over. The team that loses the discussion has all of their characters slain, while the team that wins has none.

Robotics Training

To enjoy Robot Training:

  • Have a colleague share their screen with you.
  • Proceed to dictate the steps required to accomplish an activity on that screen using instructions.
  • For instance, encourage the player to open Microsoft Paint and demonstrate how to draw a cat.
  • Robot Training is designed to help your coworkers improve their interaction and teamwork abilities, beneficial to team development.

Pictionary Zoom

Pictionary is a popular board game that may be easily adapted for virtual workers. To play Pictionary online, you’ll need to share screens and use Zoom’s whiteboard software. The sketching teammate will give a prompt: select a term using an online Pictionary generator. The team that is playing has one minute to recognize the drawing. Other teams have a chance to steal if the team does not guess before the minute is up.

Charades Zoom

One of the finest games to play over Zoom is charades. First, divide the players into two teams to begin playing Zoom Charades. Afterwards, with a random charades generator, develop a concept to act out in front of the webcam. Because one of the most fundamental aspects of charades is that players cannot utilize spoken words to represent the prompt, players must remain silent when it is their turn to act. The team that correctly guesses the most cues wins the game.

Look at my Lips

Many of us had attended Zoom calls where the speaker’s audio stopped out or when the speaker forgot to unmute the microphone. Now we have a game inspired by this unfortunate series of actions. It’s called “Take a look at my lips”. This awkward or frustrating situation is turned into a game. One player mutes the microphone and then says a word or phrase to play. The remaining players must try to guess the word or phrase accurately and can decipher the message. If necessary, the turn-taker can also provide clues via the chatbox.

The Game of Counting

Your coworkers must tally to ten in this game. Should any players say a number simultaneously, the game gets reset to one. Understanding nonverbal cues and maintaining eye contact is more difficult during virtual meetings, and adults should learn how to do so. Virtual employees who are well-versed in the game might even design tactics to improve their performance.

Virtual Reality Game Shows

For Zoom calls, virtual game shows are a fun game format. You can utilize internet programmes to play these games or use slideshows and spreadsheets to simulate the experience. Jeopardy and Family Feud are the most popular game shows for remote teams because they provide a good combination of understanding and assuming.

Musical Chairs in the Virtual World

Rather than grabbing chairs before the music stops, in Virtual Musical Chairs, the very last person performing when the music stops loses the game and wins. 

You can start this game by creating a Spotify playlist with lively music to play musical chairs on Zoom. Then, start playing songs once everyone has entered the Zoom room, halting at irregular intervals and phasing out the final participant who is still dancing. When each player is eliminated, urge them to switch off their cameras to make it easier to get rid of who is left in the game. Then, continue to broadcast amazing dancing music until just the winner remains.

Zoom Games is available on the App Store

Because Zoom’s App Marketplace is so new, you might not be acquainted with all of the alternatives. These games are designed exclusively for the Zoom interface and include sound, visuals, and clicking to make the rounds go more smoothly. Some of the games are popular, like Heads Up! and Werewolf, while others may be unfamiliar, such as Just Say the Word! and Dive.

Who Will Take Home the Trophy in the Bracket?

This game is perfect for your team if they enjoy tournament brackets. Who Will Take Home the Trophy in the Bracket? Sought to assess a group’s eventual winner by placing representatives from that category against one another until only one remain.

Best Mobile Game, Best DC Villain, Best Korean Snack, Best Football Player are some examples of Who Wins the Bracket? Subjects.

Set up a tournament bracket to see who is the greatest in each category. Your game will become closer to the final winner as you advance farther down the brackets.


Scattergories is a wonderful game for Zoom users of all levels to engage with. To play, go to any free game generator and give each person a link to the game. The rules are straightforward: one letter and five categories (such as “blackboard,” “book title,” and “boys’ name”) are used. You have one minute to think of a word that matches each category and begins with the letter you’ve been given. The more distinctive your response is compared to your friends’ responses, the more points you will receive.

The Fortune Wheel

Wheel of Fortune, like Hangman, is a word-guessing game. The phrase must be predicted one letter at a time. Players can see how many words are in the saying and how many letters each word is by looking at the blanks and spaces on the game board. The presenter delivers a hint so the players can figure out what genre the phrase belongs to. Every round opens with the player spinning a wheel to decide the prize amount, followed by a consonant prediction. For example, if a player falls on Rs 600 and guesses “F,” and the phrase contains three Fs, the player wins a sum equal to the money. Participants must use their acquired points to purchase vowels.

A Group of Friends

If you enjoy the classic card game Set, you’ll be happy to know that it’s now available to play online. Go to setwithfriends.com and create a secret game room with up to four friends to start pairing those motifs! You can play this in teams. Of course, one can play this game with themselves, but the ability to gawk at your friends’ expressions as they lose is an appealing extra.

Would You Rather

This game has the potential to carry on for decades. There are an endless number of unpleasant circumstances you can throw at your coworkers, and you can observe them as they attempt to figure out how to get out of this situation. Are you excited yet? Bring your pals over to Zoom for a wild Would You Rather session. 

