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TikTok is another social media app that lets you create musical videos, to share your talent across the world. With the millions of featured music clips, you can choose one and show creativity to the artists on the biggest video-sharing app. One of the unique features of TikTok is, it allows you to create a duet, which means you can create videos with your friend or any TikTok user side by side, from any corner of the world, location doesn’t matter here.

Creating a TikTok duet is very simple, only if you know the basics of it. In this short tutorial, I’ll show you how to Duet on TikTok, with all the listed preconditions. Learn how to make a duet on TikTok, but first, read the pre-requisite to make TikTok Duet.

How to Make a Duet on TikTok

What are the Necessary conditions to make TikTok Duet?

  • If you want to make a Duet in TikTok, then you must enable Duet from the settings; also the person with whom you want to duet should have enabled the Duet. You can enable Duet from the Privacy Settings of your TikTok Account.
  • If the TikTok Account/TikTok Video is private, then you can only make a duet if the user approved your profile, it’s like they have to accept your follow request.
  • The Duet Video cannot be made while live streaming and also if the video is too long.
  • If someone is complaining about Duet has been disabled by the user, even though the duet is enabled, then make sure to enable the duet from the video settings too.
  • The TikTok video should be at most 15 seconds, to create a duet.
  • You cannot record audio while creating duets. You’ll have to go with the original audio.

How to Turn On TikTok Duet Feature?

  • Go to TikTok
  • Visit your profile, tap Me.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu and go to Privacy and Safety.
  • Under Safety, select Who can duet with you, and set your preference, Everyone, Friends, and Off.

How to make TikTok Duet

Step 1: Open TikTok App

  • Open the TikTok app on your phone. If you haven’t updated the TikTok to the latest version, then head over to the Google Play or App Store and update TikTok to enjoy the latest features of the app.

Step 2: Find a Video to Make Duet

  • The second step is all about finding the TikTok video or a person with whom you would want to make a duet. You can choose a TikTok video suggested on your feed or find your friend on TikTok or check also locate a TikTok user from your Following list, to do so, tap on the Profile icon at the bottom-right screen. Tap Following and select a TikTok user to duet with.

Step 3: Tap Share

  • Tap on the Share button.

Step 4: Choose Duet

  • In the Share sheet tap on Duet. Now on the next screen, you can record the TikTok video.

Step 5: Time to Create Duet Video

  • To start recording Duet video, tap on the Video icon. You can choose from various filters, effects and customize the TikTok video.

Step 6: Tap Next

  • After creating TikTok duet, tap on the Next button. This will give you two options, whether to Post or Draft video; choose the one.

Step 7: Post Video

  • If you would like to post video, then tap Post. Tag your friend, and add hashtags, before posting the video. Besides, there is an option, whether you want to share the TikTok video publically or only to your followers.

How to See Duets of Video on TikTok

Being a professional marketing expert, and brand influencer you might want to know, how many people on TikTok are making Duets on TikTok using your video. Am I right? Well, whenever someone makes duet using your video, you’ll be notified, only notifications are allowed on your phone.

Eventually, removing the username from the video doesn’t help, you’ll be still notified when someone uses your video to make a duet.

How to Add Sound to a Duet on TikTok

To start recording, press the Plus button at the end of the display. Once the recording screen appears, look for the Sounds at the top of the display. The next screen will let you choose the Songs or Music, search for the desired song.

You can use the editing features like Trimming to set the audio according to image or video.

Duet Not Working in TikTok – What to do?

Update TikTok App

If you haven’t updated TikTok for a long time, then Duet might not be available in the app. So the answer to your question, Why can’t I duet with my friend on TikTok is to keep updated the TikTok app. Later try to duet on TikTok.

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap on your profile photo on the upper-right screen and scroll down to Update TikTok.
    • For iOS 12 or earlier, tap on the Update tab after going to App Store and Update TikTok.

Check Internet Connection

Creating TikTok videos needs a good internet connection, if TikTok keeps loading or stuck on the loading screen, then make sure you have an active internet connection. Besides, if you are connected to Wi-Fi then switch to Cellular Data and vice versa.

iPhone comes with Low Data Mode, which genuinely saves Cellular Data, so if it is enabled, for once disable it.

  • Open Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Turn Off Low Data Mode.

Check TikTok Duet Settings

Many TikTok beginners end up with the issue, unable to make TikTok Duet. For your kind information, TikTok has a strict privacy policy. To use TikTok Duet you have to make sure it is enabled for your account. Plus, if your friend or whatever the person is with whom you want to make a duet has a Private account, then let them know to allow you to make a duet video. Permission is needed in the case of duet TikTok.

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Tap on your Profile icon on the far right side of the app.
  3. To explore more options, tap on the three dots on the upper-right corner.
  4. Select Privacy and Safety.
  5. Find Who Can Duet with Me, and enable it.

Reinstall TikTok

If nothing works, then reinstalling TikTok is the best option, since it removes all the app-related buds and cache from the phone.

  • Touch and hold on the TikTok app and delete it.

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