How to Turn Off or Disable Apple Music on iPhone Music App

Are you exploring the Simple way to disable Apple music on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Cool tip for the new Music app on iOS 8.4 or later. On Apple Music app, you can get Millions of Songs, expert recommendations, and your entire music library in one place. And Maybe right now you enjoying Apple Music Free Trial Subscription with turn off Auto-Renewal But at the end of three-month trial membership. Probably you won’t go to continue for Apple Music for some your reasons.

Than Music app looks more conjunctive compare to simple App UI, so disable Apple music iPhone for those who haven’t use Apple music. All iOS 11/ iOS 10/ iOS 9 or earlier users can hide or show Apple Music icon in Official Music App on iOS device. Because of the main reason is the newly redesigned Music app is Customize about for Apple Music UI.


If you’re one of them, then feel free because we’re publishing at beneath entire steps to disabling Apple Music on iPhone Music app.

Note: following steps you can also apply for your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod Touch.

Steps to turn off/ disable Apple Music on iPhone Music App: iPad, iPod Touch

Turn off Apple Music on iPhone iPad or iPod Touch

Following steps will let you hide Apple music on the music app on your iOS 10 or later devices.

Step 1.  Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, then

Tap Settings App on your iPhone

Step 2. Scroll down and Tap on Music app located at above the TV App Settings.

Tap on Music to Open Settings on iPhone iPad

Step 3.  Now do toggle Turn Show Apple Music off/ Gray.

how to disable Apple music on iPhone Music App, iPad or iPod Touch

That’s it. Now launch the Music app from home screen and checkout you’ll see at bottom tab only My Music, Playlist, Radio and Connect in sequence. While you open up Music app with enabled Apple Music at that time, you’ll appear sequence For You, New, Radio, Connect and My Music.

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You can again enable Apple Music in Music app on iPhone with going to

  • Settings > Music > Turn On Show Apple Music.

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