How to See Song Lyrics in Apple Music

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Unfortunately, lyrics on apple music is not easy to find on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple is now giving apple music lyrics for online music played on Apple Music app for iOS devices. But now you can get contentment about reading lyrics with a song played in offline or online mode. Most of the dancers, singers, and learners blessed with this app works with Apple’s newly redesigned Music app with Apple music. Must try because now it’s free (3 months from you signed up) for you, for that you have to register with an individual or family subscription plan. After three months Apple will charge $9/ month for a single user or $14.99/month for family, but you can disable or turn off auto-renew apple music subscription or change subscription plane in your iOS device or Mac anytime.

The new Music app on macOS, Allows you to view lyrics on Big Mac Screen. But on Mac Lyrics is not real-time. Let’s find in this tutorial how to do it?

That time you must depend on a third-party app that will show lyrics on the Apple music song on your screen, in Very Perfection. Musixmatch is a great app that will perfect for you. Here I showed two methods of how to find lyrics on apple music in iPhone using the app or Without App, not only iPhone but also work for iPad, iPod touch running on any iOS Version.

How to View Song Lyrics in Apple Music

View lyrics in Apple Music on iPhone, iPod

Open Music App on iPhone. Next, Play music that you want to listen to or View Lyrics as well. Not all but most of the Songs supporting lyrics. Let’s check how it works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and macOS Catalina as well.

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Play your song and find the comment icon at the bottom left corner of the player. Tap on it, Tow views the Lyrics pane.

View lyrics on iPhone Apple Music app in iOS 13
View lyrics on iPhone Apple Music app in iOS

Pro tips, You can tap on the Lyrics line to clearly play the song’s words and moistures to learn easily. That’s it.

See Lyrics in Apple Music On Mac

Open Music app on Mac from Spotlight Search or Launchpad from Mac dock.
Now Search music that you find and play on the Music app. Use the search bar given at the top left side.
On Player windows, Find the comment icon at the top right corner of the screen, and Click on it to view the lyrics pane on the Mac Music app.

View Lyrics on music app on macOS Catalina
View Lyrics on music app on macOS Catalina

iOS 12 and iOS 11 User Can Read or View Lyrics on iPhone Music App

Launch the Apple Music app on iPhone, iPad. Tap on playing a song, Next find the three-dot icon & Tap on it. From the popup find the Lyrics option – Tap on it.

Find lyrics of song in Apple music app on iPhone or iPad

Tap on Done for a close full-screen view. Slide up using a finger for reading lyrics text on the same screen.

Lyrics won’t show on iPhone or Lyrics Not Showing in Apple Music, because of some music restricted under privacy. there are the possible options forsee and find Lyrics on App.

Read full lyrics of song playing in apple music on iPhone or iPad

Why Apple Music Lyrics Not Showing for Song?

There is no any Specific reasons or Settings for Disable or Hide Lyrics from settings. Song’s Author doesn’t allow or Uploaded Song lyrics for apple music. This might be under privacy.

  • Only your iOS or iPhone Doesn’t show the lyrics on apple music then I recommended to Hard Reboot your iPhone.
  • Your Apple Music Subscription must be active or Song must be in Apple Music, Your iPhone songs library might not show live lyrics for a song.
  • Must have an active internet connection or Switch to WiFi or Mobile data.
  • Update your Apple Device to the latest version of OS.
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Method 2: Get Song’s Caption lyrics online music on iPhone Notification center

When you play a song, this app will give lyrics in caption form.

Step 1: Download and install: Musixmatch Lyrics Finder app for iOS devices. Next, Open its complete setup. (Don’t need to sign up)

Note: Your iOS must be updated with iOS 8.4 or later.

Step 2: Now Go to the Music app, find any of the songs that you want to read lyrics.

Here, I play Justin Bieber’s song. Just play it here.

lyrics on apple music in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Step 3: now Open the notification center in iOS device. (By swipe up to down on your screen)

Edit app in Today apple music in iPhone

Step 4: Tap on Edit for add app’s view, here for reading lyrics.

Add new Musixmatch in iOS 8 running in iPhone, iPad

Step 5: if you successfully installed the Musixmatch app that app should appear here, with a green mark.

Tap on the green plus icon.

It will be added to the notification center list.

Next Tap on done from the top right corner, Then weight for 2 sec your iPhone today view will be sync and player and lyrics text will appear here, Displayed like in the third screen.

Now more setting about this app: You can customize font size and text type from the app setting. Option > Font.

Setting Musixmatch for change text size

In any case, you didn’t get lyrics on apple music on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Please share with us. We will glad to assist you with possible solutions or any other alternative ways.

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