How to Limit Cellular Data Usage on iPhone, iPad (iOS 16 Limit Data Usage)

Know tip to limit Mobile data usage on iPhone or Cellular iPad. Maximum Mobile data usage can cut down monthly bill costs, so you want to reduce it and save money. Then follow this article because this will let you keep in control of mobile data usage on all iOS devices. You can apply the golden trick this way to any carrier provider, likely AT& T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, and more.

Sometimes if you’re working online through Wi-Fi and in meanwhile, internet connection may be lost when the App will be used, your Cellular/ Mobile data automatically. So to prevent this, you should turn off Mobile/Cellular data. In a second away, you can be arranged to customize app enable for using mobile data.

Let’s go below and check out my outlined steps to limit mobile data usage on iPhone 6/6S or iPhone 6/6S Plus, 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus/ iPhone X/ iPhone XS Max/ iPhone XS/ iPhone XR/iPhone 11 Pro Max/iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro/Max. At least we recommend you must disable those apps which are used for maximum mobile data usage. For Example – Apple Music can be consuming more than data usage.

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The easy way to limit mobile data usage on iPhone, iPad

Step 1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or Cellular supported iPad.

Step 2. Now Tap on Mobile/ Cellular, then do turn on Mobile data


Step 3. Now Scroll down the Screen and turn off apps (Under the Mobile data for) that you don’t want to access mobile/ Cellular data.


In the below screen, you can see iPhone apps that use mobile data. Likely App Store, Apple Watch, Calendar, Games, Contacts, Social media apps, and more. Below Screen always work as alternate options for the Use Other iPhone data limit app.

2. Limit Data Usage on iPhone/iPad

This setting is available in iOS 14 or later, Low Data Mode helps reduce cellular data usage. When Low Data Mode is turned on, automatic updates and background tasks, such as Photos syncing, are paused. Follow the below steps,

  1. Open the settings app on iPhone > Tap on Cellular.
  2. Next, Enable Cellular Data toggle, and Tap on Cellular Data Options > Enable Low Data mode toggle.enable-low-data-mode-on-iphone-for-mobile-data
  3. That’s it.

Other Golden Rules: Set Limitations on Use Extra use of Data plan

3. Turn off cellular Roaming

Beware from the extra charger when you are outside of Geo-restrictions or countries. Go to the Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming Disable.

3 Turn off Cellular Data roaming on iPhone

Yes, We can disable it for all times, But carrier (Verizon, at&t, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Other) and User’s condition you may be following you. For this matter, if possible, please get in touch with your carrier or support center. Otherwise, you can use the browser, High volume data plan.

4. Track and Data Usage Cellular Data usage

Yes, we can track which iOS device is consuming how much data individually from Settings. To check out, Go to the Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Usage.

4 Know Cellular Data usage on iPhone

Are you surprised? Check which app is running in the background if possible, disable Background app refresh; it will automatically stop data while running in the background and use data?

Disable personally stop using Cellular data; after that app doesn’t work without WiFi.

5. Disable Background app refresh, Means stop to use data

Go to the Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Disable. Also, see the list of app those apps that are obeying your rules.

In Latest iOS, you can appear three options, including Wi-Fi+ Cellular, Wi-Fi Only, and Off. if you would like to enable background refresh on Wi-Fi, then choose Wi-Fi. That’s it!

Disable Backgroud app refresh on iPhone for Save Cellular data

6. Turn off the personal hotspot

Keep personal hotspot turned off, Or set password or pin for access on another device. Here’s how to set up a personal hotspot iPhone

Change the Wi-Fi password if you shared it, and easy to guess the password. Tap on Wi-Fi Password and Change it.

2 Disable WiFi Hotspot all time on iPhone

Restriction on an app for using cellular data

7. Turn off WiFi Assist, Stop Auto Turn cellular on iPhone

This setting is very functional; by turning on these features, your device auto-enabled the Cellular option on WiFi not available or lost. So get in deep about turn off Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone.

Go to the Settings > Cellular > Scroll Down to the screen below, Disable Wi-Fi Assist.

5 Turn off WiFi Assist on iPhone

8. Stop Auto Update app

Save megabytes or Gigabytes of data on an updated app from an app store, From one setting. Get turn off Auto-update App on iOS.

6 Disable or stop cellular data for iTunes

Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Disable Use Cellular Data

9. Stop notification

Push notification always take data event iPhone, not in use overnight and day

Extra Help: Disable iCloud Drive use Cellular Data Go to the Settings > Cellular > Move down “turn toggle Cloud Drive Off/white.”

Get More: Fix Cellular Data not working on iPhone.

iMessage Low-Quality Image Mode in the latest iOS

Turn on Low Quality Image mode on the iPhone Settings app. Go to the Settings > Messages > Low Quality Image Mode.

Watch or Stream Video on Low Quality – Video Streaming iOS apps like YouTube, Netflix usually consume more data.

Watch this Video to Reduce data usage on Your iOS device

Please share your great sound with us about the tip for limit Mobile data usage on the iPhone. Do you have more ideas or any issues relates to mobile data usage? Feel free and tell us in the comment.

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