How to Set up Two-Factor Authentication for Facebook iPhone App

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelin this article, I’m sharing with you how to Set up Two-factor Authentication for Facebook. For security reasons, you need to launch or activate two-step verification, now available on Facebook after Gmail or connected Google services, Dropbox. Then, confidentially you can use your Facebook account on third party iOS app for sign up and registration. Using this way you don’t need to enter your actual password, Temporary generated password for app capture reality of official app, So there is a no way to leak or copy your password by any third party app using in iPhone/ iPad.

Set up two-step verification in the Facebook iOS app should be difficult for new users but a very useful and secure way just like set-up two-factor authentication for the Gmail App.

Two-step verification mostly people are using on Xbox, Spotify, Skype, Jabber.

Steps for Enable or Setup Two-Step verification in Facebook iPhone App

For third-party app generate authentication password from official Facebook iOS app, Below are the steps

  • Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your iPhone/ iPad.
  • Step 2: Tap on More option icon from beneath tap on Facebook app.

Open the latest Facebook app and tap on more option

  • Step 3: Scroll down and Tap on Settings & Privacy
  • Step 4: Then, Tap on Settings.Click settings and privacy and tap on settings again on facebook app to delete account iOS
  • Step #5. Click on Security and Login
  • Step #6. Now tap Use two-Factor Authentication. we will ask for a code if we notice an attempted login from an unrecognized device or browser.

Help Protect your Facebook account – if we notice an attempted login from a device or browser we don’t recognize, we’ll ask for your password and a verification code.

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Now on the screen, you can see there are two ways, first is Authentication App and second is a Text message (SMS)

Facebook recommended the Authentication App method – in this trick, FB use an app like google authenticator or Duo mobile or generate verification codes for more protection.

Let’s choose one of them and click on the Continue button.

in this method – Set up Via third party Authenticator
Please use your authentication app ( such as Duo or Google Authenticator ) to scan this code.
or click on the Set up on the Same device appear under the code.
or enter this code into your authentication app by tap and holding on the code to copy the code and paste into the Duo or Google Authenticator App – Note: you can download this application free of cost from the Apple App Store.

After this click on continue
now you get a screen, Enter Confirmation Code
Please enter the confirmation code you see on your authentication app
Enter the 6-digit code and click on continue

and follow the on-screen instructions. That’s Done!!

Text Message (SMS) – in this way, Use Text Message (SMS) to receive verification codes. For your protection phone numbers uses for two-factor authentication can’t be used to reset your password when two-factor is on.

Let’s choose one of them and click on the Continue button.

  • Add Phone number
  • Tap on Change to choose the right country code from the drop-down list and Enter your correct mobile number

Note: This phone number will be enabled for two-factor authentication and login. We may also use the number added here to help protect our community, accurately count people who use our services, and assist you in accessing Facebook and opt-in programs, but nor for purposes such as suggestion friends or providing ass. only you will see this number on your profile.

if the number added here is provided elsewhere across Facebook, company products, it may be used for other purposes including suggesting friends or providing ads.

  • Click on Confirm and follow the on-screen instruction.
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That’s it!

Note: Setup two-step verification in the Facebook option also available on Facebook web users. So, replete same steps on under the profile settings.

Facebook improvement in security may be a change in your time. So feel free and share with us any uncertainty on Setup two-step verification on Facebook.

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