How to Deactivate or Delete Facebook account on iPhone in 2023

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Are you exploring a way to delete your Facebook account permanently? Let’s show you here the way to deactivate a Facebook account on iPhone, or iPad temporarily and guide you to delete a Facebook account permanently.

We don’t know why you wanted to delete your FB account. I guess there are many reasons behind like you’ve already have another Facebook account, feel FB Account hacked, spending too much time on Facebook, getting too many emails/invitations and requests from Facebook, don’t find Facebook useful, don’t understand Facebook, having a privacy concern, don’t feel safe on Facebook and maybe your cause whatever.

Following the outlined Steps you can deactivate the Facebook account on your iPhone, or iPad. This is an ideal way to Remove your Facebook profile or Leave Facebook from your iPhone on your iOS devices. Special for iPhone Facebook App handsets, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro.

Steps with Pictures to Deactivate A Facebook Account on Your iPhone, iPad

Deactivating your Facebook account means you can be reversed by only signing into an app or browser again. This is a very useful option to stay away sometimes from Facebook.

See First Method, Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account on iPhone Mobile App

Make sure your Facebook app is installed with the latest version of the Facebook app on iPhone from the app store.

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For Mobile Users

Step 1: Access Facebook app on your iPhone. Select Profile Icon located at the bottom right corner and swipe down.

Open Facebook app and Go to Profile settings on iPhone

Step 2: On the next screen, Tap on Settings & Privacy. Next, swipe down and choose Delete Your Account and Information.

Select Setting & Privacy Next Swipe Down Choose Delete Your Account and Information On iPhone

Step 3: Select the box next to Deactivate Account or Delete Account. For confirmation, enter your Facebook Password. Choose Continue, and Now, select the reason for deactivating your Facebook Account. Then, swipe down.

Select Deactivate Account Tap On Continue to Account Deactivation Enter Your Facebook Password Click to Continue Next Swipe Down On iPhone

Step 4: Within the Account Deactivation Page, swipe down and if you select This is temporary. I’ll be back or Choose another reason to complately deactivate. In drop down configure the number of days. After this, choose Continue Button. On the next screen, swipe down and choose Deactivate My Account Button to finish the deactivating procedure.

Swipe Down Select Deactivate My Account Button On iPhone

That’s It!

Type of Deactivating your Facebook account,

  • 1) This is temporary. I’ll be back.
  • 2) if you panic with a lot of emails and bother from other users: Choose I get too many emails, invitations, and requests from Facebook.
  • 3) I don’t find Facebook useful.
  • 4) I spend too much time using Facebook. [For this, you can use Screen Time in iOS]
  • 5) I don’t feel safe on Facebook.
  • 6) I have another Facebook account. [Sometimes a user forgets user ID and password, then they create another FB account]
  • 7) Feeling something mess up on your Facebook account- Choose My account Was hacked.
  • 8) I have a privacy Concern.
  • 9) I don’t understand how to use Facebook.
  • 10) in case your reason not mentioned, then you can enter your own reason
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Note: Because you have chosen a reason, you’ll get a different screen to follow,  Here’s I’ve continued with the reason. This is temporary. I’ll be back. So I got the screen that gives options for choosing days from the days’ picker to reactive again. There’s also an option: Don’t reactivate automatically. Please choose what you would like and tap continue so that your Facebook account log out, and that’s it.

You can reactivate your Facebook account anytime by logging in with your email and password. That’s cool.

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A Caveat:

Before you Delete: There are two options, Also deactivate the Facebook messenger account, as well as Download your information like Photos, Posts, comments, likes & reactions, Friends, Stories, Groups, Messages, Friends, Pages, payments history, Markets Place and more uploaded to Facebook.

Would you like to Download Facebook information? Okay, so you will have to follow steps likely
Choose Date Range From and TO, select Formate HTML or JSON, Pick the Media Quality – Medium, High, and Low, and in the end click on Create File.

Finally, Tap Delete Account.

And That’s it.

Way to Delete a Facebook Account permanently on PC or Computer Mac using a web browser

For Desktop User

Step 1: Access Safari or its alternative browser on your Mac. Navigate to Enter your Facebook ID and password. Click on Login Button.

Enter Your Facebook ID and Password Click on Log in Button On Mac

Step 2: After this, navigate to Here, select Deactivate Account Button. or Delete Account to Complately delete.

Navigate to delete_account Select Deactivate Account Button On Mac

Step 3: Now, select the box next to Reason for leaving. Select the days for reactivating your account automatically. Note: Select another reason to complately deactivate.

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Select Box to the Reason for Leaving On Mac

Step 4: Then, choose the reason for leaving. After that, click on Deactivate Button.

Select Deactivate Button On Mac

Step 5: As soon as you do so, you’ll see “Are You Sure That You Want To Deactivate Your Account?”. From there, select the Deactivate Now Button for confirmation.

Select the Deactivate now Button for Confirmation On Mac

That’s it.

Note: For correct deletion, you just need to sign out of an iPhone or iPad apps linked to your FB account.

How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account on Android Mobile App

Step #1. Launch the Facebook app. Now Tap the three lines towards the right of the top search bar.

Open Facebook App and Open Profile On Android

Step #2. Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy. Tap Privacy Shortcuts

Select Setting & Privacy Tap on Privacy Shortcuts On Android

Now Scroll down the screen underneath Your Facebook Information headline

Step #3. Tap on Delete your account and information. So you’ll get a single screen, from there The first setting is Deactivate Account, and the Second is Delete Account now depend on you what you would like to choose.

Choose Delete or Deactivate your Facebook account and information on android

Step #4. Enter your Facebook password for verification, Select any one option, and tap the Blue color button looks likely to Continue to Account Deactivation or Continue to Account Deletion.

Enter Types of Deactivation Facebook account

Step 5: Suppose you select temporary deactivation, In the next screen, select Duration > Continue. Finally, Tap Delete Account.

Select Deactivate account completely or For all time

Step 6: Again, Scroll down and Tap on Deactivate my account. You’re Done!

Swipe Down Click to Deactivate my Account On android

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This will take action on the Facebook Database not only for the device. To remove from the device, only you need to sign out your Facebook account from the app.

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