How to Bring Back Missing Finder Sidebar Menu on Mac Computer

🗓️ May 12, 2022 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Did your Sidebar disappear from your Finder window? In this post, I suggest you troubleshooting that will help you fix the Mac Finder sidebar not showing Favorites. The finder sidebar is more essential to use when launching the Finder window. None of the items in the Sidebar of Finder means useless. Hence, I know you are facing hard to use Finder because your Apple mac finder sidebar favorites disappeared in 2022.

Please don’t bother; let’s see How to Bring Back Missing Finder Sidebar Menu on Mac. Also Read, Fix iPhone or iPad not showing up in Finder Sidebar on Mac

Why does my display Missing Finder Sidebar / Icons – macOS 12 Monterey?

  • There are many reasons for Finder not showing toolbar and Sidebar sometimes on your Mac. I put it below.
  • Mac finder locations are missing due to hiding from the finder view menu bar.
  • Accidentally Finder Favorites minimized.

Get Fix Missing Sidebar on Mac Computer Finder Window

Step #1. Launch Finder from the Dock

Step #2. Go to Finder View on the top menubar 

Step #3. Next click on Show Sidebar or Press Command – Control- Command S – Or sign keys⌃ ⌘ S


That’s it. 

Now check the Finder window; I hope you can see the Sidebar there. If you haven’t a keyboard right now or the keyboard is not working on pressing commands, you should use a keyboard viewer on your Mac to access the on-screen keyboard. 

Now, tricks for those guys who have sidebar in Finder but missing Favourites of Finder, No problem, Get back all items in Favourites of Finder – Recents, AirDrop, Applications, Desktop, Documents, Movies, Pictures, and Downloads section, etc.

This is a helpful tidbit; maybe you are not realized that your Mac Finder Favorites was minimized. This is hard to see unless you’re aware that Favorites items can be minimized.


Let’s Check;


Let’s by holding your cursor over the Favorites text; you will see a “Hide”/”Show” option. This will help if you wonder why your shortcuts aren’t available.

I hope you found the helpful answer to why my Sidebar keeps disappearing on Mac. In short, users can Modify the Mac Finder Sidebar. For instance, hide or unhide Sidebar, and minimize items. 

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