How To Customize Apple Mail Toolbar

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Undoubtedly the Toolbar is one of the best features of Apple Mail App. It concines, handy to tap and fly over the features mechanisms; which ultimately result in a fast way to compile or read the message. But either by adding a few or more icons in the Toolbar, it seems to be useless and cluttered takes another hit. 

Fortunately, the Apple Mail App offers the power to customize the Toolbar so that it reaches your needs, no matter whatever the moment is! Please read on the best and easiest way to customize the Toolbar to make it truly yours. 

Why Should I Customize Toolbar On Apple Mail?

The Customized Toolbar on Apple’s Mac Mail is a complete set of features based on independent requirements. As a result, you can easily access the features that are most frequently used, at the point, decreasing the delay in performing several tasks either to compile the message or else searching for something important in the mail. Eventually, it’s only possible after customizing the Toolbar as per the convenience and individual needs. 

Tricks To Add, Remove, And Rearrange Items On Mac Mail 

Mail app is a Must Have App For macOS as it allows the users to do several tasks with a simple write and deliver mechanism. And if it is customized in the best way, it will make you more productive throughout out the day. 

How To Customize Toolbar On Apple Mail App

Ever since the Apple Mail users’ needs are based on their work, it’s the best thing that Apple allows to edit the Toolbar in Mac Mail. Apart from the features shown in the default toolbar, there are some hidden features that can be added to the array as per the need and convenience. To do so, follow the given below steps.

Step. 1→ Open the Apple Mail App  > Right-click on the Toolbar present at the top of the Apple Mail App Window (Or else go to the View) > Customize Toolbar… from the menu.

In case if you want to remove the item from the Apple Mail Toolbar, drag and drop the items from the Toolbar to the Customize Toolbar… Window. And in case of Adding items to the Apple Mail Toolbar, perform vice versa. However, if you are unfamiliar with the list of favorite items in the Toolbar, go to the list below.

Step. 2→ At the bottom of the screen, there are three options available

  • Icon And Text
  • Text Only
  • Icon Only

Step. 3→ Select any of them as per the convenience and then choose Blue Done Button.

After the customization procedure, let’s dive deep into some of the essential aspects to be learned in this Toolbar on Apple’s Mail.

List Of Favourites Tool To Be Added Apple Mail Toolbar

Take All Accounts Offline: In this mode, you will not be able to receive real-time mail, but fortunately, you are allowed to write the mail, which can be scheduled for future work. However, the offline mode is helpful in the case to prevent the Mac Loading Slow. 

Get Mail: Sometimes, the automatic fetching didn’t work as usual. That’s why you can manually reload the Apple Mail inbox to get the new one in the list.

Smaller / Bigger: To customize the font size of the individual mail, tap on either Smaller or Bigger according to the need.

Print: This option will do the task with a single tap to give a direct print to the necessary mail. 

Move To… :   This option is helpful if you want to move the email to a particular file for better access and keep the data well managed.

How To Rearrange Items On Apple Mail Toolbar

After clearing doubts about how to customize the macOS Mail Toolbar, it’s time to rearrange the items in Toolbar. As of now and forever, arranging the toolbar items according to muscle memory helps to work faster and in a better way.

Step. 1→ Navigate to the Apple Mail App.

Step. 2→ Hover the mouse cursor to the Apple Mail Toolbar and right-click on it. Doing so will pop-up the menu. Select Customize Toolbar…

Now, you need to drag the item’s icon over the Toolbar and place it in the appropriate location.

Step. 3→ On the same window, there are three options available

  • Icon And Text
  • Text Only
  • Icon Only

Step. 4→ Go with any of them to make your Toolbar personalize, and at the end, choose Done.

Rearranging the items in the Apple Mail Toolbar is as easy as applying the butter to the bread. So let’s get the bread ready and go for the intense work. 

How To Restore The Apple Mail App Toolbar

After customizing it, if you are not fond of Toolbar and want to navigate back to the default Toolbar in Apple Mail, there is a possibility to do so.  

Step. 1→ Navigate to the Apple Mail App > click the Right Button of a mouse on the Toolbar present at the top.

