How to filter spam and unknown senders in Messages on iPhone, iPad

This post will guide you on how to turn off notifications and filter iMessages from unknown senders on iOS. This is an innovative feature of the latest iOS version. You can set a custom setting to filter iMessages from unknown senders, which is a great feature for iPhone users. In earlier versions of iOS, if the iMessage sender was not saved in your contact list, you didn’t have the option to filter them. However, the new “Filter Unknown Senders” feature now allows you to do so. This feature also enables you to turn off iMessage notifications from unknown senders. So, now you have another valuable feature for your iPhone.

In addition, you can also block unknown iMessage senders as well as FaceTime senders. And leave everything as it is. Okay, let we start now with how to actually filter iMessage from unknown senders on your Apple iPhone. To proceed, simply follow the instructions given below.

Revolutionize Your iPhone’s Message with the ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ Feature

If your iPhone and iPad are updated with the latest iOS and iPadOS versions, then Use Advance Filter on iPhone and iPad. We can filter messages in the Messages app on iPhone by Unknown senders or Third-Party App Blockers like Truecallers.

1. Open the Settings app on iPhone. Scroll to Messages.

Open Settings Select Messages on iPhone

2. Next, Tap on Unknown & Spam option > Enable the Toggle and Select SMS Filter.

Scroll the screen unknown & spam turn on filter unknown senders check SMS filter in messages app on iPhone

3. Now, Open Messages app on iPhone and See the Filter options at the top left corner of the screen, to Find the Different filter options, Select the Unknown Senders.

Open messages app tap < filters select unknown senders on iPhone

4. In Advanced Filter settings, under the Messages settings, You will see the option to Turn off Advanced Filter by selecting the none option.

Turn off advanced filter by select none option on iPhone

5. If you are selecting the Third-Party Spam filtering, then you can manage it from Messages app settings.
6. Default settings is SMS Filter, then select none. That’s it.

Check truecaller select enable on iPhone

Filter options won’t be seen in the Messages app, then Enable the Unknown & Span from your Messages settings on iPhone, Given in the above solutions. Re-launch the Messages app to see the filter options at the top of the Messages app.

That’s it.

Now, you’ll get an iMessage from unknown senders but that will arrive into a separate list with turn off Nonfiction. And you’ll see a new tab for Unknown Senders.

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