How to Change Netflix Profile Picture on Mac or PC in 2023

Last Updated on Jan 8, 2022

Being the greatest streaming platform, Netflix serves tens of thousands of Movies and TV Shows, all over the world. From Documentaries to Sci-Fi, thrillers, Horror, Foreign Titles, Cartoon Series, everything is available on Netflix, all you need is a Netflix subscription and a fast internet connection, and obviously, a smartphone or computer where you can watch the content. I’d say, one human life is not enough to watch all the movies and shows available on Netflix.

Aside from this, it offers flexible subscription plans, so you can choose as per requirement and budget. You can add up to five profiles on a single Netflix profile, these Netflix profiles are customizable to some extent like Choosing a Name, Avatar, Language Preference, Watch List, and much more. I know how curious you would be to pick your style icon, rather than default cute carbon. Continue to read the post and learn how to change the Netflix profile picture.

How to Change Netflix Profile Picture

Netflix has collected some of the finest characters and made it available for you to pick one to set your profile avatar; hope you find your favorite Netflix character.

  1. Open Netflix on your PC. [Login with your Netflix Username and Password].
  2. Hover the cursor towards the Profile icon.
  3. Click on Manage Profiles.
  4. Choose the profile to change the Profile Picture.
  5. Once the Edit Profile page appears, click on the Pencil icon on the Profile photo.
  6. There are plenty of Netflix characters will be available, pick your favorite one.
  7. Confirm by clicking on LET’s DO
  8. Lastly, Save.
  9. Click Done.
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How Can I Put My Own Photo on Netflix Profile?

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t let you set your own picture as a Netflix profile picture. Let’s see, in the future, it may allow you to do so, as many Netflix users have already demanded this feature.

How to change your Netflix profile picture to a personal Picture?

How do you change Netflix Profile Picture to Custom Profile Picture? Well, it’s somewhat trickier, but won’t take much of your time. Though, Netflix has a wide array of profile icon options to choose from, mostly which are of Adventurous and popular characters.

If you haven’t watched the Netflix show then you might not interested in putting the random picture on Netflix.

The first way is using the Facebook account, and the second is using the Chrome extension.

Link Facebook to Netflix

When you link your Facebook account with your Netflix profile, the profile picture of your Facebook will reflect on the Netflix profile. Though, if you haven’t connected Facebook with Netflix, then this might won’t work for you. But, you can always try these below steps, see if it works for you or not.

  1. If you’re logged into Netflix, then first log out.
  2. Go to Netflix login
  3. Click on Login with Facebook.

Use Chrome Extension

Another great alternative is to use the Chrome Web Store extension, it sounds weird, but yes, if the Facebook account didn’t give any positive response, then this will surely work and of course, you could set custom profile pictures on Facebook.

  1. First store the Image that you want to use with Netflix profile picture, and then follow the steps.
  2. Go to the Chrome app on your PC.
  3. Install the Custom profile picture for Netflix web extension on your Chrome app.
  4. Now login to the Netflix account on Chrome.
  5. Visit the manage profiles section of your Netflix.
  6. Then, click on the Custom profile picture for Netflix extension on Chrome browser.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and set the profile picture.
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How to choose a Custom Netflix Profile Picture on iPhone?

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have any provision to let you change the profile picture to a custom profile picture on iPhone. However, it can be done in two ways, as I mentioned earlier, using a Facebook account and Chrome Web extension.

If your Netflix profile is connected to Facebook, then it’ll show what you have on Facebook, and in other cases, using the Web Store extension, it can be manipulated without hassle. Hence, both of these options need a computer and can’t be done on iPhone.

How to Change your Netflix Profile Picture to anything on iPhone?

Changing Netflix Profile Picture on iPhone, iPad is too easy to do. Here’s how to change Netflix profile picture on iOS.

  1. Go to the Netflix App on your iOS/iPadOS device.
  2. Choose the profile for which you want to change the profile picture.
  3. Hit the profile picture on the upper right corner.
  4. Select Manage Profiles.
  5. Tap on the Edit button (pencil icon) to change the profile picture on specific profile.
  6. Select Change.
  7. Find the suitable icon and set it as a profile picture, to do so, tap Save on the upper right corner.

Custom Profile Picture for Netflix Chrome Extension

By default, Netflix doesn’t have any option to change the Netflix profile to a custom profile picture, however, there’s one hack available using the Chrome Extension. Here’s how to do it,

  1. First save the image on local storage of desktop and then follow the below stepwise guide.
  2. Open the Chrome app on your PC.
  3. Install the Custom Profile Picture for Netflix chrome extension on the Chrome App.
  4. Once it is done, open the Netflix on web.
  5. Login to the Netflix.
  6. On the upper-right side, select the profile icon.
  7. Go with Manage Profiles
  8. Now click on the Custom Profile Picture for Netflix chrome extension.
  9. Select the profile for which you want to change the profile picture.
  10. Choose the image from the desktop and complete the procedure.
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Custom Netflix Profile Picture without Facebook

Yes, it is possible to set custom Netflix profile pictures without Facebook. Using the Custom Profile Picture for Netflix chrome extension, it is done. This is the one and only one alternate as I know to replace the default Netflix profile picture to a custom picture. In the above section, I’ve mentioned a detailed guide to do it.

Can I Put my Own Picture on my Netflix Profile?

There is no straight setting provided by Netflix to put your own picture on Netflix Profile, but if your Netflix account is linked with Facebook, then Netflix will show you the profile picture that you have set on Facebook.

Another alternative is using the Chrome Web Store extension. Refer to the above section to set custom Netflix profile picture in one go.

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