Best Desktop Widgets for Mac in 2023 (macOS Sonoma)

Last Updated on Sep 21, 2023

Apple fundamentally has revamped the Mac’s Desktop screen through widgets in macOS Sonoma, unlike the iPhone Widgets. And now, many, including myself, were in search of best desktop widgets for Mac. Considering this, I have created a list of the best Mac widgets that are must-haves for your device. 

So whether you want to turn your Mac’s Desktop into an information hub or get essential updates right on your desktop, the list below will help you. Let’s get started!

Widgets That You Must Put on Your Desktop

Rather than using the various apps that we often use, download and install these widget apps to liven up your Mac Desktop and get the information at a glance.

Don’t miss out, How to add Desktop Widgets to Mac. Put all of the below widgets on your Mac desktop Screen.

#1. Spotify

If you always like to enjoy the beats, you can add Spotify Widget to your Mac’s Desktop for quick access to your Spotify Playlist. Presently, there are two widget styles. You see at a glance whatever you have recently played and your liked music. Adding Spotify Widget makes it a breeze to return to your favorites with just a single click. In addition, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, crowded with vivid songs and podcasts worldwide.

To use this widget on Mac, Keep Open Spotify app on your iPhone.

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Price:- (free & in-app purchase starts from $12.99)

#2. Apple Weather Widget

If you are searching for a reliable weather widget for your Mac that shows an accurate weather report, you should look at none other than Apple Weather Widget. It is available in three styles, small, medium, and large. You can select the Large one to monitor the weather of the upcoming ten days along with current weather conditions and forecasts. However, if you use multiple widgets on your Desktop, you can use a tiny widget size. 

Comes Pre-installed

#3. Desktop Clock Live

Are you a fan of Analog Clock? If yes, Desktop Clock Live is the one you should check out. The app includes several professionally designed themes to let you choose any one theme as per your desire. Moreover, it also comes with plenty of digital themes. And for convenience, you can also change its Position, Opacity, and Size from the app settings. In advance, you can use a large clock on the Mac lock screen.

Price:- (free & in-app purchase)

#4. Bears Countdown

Calling distant family members and friends on their special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc, is fast becoming an obsolete tradition. But the trouble is that it is difficult to remember all these dates. And that’s why you need to install Bear Countdown. This Widget displays the countdown pop-up, and you can customize it to your favorite color and bear image. Moreover, you can adjust the Widget and countdown pop-up size to your liking.

Price:- (free & in-app purchase)

#5. Apple Reminder

If you want an alternative option to Bears Countdown, you can consider Apple Reminder. You can add an Apple Reminder widget on your desktop, which offers a handy way to keep track of upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries, and other time-sensitive tasks. Due to this, it is one of the must-have macOS Widget. It offers information to your regular bit and piece right on your desktop. 

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Comes Pre-installed.

#6. Screen Time

Screen Time is another must-have widget for everyone, as it lets you monitor your screen time on individual apps and total screen time. The user interface is clean and easy to understand. There are three different widget sizes. For instance, the small one shows a line graph of total hours spent, the medium one shows the line graph of hours, and the large one is categorized in two sizes. With no doubt in mind, screen time is one of the best ways to monitor your screen time activity at a glance. 

Comes Pre-installed

#7. WaterMinder

WaterMinder is one of the best Water reminder apps and deservedly takes a spot in this line-up. Using this Widget, you can easily track your daily water intake and receive timely reminders about drinking water based on your body weight. Besides ready-made cups for tracking, it also let’s create customized cups for personalizing tracking. And the best part is the User interface is visually appealing; includes a detailed graph to monitor your progress.

Price:- (Paid)

#8. Apple Note

While the App Store is jam-packed with lots of not making apps for Mac, the Apple Note widget remains at the top for multiple reasons. The first and foremost reason is the Note syncs across all Apple Devices and comes with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to get inside of notes and folders right from the desktop. It comes in three widget sizes, small, medium, and large. You will really find it useful. 

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Comes Pre-installed

#9. Parcel

The Mac widget allows you to access the package tracking details of over 300 delivery services, including some of the famous ones like Royal Mail, DPD, Parcelforce, Hermes, TNT, FedEx, etc. You can track 3 parcels simultaneously right from your desktop screen. The best part of having a widget is that it has push notifications, enabling you to stop worrying about packages. If you often buy via the internet, this Widget comes in handy.

Price:- (Premium)

#10. Crypto-Portfolio Tracker

If you are a crypto investor, you should check out Crypto Pro. It lets you smartly manage your portfolio at a glance. It supports all kinds of cryptocurrencies and tokens. And with a handy Desktop Widget, it also lets you on the latest quotes, so never miss out on the opportunity. Like other widgets, the Crypto Pro comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Price:- (Free & Premium Version)

#11. Apple Batteries

If you are an avid Apple user, you know how tough it is to keep track of Battery usage of different devices, and this is where Apple Batteries fills the gap. With the latest macOS update, Apple has developed the Batteries Widget to make your Mac iPhonified. The Widgets keep updated with the battery status of AirPods, Apple Watch, AirPods Case, and iPhone.

Comes Pre-installed

Final Thought!

If you like experimenting with Widgets on your Mac, stay connected to this article for more, and do let me know which one you use and which you recommend me to test and use in the comment box.

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