How to Buy Bitcoin from iPhone or iPad – Easily Step by Step guide

complete guide to buying a bitcoin on your Apple iPhone and iPad tablet. Learn how to trade deal bitcoin in the wallet app.

Let’s buy Bitcoin on iPhone, iPad, or iPod and add Bitcoin to a wallet. As we observe, Bitcoin prices are getting high, every week and peoples are taking a lot of interest in it. Digital currency is a straightforward way to earn money with a small investment without spending much time and the most important, without any effort. Learn here the basic guide on how to invest or buy Bitcoin on iPhone.

If you are interested in buying Bitcoin, you must prefer to use an application like Coinbase, which is very easy to operate. With this application, you can buy or sell within a couple of minutes. If you are in the US, then Coinbase is the best app to purchase Bitcoin for you.

Users can buy Bitcoin legally from the USA, UK, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Poland, Philippines, Spain, Turkey, Brazil.

Also, Use the Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps.

1 Buy bitcoin on iPhone using Coinbase

Bitcoin buying and Manage Bitcoin guide (Buy or Sell) for iPhone users

Installation and Signup

#1: Sign up here and use it after Install the “Coinbase” app from the App Store.

Download App for iPhone – Free (iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12 to iOS 13 and latest iOS 14 or later)

#2: On the first launch of the app, you need to sign-up with details such as email and password to access your account.

1 Sign up or Sign in Coinbase on iPhone

Verify your identity in Coinbase

#3: To sell Bitcoin, it is necessary to verify your identity (Open Email App and Verify Email ID). This step will help in security.

Get More Troubleshooting on identity verification get from beneath of the article.

2 Verify Identity coinbase on iPhone

Why is it necessary?

As Coinbase is a financial exchange company operating in the US, they must identify users on their platform. This will maintain compliance with KYC/AML jurisdiction laws for the smooth working of the organization.

For more information, you will go through the privacy policy of Coinbase which will let you understand the importance of verifying identity.

Verification of IDs is done online on the web or app; they don’t accept any hard documents.

Connect your bank account

#4: After verifying identity, it will ask you to connect your bank account for future transactions. Connecting a bank account with Coinbase will take a few days. But if you want to buy it instantly, you can transact with your debit or credit card.

Buy Bitcoins

#5: Coinbase will take few hours for verifying identity and also to link a bank account.

3 Buy or Sell Bitcoin on Coinbase on iPhone

After all this procedure, you can buy Bitcoin using the Coinbase app to launch the Coinbase app on iPhone or iPad. On the top of the screen, the current price of Bitcoin is displayed. To buy, you need to click on the button and enter the amount. Further, you will come to you how it works.

The next step will be to select a proper wallet to store (deposit) your valuable Bitcoin, choose your payment method, and then authenticate. Finally, you have completed all the procedures.

NOTE: When you are buying or selling Bitcoin, you have to pay a certain amount of fees, when you are paying using debit or credit card 3.99% fees is applicable for you, and standard buy and sell 1.49% is applicable.

There are multiple ways to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card instantly and also convert Bitcoin cash.

Coinbase Verification of Identity troubleshooting techniques

  1. You need to make sure that your presented document is valid. They won’t accept any expired documents and sometimes if you have extended the date of the document in your country even then it will be considered invalid.
  2. Scan or take a photo of a complete document and do not cut corners or any side.
  3. When you take a photo or scan ensure that the soft copy should be clean enough to understand without any glare effect. It is advisable to take a photo in sunlight for full visibility of the document.
  4. It is advisable to use the chrome browser for completing verification.
  5. It is better to verify identity using the mobile application because sometimes on the web you will get an error during verification. At that time just select mobile camera, you will get a verification link on your mobile for completing submission easily.
  6. If you are in the US then you must have to submit your driver’s license or identification card, the passport of the US is not accepted.
  7. If in case you have changed names or got a new security number or moved then you may have to reach three credit agencies like Transunion or Equifax or Experian for a solution.
  8. If you are not from the US then you need to have a webcam otherwise it will be acceptable by Coinbase. So you must prefer the Coinbase app and try to complete the process on the iPhone or iPad.

Still, if you’re facing problems, then you must visit the support page of Coinbase and try to solve it.

We are happy to help if you are getting trouble Purchase Bitcoin in your Country.

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