How to Change Facebook Password on iPhone, Windows, Mac in 2023

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Here is a tip on changing your iPhone’s Facebook password. There are millions of Facebook users around the world. Because of that, users can share their moments, pictures, thoughts, live status, and much more. So almost FB users store their personal information and worth status too. Therefore, Facebook account privacy is a big issue. At the same time, FB is already a password-protected app. And you can reset/ change your password whenever you wish.

But a condition is as per our knowledge overall about Facebook, we haven’t any trick to reset/change FB password without old password. So to make changes to your Facebook login password, remember the old password. Otherwise, you should follow a forgotten password process.

Having your question- how do I change my Facebook password on my iPhone? Then get here an easy method to do it. If you’ve remembered your FB account’s old password, follow the steps below. For Instagram, get here a complete guide to changing your Instagram password.

Explained how to Change my Facebook Account Password on iPhone: iOS

First, See How to Change Facebook Password Using Mobile App on Android and iPhone

Keep in mind that due to facebook’s security data policy and users’ trust, You cannot change the Facebook password without an old password and email.

  • Step 1. Open the latest version Facebook app on your iPhone
  • Step 2. Do FB login and follow the next steps
  • Step 3. Tap on the More option (right-bottom on the iPhone screen)Open facebook app and tap on more option
  • Step 4. Now tap on Settings & Privacy, next Tap Settings  
  • Step 5. Scroll down the screen you will find “Security and login” underneath the Security sectiontap Settings and tap security and login to change Facebook password on your iPhone Mobile Android PC or computer
  • Step 6. Again scroll the screen Now tap on Change password located under the Login headline.
  • Step 7. Enter the current Password and New password two times.
  • Step 8.  Now enter your old password into the current password fill, then enter your new password, which you want to do. Now Retype New password
  • Step 9. Tap on the Change Password button and little wait
  • Step 10. Now you’ll be seeing a screen Logout of other devices?
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Change Facebook password on iPhone

If you want to stay login on other devices then go with that option, otherwise, go with Stay logged in and tap on continue.

  • Step 11. Tap on Getting Started

That’s it.

How to Change Facebook password on Computer, PC, or Apple Mac

Bottom, steps you will have to perform on your computer to change your Facebook password. keep in mind that due to facebook’s security policy, you are unable to change the Facebook password without the old password and email.

  • Step #1. Open the Facebook account and Click on the downside arrow icon to go to Settings.Click on downside arrow icon then click on settings
  • Step #2. Now, look at the upper-left sidebar to Click on Security and Login.
  • Step #3. Next Click Edit next to Change Password.How to change Facebook password on mac pc or computer
  • Step #4. Enter your current password and new password. [if your new password doesn’t match, then you can’t go next, please enter the correct new password two times.]
  • Step #5. Click Save Changes.enter old password and then enter new password two times then click Save Changes

You’re done!

You can Set up Two-Factor Authentication for Facebook for extra layer security to make your account much more secure and double-layer password protected. [in this feature, Facebook will ask for a security code if facebook notices a login from an unusual device.]

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