How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account on iPhone, iPad: iOS

This post will teach you how to delete or to deactivate Facebook account on iPhone, iPad running iOS devices, better way for iPhone, iPad Air

Are you exploring the way to delete your Facebook account permanently? Let’s we showing you here the way to deactivate Facebook account on iPhone, iPad temporary and guide to delete Facebook account permanently.

We don’t know that why you wanted to delete FB account. I Guess, there are many reasons behind like you’ve already on another Facebook account, feeling FB Account hacked, spend too much time on Facebook, get too many emails/invitations and requests from Facebook, don’t find Facebook useful, don’t understand Facebook, have a privacy concern, don’t feel safe on Facebook and maybe your cause whatever.


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Following outlined Steps through you can do deactivate Facebook account on iPhone, iPad. This is an ideal way to Remove facebook profile or Leave facebook from iPhone using iOS 10 devices. Special for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and earlier handsets, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad pro.

Steps with pictures to deactivate Facebook account on iPhone, iPad: iOS 10/ iOS 11 or later

Deactivate Facebook account means you can be reversed by only signing into an app or browser again. This is a very useful option to stay away sometimes from Facebook.

Make sure your Facebook app is installed with the latest version facebook app on iPhone from the app store.

#1. Open your iPhone/ iPad lock screen and Launch Facebook app.

#2. Tap on More tab [you can see at bottom-right side navigation]

facebook app on iPhone 7 plus and tap on settings iOS 10 iPhone 7

#3. You’ll get an action sheet, select Settings > Account Settings.

5 Account settings on iPhone Facebook app

#4. Tap on General [see at top in list]

2 General Settings on iPhone for Facebook


Next, See Below Manage Account option.

1 Manage Facebook Account settings on iPhone for Deactivate account

#5. Tap on Deactivate button under the Account option,

3 Deactivate Facebook account from iPhone app

#6. You’ll be asked re-enter your password and click on Continue. Now make confirm to deactivate your Facebook account.

4 Enter Passcode for Deactivate FB account from iPhone app


That’s it. Hope you’d like a great way to delete or to deactivate Facebook account on iPhone, iPad.

Learn how to delete Facebook account permanently

1. Log in into your Facebook account in any web browser

2. Open this in any web browser

Step 3. Tap or Click on Delete My Accounthow to delete Facebook account permanently

That’s it. Now Facebook has set 14 days scheduled to delete your account. In this period you can be back thorough login your account again and will automatically cancel the deletion.

Note: For correct deletion, you must need to sign out of an iPhone or iPad apps linked to your FB account.

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This will take action on Facebook Database not only for the device. To remove from the device only you need to sign out facebook account from the app.

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