Improve battery life in iOS 8 forever [How to]

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020Apple has been launched its new Smartphone iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus with in-built innovative iOS 8, while other iOS device users can upgrade their iOS apart from iPhone 4. You can also read in deep which devices are compatible with iOS 8?.  iOS 8 has stuff features OS but if you’ve problem of quick battery drain, then here are tips on improve battery life in iOS 8. We know that According to our reader reports iPhone 4S users have lot problem to running the app as well speedy battery drain issue. Even you’re from one of them then, you can do fix it by using these tutorial. Learn beneath given guide and remove your issue forever.

Basic tips for iOS 8 to save your iPhone and ipad battery

save battery life in iOS 8 for long time

If you’ve didn’t upgrade iOS and still you use iOS 7 then this are for you, tips how to improve Battery life on iOS 7, iOS 7.1.2

Points on improve battery life in iOS 8

Disable background app refresh

You should required turn off toggle of the background app refresh, caused it consume more battery power. So we suggest to all iOS users that do not enable background app refresh. Undoubtedly, you can keep yourself update with new notification, for example Facebook and some other app. however if you tired to plug in your iPhone to charge ever. Luckily, The Apple provides this features as customize also therefore main beneficial of it’s, you can disable even single App also. You can do it by beneath given path.

  • Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh

    Custom app settings - Improve battery life in iOS 8 forever

    you can use customize option to disable background app refresh, Improve battery life in iOS 8

Use Location at that Time when, you use that app: new for Improve battery life in iOS 8

First of all you’ve need to know that which apps are used Location service in your iOS 8 device. If you don’t know that then you can reach there under the given path. And truly we hope this feature has become major role play to improve battery life in iOS 8.

  • Settings >> Privacy >> Location Service

This feature Apple has added new in the iOS 8 while in iOS 7 users can perform just either enable or disable background app refresh. The Apple has called this iOS 8 new features is ‘’While Using the App’’ notwithstanding, many users does not use this feature in his\her iOS 8 devices. Behind the aim of the feature is you can access location services when you use that particular app. let’s take one example likewise; App Store is this kind of app, I mean didn’t required every time location access for this app.

App settings - iOS 8 battery saving tips

iOS 8 battery saving tips


Other points are same for improve battery life in iOS 8, but there read iOS 8 instead of iOS 7 which is already given in improve Battery life on iOS 7

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Now stop here, and yeah we’ll wait of your comment, text good idea which is the best point with you. Please share here so, we can give to all iOS 8 users. With the end to know us how to helpful this tips on improve battery life on iOS 8.

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