How to Enable Cookies on Safari on iPhone, iPad (iOS 17)

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What exactly are Cookies on iPhone? Cookies are the tiny text files that automatically generate when you visit any website on the browser. Those files are all about keeping the settings, user-specific details, and login information to ensure a seamless experience whenever you open the website the next time. Moreover, when the website’s cookies are stored on your device, it loads the website even faster since it leaves the settings you’ve made before, and you can continue using the site right where you left.

People opt out of cookies because it holds your login information and other details that you may have entered before in the browser, which can’t be good. However, if you have changed your mind and want to enable cookies on the iPhone, it is the right article. Depending on your browser, read the section below.

How to Enable Cookies on iPhone, iPad

How to Enable Cookies on iPhone Safari: Accept Cookies

By default, the cookies are enabled on the iPhone Safari App to enhance the browser and make it faster. Still, verify if it is enabled on your iPhone or not. There’s only one way to enable Safari cookies on the iPhone: the iPhone Settings app; here are the detailed steps.

  1. Navigate to the Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to the Safari app.
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Safari Settings on iPhone
Safari Settings on iPhone
  • Under the Privacy & Security section, make sure “Block All Cookies” is Disabled.
  • Allow Cookies on your iPhone from From website you visiting
    Allow Cookies on your iPhone from From website you visiting
  • Also, Toggle OFF the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking.
  • When the Switch is GREEN, it indicates that the Setting is ENABLED, so in our case, the Switch should not be GREEN.
  • That’s it.
  • Steps to Block All Cookies on Safari iPhone

    • if you wish to Turn on Block all cookies from Website on Safari iPhone/iPad then Make the toggle is Enabled. Default Settings is Toggle is disabled for Block all option.
    Block All the Cookies on iPhone safari Browser
    Block All the Cookies on iPhone safari Browser

    How to Enable Cookies on iPhone Chrome

    I don’t know whether it is good or bad, but third-party browsing applications don’t have any settings to enable or disable Cookies on iPhone. By default, the cookies on the Chrome App are enabled and restricted to switch the settings. No one can disable the Chrome App cookies on the iPhone.

    1. Open Google Chrome Browser on iPhone.
    2. Tap on More(…) option at the bottom right corner of the screen, Tap on the New Incognito Tab option.
    3. Convert Chrome into Private mode, So All the Cookies are Blocked and Disabled.
    4. That’s it.

    NOTE: If you prefer not to store the cookies on Chrome, then use Incognito Mode/Private Mode while browsing.

    How to Enable Cookies on iPhone Firefox

    If you are on Firefox, then no need to enable the cookies for Firefox iPhone because it is already enabled, and no one can disable it.

    NOTE: Likewise, use Incognito mode if you want to disable cookies on Firefox.

    how to enable 3rd party cookies on safari mac

    Are you looking for a setting to disable or enable Cookies of the safari browser on your Apple mac machine? Click here to get a full guide to access Apple’s safari browser Cookies Settings on Mac.

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    Some users Keep the Cookies are Enable and Disable for Privacy reasons. Still, we lost some website functionality that you visited on your safari browser on iPhone and iPad.

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