Step. 2→ Select Customize Toolbar… 

Step. 3→ Doing so will head to the Toolbar items page; from there, go to a section known as …Drag The Default Set Into The Toolbar. Now drag the toolbar items present below it and drop them to the Apple Mail Toolbar Menu. Choose Done.

Unfortunately, the default toolbar on Apple Mail only comes with Icon Only Settings, so if you want to switch between Text Only or Text And Icon settings. Choose any of them from the customize Toolbar… window, and then after select Done. That’s how you can handily restore the Apple Mail App Toolbar to its default.

How To Show/Hide Toolbar On Mac

As I said before, all the users have different requirements. For example, some of us like to work on the full-screen while using the Mail App, and at the same point, some of us want easy access to the features craved in the Apple Mail App. The Apple Mail app works for both users as it allows hiding and unhiding the Toolbar.

Step. 1→ Go to the Apple Mail App > View > Show/Hide Toolbar or go with the shortcut keys (Option + Command + T) for both tasks.

How to Customize The Mail New Message Toolbar

Customizing the Toolbar is better, at the same point doing the same thing with the mail new message toolbar helps a lot. Apple Mail Message Toolbar consumes the same feature mentioned above but a separate toolbar. If you are unfamiliar with how to customize it, simply follow the steps below.

Step. 1→ Navigate to the Apple Mail App > New Mail Icon.

Step. 2→ Along with new message display, choose View present in the Menu Bar.

Step. 3→ Choose the Customize Toolbar… from the drop-down menu.

The Window will appear with a same items as mentioned above. However, you can customize it with a similar method. Simply drag the item from the window and place it in the desired location in the Message Toolbar. After the completion of the procedure, tap Done.

Tips: Apple Mail App Customize Toolbar… Greyed Out Issue

Why is customized Toolbar grayed out? It is the most common issue users usually search for! Well, there certain possibilities behind the issue. But it can be fixed out by Force Quitting Mail App, Restart Mac, Downgrading The macOS  and at last.

Delete Plist Preference File On Mac.

Delete Plist Preference File On Mac: For this, choose Go present in menu bar > Go To Folder. Now write down the path~/Library/Preferences/ and delete after creating the backup of a particular file. After the completion procedure, restart the device and see whether the issue gets fixed.

If still the issue after performing the troubleshooting tricks, you can alternatively use the iOS Mail App With the Same Apple ID or go with Best Mail Client App For macOS.


In the end, you can easily play with the Toolbar in your own way. As of now, you have read out the complete guide on how to customize the Toolbar of Mac Mail App.


  1. How Do I Change The Toolbar On My Mac?

Go to the Apple Mail > View > Customize Toolbar… In the next screen, you can perform the drag and drop items from the page to either add or remove.

2. How Do I Get My Toolbar Back With Editing Features In Mac Mail?

Want to edit the Toolbar? Access the Apple Mail App > Hover the cursor to the Toolbar present at the top, and then Right-Click on it. Doing so will appear the drop-down menu. Select the Customize Toolbar… Eventually, you now have power to edit the feature equipped in the Toolbar.

3. How Do I Remove Favourites From Apple Mail?

Got too many favorites in Apple Mail, willing to remove them? Navigate to the Mail Sidebar > Favourites > Control-Click on the desired Mailbox > Remove From Favourites.

4. Where Is The Mail Toolbar Macbook Pro?

The Mail Toolbar in Macbook pro is located at the topmost part of the Apple Mail, usually craved with features like Get Mail, New Messages, Delete, Junk, Reply, and many other features.

5. Where Is The Menu Bar In Apple Mail?

The menu bar is present at the top of the Window. Well, the Menu Bar Gets Hide And Show automatically on Mac if you are using the mail app in either Entering Full Screen Or Existing Full Screen. 

6. How Do I Change My Apple Mail To Classic View?

To modify these preferences in the Apple Mail App, move to the Mail > Preferences > Viewing. Then, select the desired number of lines of a message to be visible in the message list.

7. How Do I Show Gmail Toolbar On Mac?

There are no such settings to add the Gmail Toolbar On Mac.

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