Steps for setup two step verification in facebook for iPhone App

Setup two step verification in facebook iPhone app

For the security reason you need to launch or activate two step verification, now available on Facebook after Gmail or connected Google services, Dropbox. Then, confidentially you can use your facebook account on third party iOS app for sign up and registration. Using this way you don’t need to enter your actual password, Temporary generated password for app capture reality of official app, So there is a no way to leak or copy your password by any third party app using in iPhone/ iPad. Setup two step verification in facebook iOS app should be difficult for new user but very useful and secure way just like 2 step authentication for Gmail app.

Two step verification mostly people are using on Xbox, Spotify, Skype, Jabber.

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Steps for Enable or Setup Two step verification in Facebook iPhone app

For third-party app generate authentication password from official facebook iOS app, Below are the steps

Step 1: Open Facebook app on your iPhone/ iPad.

Step 2: Tap on More option icon from beneath tap on facebook app.

Step 3: Scroll down and Tap on Settings, Next Go for Account Settings.

Step 4: Then, Tap on Security.Facebook setting in iPhone app

  1. Under the Security Section: Third Party Authenticator

Setup Now: this option will automatically validate your account with third-party app installed on the same iOS device.

Try to validate from another device: Enter security code shown on another device.Setup two step verification in facebook iPhone app

  1. Generate password for App specific

In this section, you can generate password for the specific app. Tap on Generate App passwords > Enter the name of app > Tap on generate.

Note complex password and use this password for third party app sign up.Generate password for app specific

Note: Setup two step verification in facebook option also available on Facebook web users. So, replete same steps on under the profile settings.

Facebook improvement in security may be change in your time. So feel free and share with us any uncertainty on Setup two step verification in facebook.

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