How to Boost Network Signal in iPhone [increase signal – Solved]

boost network signal in iPhone - increase signal in easy way

Boost network signal in iPhone, Many experiences worked till this days because many of friends and our readers implemented this differ tips on increase network signal. Slow down your network signal have many reasons behind it. Here in this article awesome listed technical reason that stopping network signal comes to your iOS device. Might be there are some of your omission also.

Your reason behind loose signal count in your iPhone might be one of this, Are you located in overseas Place, inside mall and store, secure region or safe place, on driving out act. Then you can try below-working tips on improving network signal in iPhone.

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boost network signal in iPhone - increase signal in easy way
boost network signal in iPhone – increase signal in easy way

Here are tips on Boost network signal in iPhone or another iOS device: WiFi or Cellular

#1: Restart iPhone

Most of the time this option definitely work for all iOS version, iOS 8/ iOS 9 / iOS 10/ iOS 11.

Restart: Press Sleep/ Wake Button until you show “Slide to Power Off“.

Force Restart: Press Sleep/ Wake button + Home button continuously until show Apple logo on the screen.

For Restart iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus Press Sleep/ Wake button + Volume down button.

Here I try to solve your problem with worked tips on a possibility to increase the signal number on your iPhone. Before that, you must keep backup of your iPhone, which can harm on useful data.

1. Reset settings on iPhone – Network

For that, you don’t need to reset whole iPhone settings, you have to reset only network related settings which are manually done by you in Past.

Go > Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings

2. Reinsert SIM card

Direct affect signal on a network, when you don’t set or insert accurately. Push for card inserted slot, Clean your slot blow air insight slot and reinsert. Dust might be lost or make week signal.

3. Restore the iPhone

iPhone restoring in Time making procedure, You can restore iPhone using iTunes on your Mac or Windows machine. You can have to use backup taken by your in past.

Restore process clean all iPhone data, included a Text message, all history – Call, Apps, Settings, Wallpaper.

4. Keep charging or Connect USB to your computer

Less changing or power supply give dramatically effect on iPhone signal number. Many of iPhone users have experience on this.

5. Replace your iPhone with Apple store

Apple recognizes your complaint on losing signal connectivity in your iPhone, only in Apple store.

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6. Boost network signal in iPhone: Best apps

3 home signal is the best-supporting device for boost up signal in your iOS device. Mobile signal is best supporting service on hike your mobile signal coming to your home. Mobile signal has awesome device related to your area and service you want in your office and home.

7. Contact Carrier Support Team

Carrier will help and manage it from own system remotely while you arise query on a help desk for poor signal strength. carrier company may extend network coverage to the low signal area.

8. Boost network signal in iPhone: Best Devices

Open signal free Utility apps for your iPhone, this app can we can see local cell tower nearby you on Map.

Useful: How to update Apple TV software manually: if updates are available.

9. Boost Wi-Fi Signal on iPhone

Configure DNS settings manually from your iPhone. That will boost WiFi signal. Follow the Steps below,

Go to the Settings app on iPhone > WiFi > Tap on (i) icon near to WiFi name > Use Below custom DNS IP addresses,


Open DNS:;

Save the Settings and Restart Wi-Fi on iPhone.

Find more tips: iPhone Wi-Fi Booster tips.

Advanced features: easy to find public network nearby you, Speed test.

OpenSignal - Boost network signal in iPhone
OpenSignal – Boost network signal in iPhone

More you can find on iTunes official page click here.

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