How To Turn On Or Off Fitness Tracking On iPhone, Apple Watch

in this tutorial, I'm sharing with you How To Turn On Or Off Fitness Tracking On your iPhone and Apple watch to track daily activities.

Does your iPhone health app not tracking steps? Then follow this article carefully. One of the features Accurate physical activities and Sync fitness devices data on Health app, And now Apple iPhone and Apple Watch is also #1 Smartwatch for tracking your health. One of the most popular functionality added as a health care app named “Workout.” Using this app Apple’s wearable device also gives the perfect report on your health, when you are running, Cycling, Walking, and How many calories burned from your body. So Apple also gave this feature in iPhone running iOS.

But we know that iPhone battery drained due to background apps running on your iOS device, So most the folks trying to avoid this type of loss. In battery saving tips one of that is “Stop background apps,” Throughout the below steps you can Turn off/ Disable fitness tracking on iPhone (iOS).

All about Use Motion and Fitness on iPhone and Apple Watch

The trick to Enable Motion & Fitness Tracking on iPhone

We can also manage or prevent Third-party apps use Motion & Fitness, Disable to access sensor data that measure from Body movement, Steps, Stairs Climbed and more physical activities. Supported New iDevice track all activity in a smarter way.

  • Step 1: Head to the Settings app.
  • Step 2: Scroll to Privacy & Security.
  • Step 3: Fine, now navigate to open “Motion & Fitness”.
  • Step 4: Turn toggle Fitness Tracking Off/white to stop your daily activities on your smartphone.
Turn off/ Disable fitness tracking on iPhone with iOS 8.2

Alternatively, now most of the Health app track in this way, in case you want to stop it from those apps that disable apps also from here.

None only Apple Health App, Health app alternatives are MyFitnessPal, 7 Minute Workout, Fitbit companion app, Couch to 5K, Spotify, ActivityTracker, Nike+ Run Club, Yoga Studio, Fitocracy, Withings, and Others.

1 Enable Disable Motion & Fitness on iPhone

In future do you want to use Apple watch workout app with iPhone then you must have to turn on it? Keep in mind and don’t reset or downgrade iOS on the iPhone.

Apple Motion and Fitness Not showing up on iPhone

You guys, are you encountering that the fitness tracking – No Motion & Fitness setting icon listed under the privacy settings to enable or disable. Even you have a health app installed on your iPhone, but motion and fitness not appear right?
A possible reason is that iPhone 5C and earlier Phone does not have a motion co-processor hardware. It doesn’t natively count steps and motion. in advance, the only way the iPhone 5S and later Apple smartphone does.

That’s why alternativity if you have a fitness/activity tracker wearable that syncs with Apple Health App, for example, Garmin Vivofit/Vivosmart or a UP band, then you can use that to track steps.

in more, The FitBits band doesn’t natively sync with the Health App but there are some third-party tracking apps that will move the information from the FitBit app to Health.

How to Enable Motion and Fitness on Apple Watch

For best performance and accurate results, you need to enable Motion and Fitness Tracking for Apple Watch too just like iPhone. I’ve mentioned the steps to turn on Motion and Fitness for Apple Watch along with how to enable the same on your iPhone. Don’t worry none of the health data will be duplicated, both Apple Watch and iPhone’s data will sync to give perfect output.

On your iPhone,

  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy > Motion & Fitness.
  3. Enable Health, and Fitness Tracking.

On your Watch App,

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap My Watch tab and Privacy.
  3. Turn on Fitness Tracking and Health.

How to Enable Motion and Fitness for Nike Run Club on Apple Watch

Nike Run Club is one of the best alternatives to track your Fitness and Health on Apple Watch. Take challenges from global athletes to compare where you stand among the world’s top players and how to improve your performance efficiently. Every achievement brings you trophies and badges and obviously a scoreboard to show and compare past results with current results.

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and install the Nike Run Club app on iPhone.
  2. Once the Nike Run Club is installed, go to the Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness on iPhone.
  3. Turn on Nike Run Club.
  4. Next, open the Watch app.
  5. Scroll down and tap Nike Run Club and enable Show App on Apple Watch. Doing this will install the Nike Run Club on Apple Watch.
Enable Nike Run Club App on Apple Watch
Enable Nike Run Club App on Apple Watch

Nike Run Club App Not Working on Apple Watch?

If this is the issue, then uninstall and reinstall the Nike Run Club app and enable every setting as listed above, it will fix the issue with the app, otherwise, you need to contact the Nike Run Clun support/developer.

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Having any problem to turn off health Apps on the iPhone? You can share with us, We will assist you to revert.

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