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How to Change iPhone Flashlight intensity iOS 10 iPhone 6S. 6S Plus, iPhone 7

How to Adjust Flashlight intensity on iPhone: iOS 10/ iOS 11

Are you eager to learn how to Change iPhone Flashlight brightness on your iPhone? Let head over here to get iPhone flashlight full, dim, and medium. An iPhone flashlight is an integral component that gives luminous enough in the dark place and mostly at night time.

Since now Flashlight has not limited only for the flash cause currently, it’s useful to take night time selfie and flash alert notification. Know this trick and kick to get luminous intensity control like the low intensity, Medium intensity, and High Intensity. The setting available in control Center. Let’s scroll down and get in deep.

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Trick to Change iPhone Flashlight brightness on iOS 11

Before get started below given steps, make sure that your iPhone running on latest iOS 10 or iOS 11 edition,

Open the Settings App – Tap General – Tap About – Check out Version.

If Your iPhone firmware is upgraded, then ignore it. And follow the bottom tutorial to access flash intensity.

How to Change iPhone Flashlight intensity iOS 10 iPhone 6S. 6S Plus, iPhone 7

Step #1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on your iPhone to launch Control Center.

Step #2. Now long press on Flashlight icon appears left-bottom on the Swiping up menu in iOS 10.

In iOS 11, the flashlight icon can removable and add. So find yourself, if flashlight icon is missing. Try this to add flashlight in control center iOS 11.

Step 3. You’ll get a Peek at various options – High intensity, Medium intensity, and low intensity.

Here’s Customize Control Center in iOS 11

So choose one of them to turn on your iPhone flashlight and enjoy.

How to Turn on High Flashlight intensity on iPhone

Mention above steps through goes on a Torch icon in control center to increase flashlight intensity. And force touch on it so you will get a Colum like a stack.

Now put your thumb in the last row of the stack and move upside slowly. For high intensity, your finger first row of the Stack.

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How to Turn off iPhone Torchlight

Open the Control Center.

Just hit on torch icon and go back on home screen by clicking the home button.

That is it!

If your demand that removes flashlight icon from Control Center then in iOS 11 or later you can do that. Hmm, Apple’s eleventh iteration allows customizing Control Center. You can add and remove app controls that your mind pretty likes.

Pros of the Adjust flashlight Brightness of iPhone Torch with Control Center

Low brightens beam will help you while you needed short distance light with good luminous anywhere, for example, to find any object in the room.

High brightness laser ray gives long distance light, and it works well in the situation such as where you needed long distance light.

So this setting through you can indeed feel that an iPhone flashlight is such a real LED torch light. In short, Apple brings the feature to reduce battery consumption during turning iPhone flashlight ON.

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