Cookies Settings, Reset safari on Mac and PC [Steps]

After long enough time on safari, obliviously you have some problem on safe and fast browsing. So most of the safaris users, always trying to reset all the setting customize own self like extra extensions, Add-ons and plugins. Some of third party Add-ons not trusted for secure browsing. At time you can reset safari on Mac and PC using below steps given without removing or uninstalling safari. More, Cookies in safari useful for you but it will also consume space by downloading data over the website, which you visited.

Device configuration: Mac running on OS X Yosemite, Mavericks and Line. For windows Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Safari 5.0 up or later.

Useful: Use Safari as a private browsing in iOS device.

Step for Enable/ Disable Cookies and Reset safari on Mac and PC

Note: Before you are trying below steps, Please verify first you have updated version of Safari.

Steps for Reset Safari on Mac and PC

Step 1: From safari menu, Click on safari, From the drop down menu Tap on “Safari Reset..” option.

Step 2: Proceed with warning dialog appear on your Screen and Click on reset button.

Now your Safari browser automatically restarts after removing custom settings.

Now you have newly installed safari browser on Mac with default options and settings. You can do same steps for Safari on windows PC by (Edit > Safari Reset).

Cookies settings for Disable or Enable on Safari running on Mac

Step 1: Open safari on Mac, Go to the Safari > Preference.Choose option for block cookies on your Mac or PC

Step 2: inside the preference window, Click on Privacy option from top menu tab.

Step 3: Next, Under the Block cookies Choose Never option.Safari settings option for Cookies and Reset safari on Mac and PC

Note: Before safari version 5.0 you should go in Safari > Preference > Security > Accept Cookies > For enable Always otherwise Never.

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Most of the time Cookies is very useful for us, because cookies store images and static data coming from web. In result you can faster access website. Let’s know how help on Reset safari on Mac and PC.