How to Add Files Widget to iPhone Home Screen


After waiting for almost a decade, Apple has announced the Widgets for the iPhone home screen. The Widgets are encircled around the corners, mostly available in two-three shapes, depending upon the app. You don’t have to compromise; with the looks and design, Apple has made sure that it matches the iPhone with a similar exquisite appearance. Widget is a quick way to fetch information from your favorite applications without opening the app; earlier, it was limited to Today’s View, which was a bit tedious because we had to swipe the display all the way to access Today’s View.

While concerning the Files Widget, the iPhone will show the recently opened files, which is great; if you miss certain information, but close the file, from the widget, that file can be accessed. Besides, you could just arrange the important files in the widget, the most needed ones. Choose from two widgets, a smaller one can store four files, while another comes with a storage capacity of eight files.

How to Add Files Widget on iPhone Home Screen

Note: Download and install the Files App to use the Files Widget on the iPhone.

After adding the Files Widget on the iPhone home screen, make sure to re-position, and keep it on the top-spot if you need it most.

  1. Touch and hold any iPhone app icon or empty space to enable Edit Screen mode.
  2. Look at the top-left corner for the Plus(+) button.
  3. Scroll down and tap Files.
Add Files Widget
Add Files Widget
  • You should see the previews of Widget, swipe to explore more.
  • Tap Add Widget.
  • Tap Add Widget
    Tap Add Widget
  • Adjust the widget on the iPhone home screen.
  • To exit the jiggle mode, tap Done on the upper-right corner.
  • How to Delete Files Widget from iPhone Home Screen on iOS

    Removing the Files Widget is as simple as adding, learn how to do it.

    1. Long-press the Files widget.
    2. Tap Remove Widget.
    3. Confirm, Remove.
    Remove Files Widget
    Remove Files Widget
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