How to Turn Off Wifi Assist on iPhone 15, 14 (Any iPhone)

The first time Apple added Wi-Fi Assist in iOS, It came by default enabled. Switching automatically to cellular data works when you have a weak Wi-Fi connection. Meaning that it will use your cell data. So ultimately, that’s useful for maintaining online video playing or Facebook browsing, but not much good for limited data plan users.

For example, Safari doesn’t load a web page on a poor Wi-Fi network at that time. Wi-Fi assists directly in switching your Wi-Fi network to your mobile data plan.

To save your pocket money, I’ll share with you how to turn off Wi-Fi Assist on your iPhone or iPad.

Way to Disable/Turn off Wi-Fi assist on iPhone

Don’t think more cause Wi-Fi Assist only works with foreground apps; it won’t work with background downloading content. Also, Wi-Fi assists Not Work automatically when you’re using data roaming.

Lastly, iOS Wi-Fi assist is unable to activate with third-party applications that stream audio/ video or download attachments, Such as an email app that uses a lot of bytes.

  1. Launch the Settings app On your iPhone > Mobile Service.
Launch the settings tap on Mobile Service on iPhone

2. Tap on Cellular Data or Mobile Data. (ensure that the Cellular/Mobile data toggle is on.)
3. Now, Scroll down the screen until the Wi-Fi Assist option appears.
4. Next, to turn, toggle Wi-Fi Assist Off/White. (Cellular Data Must be Turned on. Otherwise, the Toggle will be greyed out.)

Enable toggle mobile data scroll down the screen disable toggle Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone

You’re done!

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So live to feel free now because you got rid of the extra cost of a cell phone data plan.

How to Turn on WiFi Assist on iPhone

Now, whenever you want to activate Wi-Fi Assist, the following steps will let you do that.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone > Mobile Service.
Launch the settings tap on Mobile Service on iPhone

2. Tap on Cellular Data/ Mobile data > Turn Wi-Fi Assist ON/Green.

Enable toggle mobile data scroll down the screen enable toggle Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone

Method 2: Alternatively, ask Siri to ‘’Open Cellular Preferences’’ and then Scroll down the iPhone screen.

Extra Tidbit

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