Drawable No. 2

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Pablo Picasso? You’re going to enjoy this one. Everyone tries to guess what your terrible drawing is, just as in Pictionary, and then votes on what they think was the correct guess. It is ideal for folks who enjoy experimenting with new ideas.

Among Us!

This free app lets five to ten players prepare a spaceship for takeoff. However, the catch is that there is one (or even more than one in some cases) imposter who is resolute on killing the others. Crewmates can win by detecting the imposter and voting them off the ship. If you’re the imposter, though, you’ll have to put on your finest neutral face and persuade your buddies of your honesty. It is a great game to break the ice. 


Although this isn’t technically a game, nevertheless, we are all enthralled by the allure of a good karaoke session. Since the outbreak, we’ve all been trapped inside our homes. So to increase the volume and let it all out. An excuse to shout Katy Perry’s entire “Teenage Dreams” album at the top of your lungs is a Zoom hangout. There’s no need for headphones.

Never Have I Ever

You know the drill: raise five or ten fingers and discuss something you’ve never done before. If anyone has already done it, they will put their finger down. You can take turns sharing fingers so that everybody gets a fair chance. You can also substitute raising your fingers with sips from your alcohol choice. 

Virtual Team Pursuit

Team Pursuit is an excellent approach for colleagues to become more acquainted. It is a collection of physiological, mental, mystery, and talent tests that you can complete online. As a result, you get to improve your communication skills and see your coworkers’ unique potential while participating in the activities.

Feel Good Game

Named as “Feel Good” game, it is a unique card game modifying personal development themes and has a “self-service” edition for virtual team building from the designers of Totem. The players need to divide into three to eight-player groups. These can be your regular coworkers who are interested in playing together. It is a pleasant and gratifying activity that brings teams together while highlighting the strengths and attributes of each other.

Name, Place, Animal and Thing

On Zoom, this classic children’s game works nicely. To begin, choose a letter. Then, each player must write down the name of a famous person, a place, an animal, and something that starts with that letter. The person who enters them into the Zoom chat first receives a reward. 

Heads Up!

Heads Up are mostly the first ones to get the ball rolling. It’s a traditional word game in which participants must define the word on the screen to the person propping it up to their head. The game can include multiple and several players with varied subjects.


This party game is designed by the same people that brought you Heads Up, and it’s just as entertaining. To play, players make up phoney answers to real pop quizzes, and one player must pick the correct one from among the fakes. 

Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games is a virtual party game app with various games to choose from. Each pack includes five different games. A registered Jackbox user is required for only one participant. The rest can join by using their mobile devices to enter a room code. Participants use their own devices to respond to questions and prompts, and the programme keeps track of the results and selects a winner. In addition, Jackbox Games can create a virtual competition by combining microgames.

Share your Bucket List!

A bucket list refers to a collection of activities you wish to do or see before the end of a designated end. Of course, each person’s bucket list reveals a lot about them.

So what better approach to get to know your coworkers than to have them share their bucket lists? Per week, assign one member to present their bucket list ideas with the group. The team leader can control the size of these lists. 

A Look at the Future

It is an engaging activity. Ask a team to easily identify ten good headlines from any online newspaper or magazine. The headlines should be relatable and relevant to the organization shortly time. Examples of headlines include “World’s safest place to work” and “How one organization revolutionized work.” It will assist you in comprehending each member’s standards and targets from the organization. You may also compare and contrast each option to see any variations in dedication or priorities!

Virtual Book Club

Reading is a passion that benefits your career and personal life! You can organize a virtual book club to encourage your remote workers to read. You can ask each member to do the required reading to keep things flowing smoothly. Begin with simpler materials. Because not everyone reads quickly, you must ensure that each employee can catch the pace. A book club allows remote teams to interact and network and helps them think critically and be receptive to different perspectives.


Although Codenames refers to an in-person card game, there are also online versions available on Zoom. In this game, a single participant needs to share their screen. The participant shouldn’t be a spy. After that, divide the players equally into two different teams, red and blue colour codes. Assign one person as spymaster to each squad. Deploy teams into escape rooms to deliberate their tactics as they try to guess which cards their spymaster is hinting towards. The team that correctly predicts all cards with their colour first while avoiding the banned card wins the game.


QuizShow.io is a tool for creating quiz shows. Through the platform, gamemasters can construct bespoke quizzes. Only the fastest players can answer since they utilize their mobile devices as buzzers. Estimates, fill-in-the-blank, and word pairings are among the seven-question forms available in the programme. Pictures, music, and animation can all be used in the presentation. Coworkers can gather and play this game on Zoom. 

Capture Important Company Events

Virtual team members fail to attend workplace activities, which is one of the drawbacks of remote teams. It might make virtual team members feel excluded, and it can be difficult to discern how different teams collaborate and contribute to the firm. However, there are solutions available. For example, record company events and upload them to the employee channel. These will make everyone feel connected as they talk about it later on Zoom. 

Most remote teams are split across multiple time zones, making it tough to establish rapport. However, if you can get your entire staff on a group video call, that’s the ideal situation! Play these games and perform the activities listed to have a healthy session.

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