Best flashlight apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod: iOS 10

The tool in your iPhone, it always gives brightness when to be essential. You can use it either to remove darkness or to use for nighttime photography and for video shooting. Tech giant Apple does not offer any additional facilities to run a LED flashlight on iPhone, iPad. So inherently, you’re exploring for best flashlight apps for iPhone – IOS 10, iOS 9/ iOS 8 devices.

In addition, if your iPhone flashlight button not working or control center won’t work then you should try these alternative best flashlight apps for iPhone. Similarly, all apps are giving enough supports on running iOS 9 iPad and iPod Touch. If you have 3D touch iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S and 6S +. Then you can also try these worth free Led flashlight Alert notifications apps on it.

Alternative Five best flashlight apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod: iOS 10

Alternate best flashliht app for iPhone in iOS 9

Best Flashlight app

Best Flashlight apps for iPhone, ipadThe free torch flashlight app is a sleek design flashlight app for Apple iPhone. Let’s here we know about the app features like multipurpose front screen light useful for read in the darkness, find something in the dark place, walking to your car at night, during a power outage, get full brightness to replace backyard bulb at night. Furthermore, if we talk about backside flashlight then, you will get instant turn on light when you launch app from the screen, energy saving light, brightness and faster flashlight, control flashlight by clap on clap, multiple tap on/off, flip device on/off control and battery indicator plus front light with video camera and location wise flashlight on/off way. This sleek app compatibles with iOS 9 and earlier iDevice.

Flashlight app for iPhone, iPod and iPad

The best flashlight app for iPhone 2015 and will stay in 2016 too. It’s a free flashlight app on Apple App store, it has give ton of features like Compass, Altitude tracker, Live Map, Handiest, Brightest and Fastest LED flash light on iPhone, iPad. You will get extraordinary option while peoples are asleep already and if you want to do something at then you can use this app because become helpful for you and without bother other people.

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Cool trick for 3D touch iPhone owners that the Change iPhone Flashlight intensity (Low, Medium, and High).

iLights Flashlight control remotely through Apple Watch

iLights Flashlight control remotely through Apple WatchiLights is an unique and good value designed flashlight app for iPhone. You can control your iPhone flashlight from your wearable Apple Watch. Let’s we check out what features you can control from your Apple iWatch such as flashlight on/off, Strobe, brightness speed, strobe speed etc. prime feature is you can enable up to 10 flashes per second. It’s a top in list in the good reviews app in the App Store. It’s a free app for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6+, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, & 4.

Note: You must run iLights app on your iPhone/ iPad in the foreground and keep the phone screen unlocked for perfect operation.

Flashlight by Rik

The free Flashlight utilities app is available in languages like English, French, German and Russian.  You get ad free emergency Morse SOS mode on shake, light intensity control. At all this is an average five stars best third-party flashlight app for iPhone, iPad.

Let now give us an app name as a fifth number of best flashlight apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod.